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Kissing Margaret

Dear John, yesterday I kissed the  friend I had been telling you about. Her name is Margaret.

Kissing Margaret stirred the strangest feeling in my mouth. 692 more words

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NaPoWriMo Fifteen

Hooray, halfway there! Well, I am not sure how I feel about that actually, a little bit relieved and also a bit saddened. Anyhow, if the rest of the month continues like tonight’s efforts, I shall be shipping out early! 268 more words

Teacher Movie Picks: "The Longest Ride" (My Review)

It was so unexpected when my friend invited me to watch a première screening of a film, that’s inspired from one of Nicholas Sparks’ novel. I always knew Nicholas Sparks as an author of our generation’s favorites like “A Walk to Remember” and “The Notebook”. 500 more words

"Dear John"

Out Ranked: Nicholas Sparks' Ten Variations on a Single Story

While there may not be some grand interconnected universe amongst the works of Nicholas Sparks (or maybe there is; I don’t know), there is a certain formula to his stories that provide a certain consistency to his books, and in turn, their film adaptations. 1,437 more words


A Guide to the Insanity of Nicholas Sparks

This weekend, the latest Nicholas Sparks joint hits theaters. The Longest Ride is the story of the furious romance between a bull rider and an art enthusiast, united by their love of rustic settings, immaculate sunsets, and tasteful PG-13 humping. 2,166 more words

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Pre-Release Review of The Longest Ride, Movie Based on Nicholas Sparks's Book

*Please note that I wrote this last week and didn’t have a chance to post until tonight!*

Huh. So, I was just about to start this post by saying something like “It was a pretty cool night in Sara Beth’s world,” which I admit, sounds kind of self-centered and really–using third person?–when I just realized something profound about the title of the movie I just saw– 557 more words