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(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday - Views from the Run

“Standing at the start line, I make the simple commitment to myself that today I will try my hardest. No matter what happens during the race, I will give it everything I’ve got and won’t give up without my strongest fight.”

-Dean Karnazes


So, what motivates you? A simple thought provoking question.

One question that keeps cropping up just now centres around something we all have and something we are all capable of doing.

In a work sense, I was asked recently to name three things that motivated me. 860 more words

Diary of a Fat Runner 4.5 - The Magic Mile

Diary of a Fat Runner 4.5

Disney to Boston – Magic Mile

How fast can you run a mile? I think that is probably the equivalent of the “how much can you bench?” for weight lifters. 440 more words


Goals ...

While I freely admit that some portions of my life were experienced through spontaneity with others coming into play as I stumbled along, those which are the most important involved things such as focus, planning and goals. 498 more words


How to Properly Carb Load Before a Race (If You Even Need To)

Ahh, the pre-race pasta dinner. It’s not just an opportunity to bond with fellow athletes, it’s also the last remaining excuse to think of spaghetti as health food.

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Hurts So Good

Happy Friday, everyone!

There’s a principle in body building that gets a lot of press.  You have to work the muscle, essentially tear it down from the inside, in order to strengthen it.  329 more words

“I run because if I didn’t, I’d be sluggish and glum and spend too much time on the couch. I run to breathe the fresh air.

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