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Dear Esther Review: Literally just go for a walk instead.

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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition has recently released on PlayStation 4. I thought then that now was a perfect time to dive in and take a look at the much maligned title. 462 more words


Dear Esther: Landmark Edition | First Time Playthrough and Impressions | PS4

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is an odd game. I had never played it originally on PC so I went in on this game with a fresh pair of eyes and zero expectations. 500 more words

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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Now Available on PS4 With New Commentary from Original Team

The Chinese Room’s breathtaking narrative adventure Dear Esther lands on consoles for the first time today, in the form of a stunning Landmark Edition.

Dear Esther is a narrative adventure that takes place on an uninhabited Hebridean island, upon which a lone man must piece together the chain of events which lead to his wife’s death. 175 more words

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Review: 'Dear Esther: Landmark Edition' Is More Admirable Than Playable

Ever since Dear Esther arrived as a free mod in 2008, it’s been dividing gamers and critics alike. Originally an art project from a UK university, the “game,” such as it was, simply featured the player walking around an island in the Hebrides, listening to voiceovers, and, well, that was more or less it. 871 more words

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Tuesday 20th September 2016

  • Necrophone Games’ first-person cyberpunk adventure game Jazzpunk releases on PS4 today. Set during the Cold War, Jazzpunk mixes humour with puzzle solving and was released on PC, Mac and Linux last year.
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