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Why I Don't Believe in Soulmates

GASP – She doesn’t believe in soulmates?!?!  But she has a boyfriend, doesn’t she?!?!  

Yeah, yeah, I know.  To some people, my disbelief in soulmates is something that is surprising. 1,420 more words


Monday Musings

Everyone hates Mondays.  It’s back to the old grind for most people.  Even people who aren’t employed at a job where they have to punch a time clock or report to an office at a particular time, dread the return to the weekly demands and routines of 21st century life. 965 more words

Dear John

Dear John: Stories Aren't Just for Readers

Storytelling is as complicated as it is simple. It’s very difficult, as a writer, to describe the writing process to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves. 594 more words

Meg Dowell

Too Good 119

After his early dinner of three White Russians and a short nap Gabrielle’s ‘Dear John’ break up call had convinced him that another Kahlua, vodka and cream as a late night dessert treat was a perfect prescription. 525 more words


OctPoWriMo #19 - Dear John

Dear John

We were always wrong, John
Our love was never strong, John
(I know I bought a thong, John
But I’m not stringing you along, John) 58 more words


"Write a Letter to a Special Person in Your Life"

This was a letter I wrote awhile ago, in one of my depressed moods.  I wrote it knowing very well the person it was addressed to more-than-likely wouldn’t read or know about it.   1,146 more words

Writing Prompt

Dear John

I don’t know if you can still remember the first time that we’ve met. It’s been around 2 months since I get to this foreign land for work. 1,219 more words