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Dealing With Anger

How do we really deal with anger? Traditionally we have dealt with anger in one of two ways, being to turn anger inwards or outwards. The former is considered the sick method that you internalise your aggression, absorb resentment like a sponge, that ultimately corrodes your ability to function. 45 more words

Fight Fate? 11/23/15

If you don’t like the hand that fate’s dealt you, fight for a new one.
~ Masashi Kishimoto

Quotes 2015

dealt something

how it address

and its own

and making

and took

and heard it  keeps

and those of the flash

and its own lasting

and better… 27 more words


dealt wheels

something as it was the


and better of the rushed

and how it kept

and its own


and what it heard

and calling… 47 more words


all dealt

like cards on a table

and rushed of the letting

and how it  gathered

and took of the leaving

and heard it seemed

and how it  said of the… 42 more words


dealt of the moon

some things  are on
and used as  the extra

and turned off

and used something so bright

and walking

and being of the having

and what it worked… 45 more words