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Dean's ABA Week

I was on vacation during this week from Monday to Thursday. I went into work on Friday, because three people in my unit were out and I figured it was just one day to come into work. 429 more words


Research introduction for students

This summer I’m developing a fully-online course for transfer students to help them hit the ground running in our program (this is part of an entirely online program currently for psychology and business majors… 755 more words


Helicopter vs snowplow

Working in the dean’s office has given me all sorts of new respect for the Dean of Students office. Specifically, I’ve been very impressed at how they leverage students’ parents when helping the students get through tough times. 1,069 more words


Sunday sermon

I’ve been having a really nice few days both emotionally and spiritually. I started reading a book about the theology of the Orthodox Church which is getting my inspired juices flowing so much; and I had afternoon tea at home with my best friend yesterday. 237 more words

Dean's EI Week

I have been having so much fun with Dean this summer. He can do more than he could last summer and I love going outside everyday to go swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline. 425 more words


Shaw Personal: "Anxiety Sucks"

Ever since a little kid, I have grown up under strict rules and regulations. I obide them, I rebelled them. You know, little kid stuff that does things when they grow up, right? 384 more words


FSU names new dean of University Libraries

Florida State University has named Gale S. Etschmaier as dean of University Libraries, effective Sept. 7.

Etschmaier has served as the dean of library and information access at San Diego State University since 2011. 357 more words