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Book Review: Dean Baker - The Conservative Nanny State

Hyperbrief summary: Conservatives are disingenuous about their views on government intervention and liberals fall for it.

Recommended?: Yep, especially as it’s available free.

Dean Baker… 995 more words


...greece, an odyssey from debt to deliverance...

…no need for charon or cerberus…

Brazil has a population of some 200 million, compared with Greece with one of some 11 million.

So we set sail with a teaser from down south. 888 more words


...'free trade', corporate free-for-all? the fault, dear Ralphie, is not in...

…our stars, but in ourselves, that we are neither corporations nor their lackeys…

And the challenge could not be more insurmountable, as Rex-cum-President would hold court among his fawning supplicants, and is interrupted by an interloper,  966 more words


Fact checking scribblers on economic issues

Tough job, that. There is indeed much to be said for ignoring the corporate MSM. ‘Errors and omissions’ seems to be the new normal, which suggests continued orientation to the blogs and alternative media to be better informed and to be rid of the corporate agenda. 232 more words


The labours of Hercules? Minor, compared with those of Economist Dean Baker

Good ole Herc never had it so good, even cleaning those challenging Augean stables while suffering the desperate urgency of a long shower afterwards, which brings us to Dean Baker. 1,087 more words


Continuous growth - otherwise declining capitalism?

Dean Baker of the US CEPR has been diligent in monitoring the process (theatre and theatrics) related to the US proposed ‘free trade’ deals, and unsparing in exposing and dissecting them. 569 more words


We're. Not. Crazy.

Last Thursday evening I read three articles. two new and one old, that, for me, were like being in the woods at night, lost and lonely, stumbling over fallen tree branches, feeling fear that began in the pit of my stomach and ended in  my throat, then emerging on to a clearing where, a half mile away, a coal oil lamp cast a pale yellow glow from a window.  1,283 more words

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