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Dear heart, I know it feels bad
I’m sorry. my bad!!
I never knew it will be this hard
I never knew you be this sad… 133 more words


Courage, Dear Heart

By Ramblings of Ruin

I wake up with panic perched on my chest. Rolling over I try to shake it off, try to dive back under the blanket of unconsciousness, but it’s done… I’m awake. 354 more words

Readers Stories

Have Courage, Dear Heart

You’ve been praying for weeks, perhaps even months. Nothing.

In the mean time, you continue to live life. You wake up and brush your teeth with the same old toothbrush that you have been planning to replace for the past month. 283 more words

32/2017: Love Letters to My Heart

Hello dear heart,
I hope you keep growing,
remembering you are infinite in size
not limited by other’s perception
of your physical boundaries.

So, dear heart, 88 more words


It's Okay, That's Alright|Dear Heart

Do you ever occur how much your words would wounds someone? As much as you think one single word can play a different motion. Today i was just happened to be in two situation: Both are pretty similiar. 294 more words


Dear Heart #1: You deserve to be happy

​This is probably one of the most overused questions on earth, but I’m asking it anyway.

For you, what is love?

They say that our personal experiences shape our own definition of love or our perspective about relationships. 629 more words