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A letter to 'religious' parents

Hi, hello I am your daughter. And I need you. So please be there for me.

I need you to listen to me with no judgements, no condemnations. 446 more words


Military Interstate Children's Compact: What's the Big Deal?

As you move around the country, and world, with your MilKids, it can seem daunting and confusing to keep switching your child’s schools. Not every school, even Department of Defense schools on military bases, understands how to work with military kids. 960 more words

Dear Parents

In reply to "caring for children with autism"

Oh my god, I saw this article and am screaming inside. Prepare yourselves, dear readers, this is not going to be pretty. Let’s work through this chronologically, shall we? 1,634 more words


Your autistic child does have a sense of humour

Okay, this is just a little rant, because I love my brother a lot and he cracks me up, even though he doesn’t speak a word. 164 more words


April Tutoring

PVA students & families,

PVA will be offering an expanded schedule of tutoring for the remainder of the school year. The new tutoring times for the month of April are listed below. 192 more words


Know Your Parental Rights in School

It can sometimes seem like schools are the exclusive realm of the teachers and administrators who work there. With all the jargon, results-based teaching methods, and security, school can be intimidating. 1,127 more words

Dear Parents



Kalimat-kalimat selanjutnya mengandung unsur curhat. Beware. People with extra-baper-syndrome better not enter :P

Kemarin siang, saya ditag postingan ini oleh seorang teman di Facebook.. 1,302 more words

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