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Arts Review: Dear Esther

Tramway, 3rd November

Dear Esther straddles the boundaries of method and experience. The project began as the brainchild of Dan Pinchbeck in a strive to explore the relationship between interactivity and immersion in the video game format. 335 more words

University Of Glasgow

Very Funny, Villain-Dude

Spoilers for the “maybe we’ll help you” kett-related mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Gonna call the game out:

So finished chasing down relays. Didn’t take the dude’s deal (more on that in a second) and when he said “I hope you enjoyed chasing my relays. 2,112 more words


Dear Esther • Trigger all voice over points • 150G • 26.46% of gamers unlocked this

With the bulk of my Destiny 2 campaign progress under my belt, I felt like playing something ‘different’ today. 158 more words


Dear Esther Microreview

Dear Esther Microreview – 15/20!

Dear Esther is a first-person artistic video game, developed and published by The Chinese Room.

The player explores an uninhabited Hebridean island, listening to a series of narratives addressed to a woman named Esther. 336 more words


The Dreaded Backlog: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Last time I played a famous walking simulator it did not end well. However, I have to say that I adored Dear Esther. Something I complained about in… 576 more words

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Dear Esther (2012)

Let it never be said that I am not timely. That is right, in the year two-thousand-seventeen, I am reviewing a game that came out in 2012, based on a Half Life 2 mod that came out in 2008. 261 more words


Story Telling In Video Games

Story tellers have always been looking for new and more creative ways to express themselves and/or entertain the masses. I think that, if handled correctly, video games can be the most immersive and creative medium of all. 1,946 more words