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Apa Bisa?

Jika aku jadi kamu, aku akan dengarkan
Jika aku jadi kamu, aku akan perhatikan
Yang ku keluhkan selalu..
Pantasnya kamu dengarkan aku dulu

Kali ini apa masih bisa… 60 more words

Dear You,

I don’t know why, but even though I know so well that you wouldn’t chance upon these nonsense letters I’ve been writing for you in the past months, I still bothered to write tons anyway. 397 more words

Dear You - Part 1

Dear You,

The Summer has quickly passed with not a breath of word. As the wind picks up, and the trees quickly expel their unnecessary burden, I sit. 631 more words


Dear You,

I don’t know why but the depth of me missing you has intensified tonight and I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve successfully tricked myself into believing that I don’t need you to function in my optimal state for the past days, but whenever I am left alone with my ugly and desperate thoughts, I bounce back to this state — confused, rotten, broken and most of all, yearning. 517 more words

Dear You,

As per usual, you’re still running on this weird brain of mine — again, when will I ever get tired of entertaining these thoughts? 1,246 more words

Dear You,

It’s already 2:30 in the morning here but you’re still running on my mind, like a crazy little guinea pig on a training wheel in its cage. 1,450 more words

My Open Letter to SOMEONE SPECIAL (Dear You)

Dear You,
I always believe that love will find me even if I’m in the deepest, darkest part of the world. That love will come on me even if I’m just sitting in the corner because cupid has his way to find the perfect match for me. 476 more words