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We're. Not. Crazy.

Last Thursday evening I read three articles. two new and one old, that, for me, were like being in the woods at night, lost and lonely, stumbling over fallen tree branches, feeling fear that began in the pit of my stomach and ended in  my throat, then emerging on to a clearing where, a half mile away, a coal oil lamp cast a pale yellow glow from a window.  1,283 more words

Barack Obama

...'free trade', tpa, tpp, ttip - ahab and moby dick...

…is the us president now emulating ahab as role model?…

Clear inexperience is evident, even here. Obsessed with smiting his indomitable nemesis, the grandiloquent one has enlisted yet more allies to his cause. 565 more words


Paul Starr on a New Progressive Era

Paul Starr, the Bancroft and Pulitzer prize-winner historian, has a new article at The American Prospect that addresses some of this blog’s earlier questions about what… 1,213 more words


'Free trade', corporate style - quick, unceremonious burial

At least for spurious arguments. No epitaph. None. Punto Final.

As is well known, all around the world, the ‘free trade’ deals, TPP and TTIP, being negotiated, would bother… 1,664 more words


The caged bird, truth and freedom of the press in the US

No, not only discriminating birds. All surveys have reached the same conclusion. But before we get to that conclusion, a slight but necessary detour.

One thing for certain, if he does not earn the Nobel Prize in Economics for illustrating to readers the questionable or misleading analysis of the likes of WaPo and NYT, he does indeed deserve it for sparing his readers the anguish of having to read such; allowing them to avoid the unbearable torture – a word both have studiously avoided where the US is involved. 621 more words


For the US, 'Free Trade', and Trading Places - Warren for Obama?

‘Free trade’? Senator Warren? Wrong on her facts and analysis? Clearly an unintended invitation to scrutinise respective CVs, respective accomplishments? The real versus the ersatz? 949 more words