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Is there anyone who can live forever? The correct answer: Yes!

When Nuni asked whether there is anyone, any creature, any species which can live forever, I didn’t realise that it was a riddle. So I didn’t think twice before replying that every creature, which is born has to die. 143 more words

Old Nuni Saying

Free Speech and Hate Speech and The First Amendment, Oh My!

Lots of arguments are going around about the First Amendment. While most people don’t generally agree with it, they will still assert that white supremacists & neo-nazis have as much of a right to the First Amendment protections as everyone else. 369 more words

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Charlottesville: What Trump Said By Not Saying Anything

Also published at HuffPost

On August 12th, 2017, an act of domestic terrorism propelled by racists and white nationalists occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m calling it domestic terrorism propelled by racists and white nationalists (or white supremacists), because it’s time (for white people, in particular) to name this for what it is. 2,800 more words

Things That Need To Be Said

Objects Our Self Imposed Purgatory

We recently moved into a new home and before the move my husband was eager to minimize the box count, in hopes of a stress free event.   792 more words


you cannot be seen you are not hiding

the dark tree, the cold sea
Emily Fragos

although I know you can never be found
although I know that from the highest height
you cannot be seen you are not hiding… 85 more words


Grieving alone.

Excerpt from my book

My Heart Is Broken

A journey of loss grief and hope

Doesn’t Anyone Care Anymore

In the days and weeks following Levi’s death our mailbox was filled with cards of sympathy and consolation.  109 more words

Death And Loss

Time is valuable..why give it away?

For the past 2-1/2 years I have been    volunteering at the Women’s Prison at Mitchellville in the General Population Library. I describe my position as an ‘overseer of the women’ who need no direction from me to  operate the library.    337 more words

Death And Loss