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Way Cool Wednesday - 13 April 2016

Hello, hello, hello! So this is unusual, right? I’m posting on a Wednesday rather than a Friday. Well, I wanted to post an additional little piece this week that I’d like to make a more regular fixture on the site. 753 more words

Way Cool Wednesday

56/365 Dear Photograph

56. Photograph: Write a story or journal entry influenced by a photograph.

There is this blog on Tumblr that I follow called, Dear Photograph. The idea is that you take a photograph from your past and take a picture of it in the present, in the same or similar location as the original photograph. 641 more words

NLI and Google offer interactive tour of 1916 Easter Rising - Those Places Thursday

In the hour or two I spend checking my e-correspondence each day, I was really intrigued by the new Dublin Rising 1916-2016 site, an awesome interactive tour built by Google and Ireland 2016.   352 more words


dear photograph

Dear Photograph,

Your short life is about to change. I wish I could promise you everything you’ve been wondering about—what have you been wondering about? 430 more words


#51 - Attempt another Dear Photograph submission

Since we were back at Killbear this summer, we attempted the same Dear Photograph as last year (our failed attempt here).  My brother and I both tried this, and while I think we did a way better job than last year, still couldn’t match it up perfectly.   25 more words

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