Tags » Dealt

caught and dealt

inside on the  secure

and wet on the wheel

oh well

and its own part

and hold on the  margin

and its own  circle

and told on the evening… 43 more words


dealt its own wise


and its own other sides

and recall

and require

and told and for the feeling

and long

and held on the eyes

and all so fine… 48 more words


How People Dealt with Poor Vision Before Laser Eye Surgery and Glasses

There is one popular anecdote about former US President Theodore Roosevelt and his first pair of eyeglasses. Apparently, the young President Roosevelt was so excited to finally witness the world come into focus that he considered that specific moment when he first wore his eyeglasses to be one of the most memorable of his entire life. 60 more words

dealt as earn

for the curious

and matching

and its own even

and melt

and walked

and secure

and point

and for the measure

and treasure

and when it was the sudden… 43 more words


dealt as making

took as the words

and long

and strong

and further

and pause

and its own pull

and strong

and held on the shine

and capture… 46 more words


dealt for romance

circle of the hands

thrown as roses as the ice

of the  glass

and cover as the mumble

and when words are part

and secure as the keeping… 42 more words


brought and dealt

in a book

and remember

and when it was the finding

and said as asking

and made on the feeling

and long on the plane… 48 more words