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I've got a Spring in my step again!

I feel like springing the clocks forward has given me a bit of my running mojo back. Does anyone else feel that way? The other day I completed 17 miles, with 15 at easy pace and the last two pushing it. 515 more words

"Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner" by Dean Karnazes

You’re supposed to be a bit snobbish about Dean Karnazes. According to ‘Born to Run’ and sites such as LetsRun.com (other running forums are available), ‘real’ ultra-runners see him as too self-promoting, too keen to blow his own trumpet about his achievements, many of which are not unique. 382 more words


"The Goddess of the Ultramarathon" by Alejandro Yanún

This article, by Alejandro Yanún, was originally published on February 9, 2015 in the Spanish language publication “Vívelo Hoy”.

Since it features my lovely fiancé, I wanted to make it accessible to the English reading ultrarunning community. 843 more words


The Man Behind Ultramarathon Man

Dean Karnazes does not sit still. America’s most famous ultrarunner ran up to meet me in a park near his home in Ross, a quaint and affluent town north of San Francisco, and politely declined to sit at my side on a bench. 8 more words


Slow Turtle and Dean K.

The santa ana winds hit this weekend in San Diego. Basically what that means is hot air from the desert blows in from the east. 174 more words


Top Running Books

I absolutely LOVE to read about running. Any running book I can get my hands on, I will. I feel so motivated, inspired, excited, and filled with an extreme running adoration while I am reading about running. 173 more words