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Today I found out that one of my colleagues from University died.

This is the second time that one of my fellow students died. And this is the second time that I have no idea how I feel, how I am acting, how I should act, how I should feel, whether I’m feeding off the grief of others who knew her or not. 263 more words

Life after death

Is There Life After Death? Study Suggests

Consciousness Continues After Heartbeat Stops

PA/ The Huffington Post UK

Posted: 08/10/2014 11:27 BST Updated: 5 hours ago… 879 more words


Death? What's that?

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe in an afterlife or do you believe this life is all there is? No doubt if you believe in only this life you will not be afraid of death. 453 more words


Sad times but life goes on

Yesterday E and I went to the funeral of our next-door neighbour,
Derek, who had died nine days previously due to pancreatic failure so we were told by… 758 more words


Packed and ready to go

Reading the title might prompt you to think I am about to take a vacation but nothing could be further from the truth. In a way I do have my bags packed in preparation for a surprise journey. 477 more words


Something I cannot understand

E and I decided we would dine out on Monday afternoon and as usual we had no specific plans as to where that might be. We left home a little late, that is around 1.30 and E started to drive north. 639 more words

Dining Out

They're dropping like flies!

When I was much younger I took little notice of my mortality and far less about those around me or those whom I knew as… 483 more words