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a note to parents, from your depressed child

there are a lot of tips and words of advice to those suffering from depression. its become, sadly, much more common but also, thankfully, much more openly discussed in recent times. 779 more words


The First Day of School (and the Next Nine Months)

Hello! Can you believe our summer flew by so quickly? I’m so excited to meet your child and partner with you this year. I have so many hopes and dreams for our year. 641 more words

Dear Parents,

Dear parents, I hope when your child says ‘I don’t want to go to school today’ you hear her. I hope you notice the way her words cut through the air like she is pronouncing them with such heft that they cannot be supported by her own breath. 369 more words

Dear Parents: The things I wish you knew

Dear Upcoming Parents of my Kindergarten Class,

I know we still have about a month until school starts, but whether this is your first or last child going into Kindergarten, you’ve probably been preparing for this for a while. 1,357 more words

Your True Source Of Love

A man and a woman experience a completely new life after having babies. Babies make you want to be more secure and to provide security to them. 330 more words

Dear Parents

Harits' First Day School :)

July 27, 2015..

Hari ini adalah hari pertama si sulung Harits masuk sekolah. Begitu masuk gerbang sekolah, ia langsung lari naik tangga nyari kelasnya, kelas 1A. 446 more words

My Daily Journal

Ramadhan Kesembilan

Ramadhan 2007, 8 tahun yang lalu..

We were a newlywed who tied the knot just a month before Ramadhan. Sahur dan berbuka hanya berdua. Kadang kalau suami ada acara buka bersama di kantor, terpaksa deh buka sendirian di rumah. 357 more words

My Daily Journal