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Dear Parents...

I would like to preface this letter with the fact that I am not a parent myself and do understand that when you have children of your own, your perceptions do change.   932 more words

Dear Parents: If You're Child Says They Have Mental Health Issues, Please Believe Them

If they tell you they have depression, please don’t ask what kind of big problem they have and that you have  bigger problems. They’ll gonna need you when they’re at their lowest and it’s difficult to rise up. 550 more words


Dear Single Mothers...

Selalu salut dengan para ibu single fighter, yang berjuang untuk menafkahi, mendidik dan membesarkan anak-anaknya seorang diri, dengan apa yang mereka punya.

Don’t know why, but brave and headstrong women always fascinate me. 225 more words


Our parents again!

The roles of a parent in the home goes beyond providing, food,shelter and the likes. As a parent you stand as Demi-gods to your children. Yes! 369 more words

Understanding A Child

O ye parents ! 

​It was just a fleeting thought, just for a moment, just that little second, “I wished I didn’t have parents”.

Hmm, a stupid thought right? Why would anyone be so cruel? 796 more words

Understanding A Child

Balancing the scales

She was really a little kid,  not more than six. Her mum was a busy worker and thanks to Lagos traffic there was hardly enough time to spend with her kids. 425 more words

Understanding A Child