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That Moment When You Get The Urge To Write Something But Not Sure What To Post

Do you ever get that feeling or the urge to write something even if you are researching for something important? It’s like your brain wants you to write when it really doesn’t know what to post. 206 more words

Speak Your Mind

Dear Brain

Dear Brain,

Look, we need to talk, this whole “I’m gonna decide to be extremely active while you try to sleep” thing isn’t really working out. 124 more words

Why Now??

Heartbreaks affect more than just the heart.


Dear Brain:

Yeah, you. The think that controls all of my actions and thoughts and whatnot. This morning, you could have been more productive. If it weren’t for your excellent spouse, you might not have even written anything today. 271 more words


Dear Robyn's Brain

We are momentarily experiencing technical difficulties.
Your patience is appreciated while we tinker with your neurotransmitters.
Yours Sincerely,

Today’s Big Pharma Forecast For Robyn Michele Levy’s Brain

Today is a brand new day in your neurodegenerative life!
Follow doctor’s recommendation to reduce serotonin levels by reducing dose of medication.
Expect sluggish synapses and numerous naps while your brain is recalibrating.
Do not adjust your scream