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The Good Samaritan, Fear, and Transformation (July 10, 2016)

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Luke 10:25-37

Just then a lawyer stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he said, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” 26 He said to him, “What is written in the law?

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The Resurrection Chapter: Concluding Thoughts on the New Beginning.

54 When this perishable body puts on imperishability, and this mortal body puts on immortality, then the saying that is written will be fulfilled:
“Death has been swallowed up in victory.”

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Monthly Special Offers!

It’s a new month and a new selection of monthly special offers. We hope you will find much to ignite some May time discussion in these books. 236 more words

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Resurrection Facts: Better Bodies!

35 But someone will ask, “How are the dead raised? With what kind of body do they come?” (1 Corinthians 15:35 NRSV)

Paul is imagining this being asked with a highly sceptical tone.

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Resurrection Facts: There is a Bigger and Better Picture

When we are being honest, we may be more easily identified as Canadians than Christians. The passion of the typcial Christian in Canada just does not seem to be of the same calibre as that of the apostles we meet in the pages of the New Testament. 1,334 more words

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“For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature.” (Romans 1:20) 998 more words

Building Your Body as a Holy Temple unto God

Life continues in the month of April and beyond. An abundant life is guaranteed for you, but you have to choose it. In this world, you have to make a choice between life and death. 580 more words