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Dear God and atheism too...

On twitter today someone accused me of being a Bible thumper. I found that rather amusing. I had tweeted a quote from the Bible…something I do quite often actually. 589 more words

Mental Health

midnight confessions:

I’m starting to freak out about camping for 2 months. In the woods. While looking after kids.

Just a tad. Tad, as in, if-I-don’t-stop-thinking-about-it-I-might-start-hyperventilating.

God, help me.



I really have no words for this comical dose of spiritual manipulation that’s served on a  platter of “the devil’s trying to discredit me”.  Sometimes people USE church for the wrong thing and that’s to manipulate money out of the parishioner’s pockets. 80 more words


Dear God,

Thank You for the grace and guidance that you’ve provided me; to all the answered prayers and; giving all my heart’s desires, for the countless blessings. 59 more words


Dear God,

A week ago, I was thinking that maybe you were tired of me. That you left me because I kept on asking but never listen, and whenever tried listening, I kept on doubting. 154 more words



Dear God,

Why can’t I give you my 1%?

I always told you, that I’ll start contributing to the collection when I started working. Surely not 2 dollars right. 171 more words