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never from dealt


as its own use

and function

as its own perfection

and dynamic

and held

as its own study

and ran

as its own books… 47 more words


dealt from never


as its own seeking

and rather

as its own feel

and touch

as its own source

and gravity

as its own soul

and manner… 46 more words


WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Fact

It’s a natural born fact

That it’s more than an act

Manufactured news isn’t new

Yet, it misleads me and you

Propaganda is misery’s tool… 85 more words

Photographs & Memories

WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Compromise

Standing tall looking into the world on my stilts

It’s not hard to see the cards that I have been dealt

The last time that I ever looked into your eyes… 117 more words

Photographs & Memories

What's The Difference?

What’s the Difference?

A mile?

A minute?

A Saturday out?

A look?

An imbalance?

A whiskey, then a stout?

What are the chances
across that table…

288 more words

laugh to dealt

when the missery

as its own space

takes over

the elements

and whom

as its own aspect

and looking at a glass

and broken

and into the unknown… 45 more words


dealt to laugh


and choice

as the curious

and leap

as its own walking

and part

as its own extreme

and clash

as its own sign

and ran… 49 more words