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dealt of moments

something flies above

as if a drone

and something outta

this world and atmosphere

and where is the standing

and its own rush

and how it catches upon… 43 more words


Issue With In-law

Have any of you dealt with disrespectful in-laws who, in my HO, are taking out their guilt, angst, regret, anger, confusion, hurt, etc. on you, the caregiving spouse, for missing the signs of their child s, now adult, traumas? 56 more words

dealt of pressure

sending weird messages

of the  time

and what is  the finding out

whom and what you know

and where it was the quest

and its own  quiet… 43 more words



New here but not to ptsd. Just found the forum after a search. Dealt with this for 25 years – well a lifetime – I guess. 13 more words

dealt of cool

nothing was sanity

and its own  exclusive

and    what it meant

and how it was the

brawl of the  spoken

and its own


and how it was the… 42 more words


dealt of conversation

what it  heard

and what it  was the flame

of the depth

and where is the other name

and its own unknown

and where it was the… 43 more words


June 7, 2015

Winning With The Hand You’re Dealt

Part Two

Pastor John Martens

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex
Psalm 139:14a (NLT)


Handout (same as last week)