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Why Grades Don't Matter in Elementary School

Let me tell you a secret:

I’m a teacher who HATES giving final grades.

I can see the smirks already. Yeah, right, she hates giving grades… 660 more words

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Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for Busy Parents

My best-laid plans were rapidly going down the drain.

Instead of sweetly crafting Pinterest-perfect Valentine’s, my three-year-old was trying to place 1,000 stickers on the dog. 637 more words

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Dear Single Mothers...

Selalu salut dengan para ibu single fighter, yang berjuang untuk menafkahi, mendidik dan membesarkan anak-anaknya seorang diri, dengan apa yang mereka punya.

Don’t know why, but brave and headstrong women always fascinate me. 225 more words


3 Reasons to Keep Your Sick Kid Home

My friend JUST texted me to cancel our plans for the weekend. See, her kid has impetigo. You know, the ultra contagious skin condition most common in children ages 2-5. 592 more words

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Our parents again!

The roles of a parent in the home goes beyond providing, food,shelter and the likes. As a parent you stand as Demi-gods to your children. Yes! 369 more words

Understanding A Child

O ye parents ! 

​It was just a fleeting thought, just for a moment, just that little second, “I wished I didn’t have parents”.

Hmm, a stupid thought right? Why would anyone be so cruel? 796 more words

Understanding A Child