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Uncle Roger

The sunset was obscured by the crowd of palm trees as I walked back from Santa Barbara Coffee Roasting where I spent three hours staring at a wall, comatose from endless sand and sun. 2,313 more words


On The Fragility Of Life

I just got the news of a girl I knew, a girl I laughed with, a girl whose smile brightened so many of my days, so many years of my life back in my hometown, has been killed. 181 more words


Black Pearls and Otherwise

A poem inspired by my uncle(s):

The dam gives
and Black Pearls
come rolling down

All the rangers watch
They wish it were otherwise

Some pulses go… 125 more words


Prayer For July 15th

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Heavenly Father,

Once again we come to you with heavy hearts for all the sorrow and pain  the world is facing today…Lord, we need you…in these troubling times where evil keeps persisting on destroying lives …where evil keeps trying to make us live in fear and make us feel unsafe… may we stand strong and be bold, because you are bold in us…this is not the time to doubt or waver in what we believe…it’s not a time to cower in fear… it’s not the time to look to anyone but you for hope….it’s time to place our faith in you…it’s time to remember who you are and to remember that we are yours… 432 more words


Prayer For July 8th

Hello, Friends. Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord,

We come to you with heavy hearts…we grieve for the things we see happening in this world…Father, at times we feel helpless…we feel like we have no real power or ability to make a difference…we see the forces of evil at work and we see the pain that people inflict on each other…there is so much to complain about…so much that stirs righteous anger within us…so much we wish could be changed… 514 more words


The memory bank of dreams

I have only three memories of a close family member that I lost as a child, that I can be sure are my own memories and not recollections of photos I might have seen. 978 more words


Prayer For June 11th

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for being the solid rock on which we stand…for being the steadying force when our world is rocked, when our faith is shaken and when we feel our losses to the core of our being. 532 more words