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Excerpt Of A Diary #1

Dear heart,

I would like to start this letter with the iconic abbreviation of ‘WTF’ but I realize that it would be so much more honest to start by saying ‘Help’. 247 more words


Dear Heart and Brain - Stop the Madness in My Soul

Dear Sentimental Heart,

Just let go.


Your Semi-logical Brain

Tessa Ryan

Dear Self, Rest

You seem to be distracted these days. Why do you have to feel that little needles in your chest whenever something reminds you of him? I know you love him, though you haven’t told him that yet. 349 more words



Dear heart, I know it feels bad
I’m sorry. my bad!!
I never knew it will be this hard
I never knew you be this sad… 133 more words


Courage, Dear Heart

By Ramblings of Ruin

I wake up with panic perched on my chest. Rolling over I try to shake it off, try to dive back under the blanket of unconsciousness, but it’s done… I’m awake. 354 more words

Readers Stories

The World is a Hard Place

The moment you fail to recognize this and grow soft, there will be vultures, dear heart, vultures, circling you, waiting to devour you, to steal you of your existence.

Stuff I Live By