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Dear You,

I cannot explain to you how bothering it is to encounter someone or something with the same name as yours, wherever I go. And I know your name’s pretty common as compared to mine, and that it could just be one big sick coincidence but I haven’t been surrounded by as much Daniels in my life as I have now. 116 more words


I never sent you these letters because I wanted to write you something that could resonate within the most hidden corners of your soul and that forever, I wanted to create something that could eclipse all the science fiction books you have read so far; the ones promising you worlds I couldn’t give you, I wanted to offer you something that could fill you up so you could never drink from another source but mine, and I thought maybe not words then.




I must say your presence makes it hard to breathe, it breaks my bones and inflames my lungs; loving you is like a death sentence.

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Monday blues

Would I be damned if I don’t want a brief summer love?

Would I be damned if I want the real deal, all throughout the seasons?


Dear You:

  1. I don’t know why but I always find myself wanting to be appreciated by you. I find myself constantly trying to let you open up to me in ways no one else would know.
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Dear you,

Have you ever felt so stuck that you can’t breathe, or even think of how to possibly get out of this situation you’ve been put in? 376 more words