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dealt and escape


as its own shine

and recall

as the truth

and imagination

as its own starting

as when it was the reality

and told

as when it was the changing… 42 more words


escape and dealt

the summary as its own rise

and caught

as the forever

and told

as the shatter

as when it was the breathing

and long as its own feeling… 46 more words


dealt as force

the hurry

as its own even

and caught

as the lasting

and pressure

as when it was the course

and forever

as its own enter… 46 more words


dealt as turn

in the moment

and held as its own bliss

and said upon

and waters as its own secure

and dash

as when it was the other side… 43 more words


dealt before this

in this handle

and caught

as the passing

and said as the moment

and words as something

as all of the keeping

and feather as its own keeping… 44 more words


Report: Trump Dealt on Debt Ceiling as He Just Wants to be Loved

4D Chess? Wanting Acceptance? President Trump’s decision to side with Democrats is scary. #EnemiesCloser

dealt as rise

in the effort

and cause

as the building

and exception

and turning

as its own roses

and said  the known

as the paper

and into the estem… 44 more words