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Unexpected Sonic Joy in the Car. Hello My Baby by Vered

Getting in my car this morning after a long work shift my plan was to stop at the farmers market for some freshly made donuts and grab some vegetables. 279 more words


The Love Bug (1968)

This morning, we sat down to watch The Love Bug and had a complete ball. The only problem with this movie, to hear Daniel tell it, is that somehow there’s not enough racing and weird magic Volkswagen business. 625 more words

Unflattering Cultural Stereotypes

The Simmo Special

23rd March 2016

Around the World in 2 – a few occasional off-breaks

Each week for ‘Mason & Guests’ I put together a brief summary of cricket events outside the Caribbean, round-up the week’s notable WI birthdays & anniversaries, & throw in a few ‘Did You Know?’ facts: 975 more words

West Indies

Top Five Live-Action Disney Actors

The fun thing about watching Disney movies is seeing a favorite star again and again. Walt knew talent when he saw it and he used the same actors over and over if the fit was right for the next project. 1,049 more words



 “Great things never came from comfort ” – @myrelationshipwithfood

Torah Parsha (portion) Tetzaveh in a nutshell from http://www.chabad.org

G‑d tells Moses to receive from the children of Israelpure olive oil to feed the “everlasting flame” of the menorah, which Aaron is to kindle each day, “from evening till morning.” 1,154 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Robert McWade, actor (1872-1938)

Rupert Julian, actor, director, writer & producer (1879-1943)
Ewald André Dupont, writer, director & producer (1891-1956)
Ruth Dwyer, actress (1898-1978)
Mildred Dunnock, actress (1901-1991) 22 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Most of us never get close to living the sporting dream.

Burdened by mediocrity, restrained by self-doubt, impeded by a lack of motivation, we can only imagine what it must be like to reach the pinnacle of our sport of choice. 1,222 more words