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Dear Zoë at 22 months

Dear Zozo,

You are 22 months old my darling girl, and this past month has been one of our best yet. You have exploded with knowledge and comprehension and we seem (likely temporarily) out of the screamy temper tantrum stage. 742 more words


Dear Zoë at 18 Months

Dear Zoë

You are 18 months old and I really really don’t know how this has happened. I still think about you as my teeny tiny baby, but really you are well on your way to being my big girl.  525 more words


Happy Birthday Zoë

Dear Zoë,

This morning my first thought was “my baby girl is one today”, and then my head exploded heart shaped confetti all over our house. 248 more words

Dear Z

Dear Z,

I had so much fun with you today! We laughed, we made a huge mess, and most importantly we made memories. It doesn’t matter if I’ve done the same activity before you were born or with you in the past, you make every experience a unique and unforgettable one unparalleled to the last. 166 more words

Dear Z,

People are going to let you down. That is a simple fact of life. Sometimes we expect more from people in our life because we’d be willing to do the same for them. 207 more words

Dear Z,

“Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.” These words are from Albert Camus a French Novelist, Essayist and Playwright. I tend to think he was on to something and apparently someone else did too since he won the 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature. 59 more words