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Kinds of People

There are those people we’ve been close years back and not feel a tinge of regret with how things turned out. That for some reason the parting was necessary to give way for something better and you don’t hold that against the person. 71 more words

Dear Someone

I don’t know who you are or why I had the sudden urge to write this. You could be anyone in the whole wide world. But for some reason, you were on my heart this morning. 395 more words


Dear you, From Me.

Dear you,

You’ve opened up a part of me
That has been closed for a while.
You’re showing me things
I haven’t seen in ages — 199 more words


Dear you

Dear you,

You stepped onto this world waiting for 9 months inside your mother’s womb, made from stardusts and magic, which makes you ‘You’.

Dear you, … 403 more words


#15 Dear You

Rindu itu, kamu . . .

Rindu itu sunyi, cuma kamu yang bisa meramaikannya.

Rindu itu api, cuma kamu yang dapat memadamkannya.

Rindu itu semena-mena. 23 more words

Sri Wahyuni Fatmawati P

Dear family, friends and YOU,

I tried to meet you at every crossroad.
When your energy was low, I made sure to bring some extra Son. 296 more words

Dear you, He knows you.

Remember that Jesus loves you more than anything else.

He sees you, every part of your system can not be hidden from Him.

Every time you rise and fall,He feels it and sees it. 222 more words