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A Letter To Myself

Dear You,

I beg you. I beg you with every breath remaing inside my tiny existance. I beg you to forget. Forget everything that happened. Blaming yourself will not do anything good to your already broken heart. 120 more words

Dear You finding a dreamland,

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for three years. During one summer, I stayed for a month in Culebra, a smaller island in Puerto Rico. It was for working, but I enjoyed the most out of this place so much. 159 more words


Dear You cry baby,

It’s okay, don’t resist crying. If you feel like crying, do so as much as you need to. Even for scientific reason, crying is actually good for you. 237 more words


Dear You generous to click 'like' button,

Thank you for showing love by clicking ‘like’ on my contents. You don’t know how much I wait for the number of ‘like’s to go up. 174 more words


Dear You laughing constantly,

I just wanted to appreciate you for making the world a better place with your uplifting laughter. You’re blessed. People love you because your giggles make us smile as well. 150 more words


Dear You coffee lover,

When that steamy and strong coffee bean molecules hit your olfactory nerves at the entrance of your favorite cafe, you probably close your eyes for a second and think, ‘wow, can’t wait to sip that cappuccino, umm!’ Or sometimes, you might be brewing and making your own espresso at your kitchen table while humming causally your favorite song. 188 more words


Mencintai diri sendiri...

“Aku mencintai dia dan cuma dia yang bikin aku bahagia” adalah kalimat populer yang sering diucapkan secara drama dan dianggap tulus mencintai.

Semua orang selalu menjadi lebih cerewet ketika ditanya alasannya mencintai seseorang. 363 more words