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The Magnum Cafe -- not my Opus

There have been hushed talks of this foolish upstart restaurant that dared to serve as its centerpiece ice cream bars that cost 100 bucks each, which would only run for 1 year, and for you to sit down you would have to have at least 3 of you sitting down to order a plate of ice cream at 300 bucks or more per head. 1,868 more words


Chocolate Sourdough Cake

Ever wondered what to do with leftover sourdough starter? With each feeding of the starter there is generally a bit that goes to waste and with it a tiny bit of my heart each time I pour off the excess straight into the bin, but there is only so much you can give to friends and neighbours! 682 more words

Cooking With Kids

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Last weekend I got a friend in Denver to have a cake party. I didn’t actually take any pictures of any of the cakes other people brought, but it was a successful night. 1,308 more words


Near Death by Chocolate....in a rather unusual way... :oO

This story from the BBC is a bit of a gobsmacker… For one thing I had no idea lorries carted around large vats of warm heated chocolate between countries and secondly I had no idea people might actually try hiding in the hot sticky tasty stuff to get over the English Channel … 141 more words

Death By Chocolate Palette + Swatches

First off I know I’ve been absent recently and I keep saying I’ve been busy but it really is true! Things are finally calming down a bit as I have a three week break, then I’m back for two and then I’m pretty much done till summer! 824 more words

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I Love Food...

Some of the food that I have indulged in for the past two weeks. I’m in culinary heaven here. The chocolate cake above proves that heaven really is a place on Earth. 17 more words

Casa Verde Restaurant

Casa Verde 

This is a family-owned chain of restaurants which is very popular among Cebuanos because of its value-for-money menu items. Their best seller is… 283 more words