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Dear Single Mothers...

Selalu salut dengan para ibu single fighter, yang berjuang untuk menafkahi, mendidik dan membesarkan anak-anaknya seorang diri, dengan apa yang mereka punya.

Don’t know why, but brave and headstrong women always fascinate me. 225 more words


Our parents again!

The roles of a parent in the home goes beyond providing, food,shelter and the likes. As a parent you stand as Demi-gods to your children. Yes! 369 more words

Understanding A Child

O ye parents ! 

​It was just a fleeting thought, just for a moment, just that little second, “I wished I didn’t have parents”.

Hmm, a stupid thought right? Why would anyone be so cruel? 796 more words

Understanding A Child

Balancing the scales

She was really a little kid,  not more than six. Her mum was a busy worker and thanks to Lagos traffic there was hardly enough time to spend with her kids. 425 more words

Understanding A Child

But to You, I Am a Monster

“Would you be quiet? I am talking to my friend!”,

I snap at my 8-year old son,
I have just arrived home – I feel exhaustedly spent, 1,099 more words


Balancing Parenting And Your Career (2)

Still as sequel to the e-Boost on DEAR PARENTS, today, we’ll be learning from a 21st Century mum on how she balances her home front and her career. 1,335 more words