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One To Watch - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

My next ‘One to watch’ continues along the theme of upcoming PlayStation 4 titles that may have slipped people’s minds due to the rather heavy hitters that are releasing soon. 307 more words


Dear Esther, it tugs at the heart strings.

So I’ll start this off by saying that this post contains spoilers, if you have any interest in playing Dear Esther, I’ll begin by talking a little about the game to give you an idea, but I’ll put in an obvious spoiler alert, for those who are just interested in hearing about it without putting in the couple hours of effort. 668 more words


An Apparently Normal Room Desura Review

You are the next test subject in “An Apparently Normal Room.” This is a first person experience, where yes indeed you are stuck in a white room. 373 more words

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Dear Esther

So I’ve decided to look again at Dear Esther because I feel that my end product might be in a similar vein to this game. 383 more words

Two Minute Game Crit - Walking Simulators and Phantom Rides


Hi, this is Two Minute Game Crit. I’m Stephen Beirne, you can find me in longform at Normally Rascal.

Today I’m going to be talking about a genre of games like… 609 more words

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Dear Esther Would Be Perfect for a Classroom

Dear Esther by The Chinese Room may be contested about its status as a “game,” but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring a tremendous amount to the table.  628 more words


Dear Esther : A game that isn't a game

I have been playing video games for the best part of my short life until now. I am sure my mother would be of the opinion that games are just an useless waste of time and I am sure that many would agree with her. 1,038 more words