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TL;DR Review

Listen to the music, but skip the game.


I added Dear Esther to my to-play list after hearing about it in passing on an Idea Channel episode. 590 more words


News: Dear Esther coming to consoles

Curve Digital have announced that they are bringing Dear Esther to PS4 and Xbox One later this year. The short narrative game that paved the way for the age of ‘walking simulators’ debuted on PC in 2012 to critical acclaim for its seductive writing and beautiful vistas. 67 more words


How far can Survival Horror Gaming go?

When it comes to reminiscing personal favourites there appears to be one type of gaming genre that comes up time-and-time again with other players, Survival Horror (SH). 1,125 more words


The Meaning of The Island in Art Game Dear Esther

Dear Esther is a remarkable, haunting game. This walking simulator is rife with intertext and biblical references – a layer cake of potential meanings. Set at an abandoned Hebridean island, the player explores a dark island. 2,070 more words


Taking Out The Trash #8 - Games

This time around is a combination of recent things and leftovers I took too long to post on. True suffering incoming. 2,348 more words


They Create Worlds: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

One of the things that video games can do magnificently is create worlds. These posts are an occasional exploration of games that I love because of where they take me. 622 more words