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Loss Must Have All Our Tears... a pantoum

day 26…

  I dedicate this to Janine.  Sending her love and hope in this time of great sadness.

Is it a call to the ever-lasting? 237 more words


Prayer For April 22nd

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for this day…we thank you for seeing us through this week. We thank you for your grace that has sustained us…some days and weeks are harder than others and many who are praying with us have had very hard weeks…some have been dealing with natural disasters, others with the death of loved ones…others are struggling with their health or loved ones who are ill…  many are just struggling to hold on as they deal with financial pressures, anxiety and things like depression… 475 more words


Grief Timeline?

The loss of a loved one takes many forms: breaks ups, divorce, enstrangement, death. I know each of these and find that sometimes upon waking I forget. 165 more words

Dance of the honeybee's memories

When I get Charlotte at school there’s an Italian girl who looks big for her age who’s taken to her but in an overly touchy way, scruffing her like a puppy and squeezing her too tight, and we have to pretend we’re going somewhere else to get away from her, and take the long way home. 944 more words



How does one capture the essence of freedom? Well one can give many answers for that question, but this morning I will give you my feelings on freedom and how I particularly feel free today. 1,837 more words


Breaking the silence, "I'm alright"

In response to Daily Prompt “Take Care” https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/take-care/

That’s Mirror Lake at the Japanese Garden here in Buffalo. I go to the Garden to relax and reflect, to meditate and be one with myself. 870 more words

A cup of ice and The Hoo-ha

She requested a cup of ice.

A cup from Sonic, to be specific.

“A tall cup of crushed or chipped ice,” Stephanie wrote in a Facebook request on Oct. 693 more words