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only dealt

cards of this deck

and what is the fault

and how it was so heart felt

and it keeps

and what it would rather

as the push… 46 more words


spring dealt

the cards of theĀ  wanted

and how it was the


andĀ  where is the overall

and how it waited

and its own


and how it was the… 43 more words


Thought I'd Dealt With Traumas But Nightmares Continue

Does anyone else have this problem? I was in therapy for six years for PTSD, multiple traumas, and my therapist “graduated” me last year, said she s done all she can for me and that I had good coping skills. 74 more words

Eating Disorder

Welp, I ve done some posting on this as it is something I ve dealt with for several years. I know that it is linked to trauma. 79 more words

Doing The Thing That Terrifies You

Today I was reading something that dealt with some triggering topics for me. When I have to face something that brings up uncomfortable memories, usually a lot of chattering will commence. 61 more words

Word to the wise.

Be careful in the way that you pass judgement; or the act of judging at all.

We all make…

137 more words

Anyone Dealt With Traumatic Births?

Just wondering. Out of everything I have been through, my daughters birth and the events leading up to and surrounding her birth, are the worst for me. 76 more words