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Doing The Thing That Terrifies You

Today I was reading something that dealt with some triggering topics for me. When I have to face something that brings up uncomfortable memories, usually a lot of chattering will commence. 61 more words

Word to the wise.

Be careful in the way that you pass judgement; or the act of judging at all.

We all make…

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Anyone Dealt With Traumatic Births?

Just wondering. Out of everything I have been through, my daughters birth and the events leading up to and surrounding her birth, are the worst for me. 76 more words

Married By Grace

My husband and I got married 2 years ago. He s dealt with rages most of his life. He is verbally abusive mostly to himself. Constant anxiety. 78 more words

A Thought

Life can be really unfair. People can be really shitty. These things and many other things are out of our control and I think that’s what drives us crazy the most, not that we were hurt but that we had no say in the matter. 14 more words

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