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I'm 'bad' at video games

When I say I’m bad at video games, I mean I’m bad at particular video games. I tend to be quite good at first-person shooter games, having completed… 1,415 more words


Exploring The Old City

Today marked my first completion of a game on my newly-built Steambox.

(Catch-up: Steam is a very successful online games marketplace/management tool which I’ve successfully used to enable a virtual hoarding proclivity while simultaneously ameliorating my physical collection, so win-win I suppose. 836 more words


Dear Esther...

I consider myself a big fan of First Person Shooters or any game that has a first person perspective. I’ve played many games til now.. from survival horrors to point-and-click games, puzzles, browser games, adventure games, role-playing games and so. 230 more words


If Salvador Dalí ever made a videogame, it'd be Off-Peak

There’s nothing to be ashamed about here, but I love the so-called “walking simulators,” a sub-genre dubbed during the Gone Home debates of 2013 over whether… 696 more words


One To Watch - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

My next ‘One to watch’ continues along the theme of upcoming PlayStation 4 titles that may have slipped people’s minds due to the rather heavy hitters that are releasing soon. 307 more words


Dear Esther, it tugs at the heart strings.

So I’ll start this off by saying that this post contains spoilers, if you have any interest in playing Dear Esther, I’ll begin by talking a little about the game to give you an idea, but I’ll put in an obvious spoiler alert, for those who are just interested in hearing about it without putting in the couple hours of effort. 668 more words


An Apparently Normal Room Desura Review

You are the next test subject in “An Apparently Normal Room.” This is a first person experience, where yes indeed you are stuck in a white room. 373 more words

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