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Excerpts from 'MY HEART IS BROKEN A journey of loss grief and hope'

Excerpts from my book.

Dear fellow sojourner,

Grief is personal.  I understand that I do not have the market on grief due to the loss of a loved one.  826 more words

Death And Loss

My Child Is “They,” And It’s Society, Not Language, That Needs Fixing

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Before anyone asks, no, I’m not some sort of new age, millennial, hipster chic parent living in a commune, attempting to raise genderless, nameless offspring who will one day grow up and decide these things independent of their father and me. 2,328 more words

Gender Creative Children

The ghost of change: acknowledge it, accept it and release it

The most effective way to handle a difficult change in life is to treat it like a ghost. Whether that apparition is a deliberate change in your life or a crisis that permeates into the centre of your world, there are three key stages to handling the new entity in your life. 749 more words

Finding Happiness

those rooms, too, in which we came together to be away from all

It’s the little things. Your right shoulder blade underneath my ear.

Rooms Remembered
Laure-Anne Bosselaar

I needed, for months after he died, to remember our rooms— 188 more words


your eyes will be a useless word

Death Will Come
Cesare Pavese

Death will come and will have your eyes—
this death that accompanies us
from morning till evening, unsleeping,
deaf, like an old remorse… 95 more words


the living trapped inside their body clothes

Wayne Miller

Phones were ringing

in the pockets of the living
and the dead

the living stepped carefully among.
The whole still room

was lit with sound—like a switchboard— 38 more words


Is there anyone who can live forever? The correct answer: Yes!

When Nuni asked whether there is anyone, any creature, any species which can live forever, I didn’t realise that it was a riddle. So I didn’t think twice before replying that every creature, which is born has to die. 143 more words

Old Nuni Saying