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Dear John...

Dear John,

It’s been a lot of years since we’ve seen each other so I thought I’d write.

The last time I saw you was at your home in Milwaukee. 257 more words

(Sort of) Dear John

To My Former Friend & Lover, S,
Writing this is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done. But, it is time to turn the page. 344 more words

Letting Go

Our World...

Sometimes I wander at night. My mind seems to go to all the wrong places. You see me sitting there, smiling, talking, being human. Inside I am in a whole other world, one that doesn’t exist anymore because you are not in it at all. 277 more words


Pen it

In our world of emojis, acronyms, texts, tweets, and snaps, the art of writing has morphed into many things.  With the last few hours of your evening take time to celebrate simpler times. 126 more words


A dear John to coffee...

Dear Coffee:

I adore you.

Above all the beverages and vices I rely on, I have been most committed and faithful to you, scarcely missing our morning rendez-vous for going on 30 years now. 146 more words

Random Musings

To whom it may concern

Do you ever talk to yourself? Not the type of talking to yourself where you plan your day or tell yourself to get out of bed but the kind of talking to yourself when you lift yourself up. 334 more words