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Why is no one asking me what I want?

So, I walk into businesses and there is always the sign to follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook or sign up for their loyalty program. 137 more words


TextEdge: What is it?

Control, consistency and coolness.

Consumers –
Sign up for free, pick all the businesses you are interested in, set your schedule for each/all businesses you like. 278 more words

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Man, life is getting expensive...

I took 2 of my kids to The Hunger Games this weekend and spent $12 to get into one of the cheaper theatres. The show we went to was sold out, so we had to waste some time before the next show.  149 more words


Aggregating deals on your terms...

I don’t blame you if you’ve hit digital offer overload, as many people have. All those emails and texts are filling up our heads.  So, you may be one that is starting to use an aggregating site to “sort” your deals by what you like, or just to make it easier for you to see what is out there. 142 more words


Rotate those deals through your consumer database!

Yesterday, we talked about your messages/offers becoming white noise.  I think we can all agree, nobody wants that to happen.  So how does a business manage their messages and deals so they aren’t overlooked, ignored or even lost? 152 more words

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Are your messages/offers becoming white noise to your consumers?

With text or email blasting you are just that, blasting to every contact your business has.  You are sending your promotion to everyone.  There is no distinction between what the consumers see.  205 more words

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Are your daily deals locked in a set position? It's time to unlock them!

Businesses are using traditional daily deals just as they did when they were first introduced, as if they were locked into a specific position. Consumers are used to the same type of daily deals being sent to their email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  137 more words

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