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Midnight Thoughts

Its 12 am

guess what?

i think of you.

I thougt that time was the cure. But its not.

its not just the past about you and me, but its everything, im thinking about everything. 544 more words



Dear you,
I am stubborn and a brat and I know that. And I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass. I love you. But I know that I can say I love you a million times and it will still not be enough. 758 more words



Dear you,

Please don’t take silence and obedience as sign of respect. At least, when it comes to you. Please remember that fear does not equate to respect. 187 more words



Hi! Thank you for taking care of me for the past week. I felt like I’m too lucky to have a clingy boyfriend like you.😊 I feel blessed because you are literally there for me when I needed you. 227 more words


To my first real heartache

Dear you,

I thought I have no feelings for you anymore. I believed I got over you after how many years. But I am here again, writing about you. 222 more words



Hi! You’re wondering why I haven’t written dear you’s since 2,3 months ago, right? The thing is, I purposely didn’t write dear you’s because I tried to verbalize all my feelings for you. 288 more words


Apa Bisa?

Jika aku jadi kamu, aku akan dengarkan
Jika aku jadi kamu, aku akan perhatikan
Yang ku keluhkan selalu..
Pantasnya kamu dengarkan aku dulu

Kali ini apa masih bisa… 60 more words