Tags » Dealt

dealt as said

for the flying and cause on the will

and whom it was the words

and said on the feeling

and long on the echo

and for the perspective… 44 more words


dealt as before

stood and withheld

and point

and for the turning

and caught on the seconds

and made on the rush

and it held as something

and made on the walking… 42 more words


dealt as even


and settle as the zenith

and for the pour

toward as the stride of the many

and ran on theĀ  coming

and long on theĀ  stars… 43 more words


dealt as perhaps


and thought on the matter

and for the change

and its own getting as it was the run around

and turning

and said on the desire… 45 more words


dealt as odds

spoke on the possible

and when it was the wanted

and made on the feeling

and caught on the change

and long on the ride… 49 more words


dealt as those moods

for the order

and called on the long

and match

and said on the sequence

and for the letter

and its own

and what it held… 48 more words


dealt as the passion

for its own coming

and said on the corner

and made on the deny

and full on the standing

and its own caused

and made on the return… 45 more words