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something dealt

only as having

and called as the part

and further

and its own casting

and rise of the roll

and its on known of the being… 54 more words


going and dealt


and it heard on the floor

and where it was the return

and it seeks

and  gotten on the handle

and when it was the rushed… 43 more words


secure dealt


and when it  was  the learning

and when it was the cover

and keeping on the idea

and held on the center of the window… 47 more words


dealt those feelings

somebody done

seen it all

and has seen it all

and when it was the elbow

and all of the room

and when it was the standing… 49 more words


Britain dealt a dose of the Brexit blues

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

LONDON: Sadness, insomnia, frustration and confusion: the Brexit blues have gripped many European Union supporters since Britain’s shock decision to leave the bloc last week. 625 more words

Current Affairs

dealt real

spoke in different languages

and whom are  you guessing understood

and computed the mellow

and the fool

and where it longs

and feel so cool… 51 more words


dealt before

those manners

and where it was the walking

and it knew on the seeking

and how it keeps

and better on the spirit

and those of the last… 44 more words