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The Power of Words

I am a writer, hence words are my life. So far, they are not my living, though I still have hopes of making money with my writing, but they… 780 more words


food (2)

He dropped the green thing in front of her. Looking up into her eyes, he twitched his nose twice and ran off. Gina attempted to pick up the thin, green object, but could not grasp it. 37 more words



He ran around in three complete circles, talked even faster, and screeched loudly. Scurrying away, he darted off across the rocks. Gina let out a quiet whimper. 112 more words


I am not everything

When Gina first met her friend, she feared him despite his small stature. Lessons taught that the non-self often brought her pain and although she wanted the lessons, she also did not want them. 100 more words



Her lesson with the pain continued until she moved. She did not plan to move, but her body took over. She rocked back and forth singing noises to chase off the pain. 63 more words



She learned that light begins each morning and departs every evening, replaced by the moon and stars, or sometimes just by darkness. She also learned about mobility. 98 more words



Ahh! Water! Quench me!


The rain washed the pain from her. Exhausted, she closed her eyes and found darkness. Blackness.