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Falling in Love with the Living Word

This book is about falling in love with God’s Word so we develop a healthy addiction to it. But it’s more than a book about our relationship to the Word; it’s about our relationship to the Living Word. 486 more words

Death By Chocolate

Expensive WFH

February 16

I love Work From Home option. But gotta admit it is quite expensive if you decide to grab something to eat from outside!!


Chocolate Cravings: Six Steps to Addiction to God’s Word

How do we go from “I’m not sure I like it” to “I’m totally addicted to it” in terms of the Bible or anything else? Ask a chocoholic how she became addicted to chocolate. 1,034 more words


You Can’t Have a Vicarious Chocolate Experience: Three Elements of Experiencing God’s Word for Yourself

Have you ever enjoyed the experience of watching someone eat chocolate? There’s nothing enjoyable about it. It is torture, isn’t it?

After watching them, have you asked them to describe what it tasted like and how they enjoyed it? 563 more words

Death By Chocolate

Chocolate Brownie Torte


Mise en place

Mise en place, pronounced (MEEZ ahn plahs) or (mi zɑ̃ ˈplas), means- is to have all your ingredients, equipment prepared and ready to go before you start cooking/baking.  1,418 more words

Convenience Store Chocolate vs. Gourmet Chocolate: Two Approaches that Shape Our Attitudes toward the Bible

Let’s suppose I had attended the “Death by Chocolate” event. Do you think I would have walked away disappointed? Not likely. Rather, by expanding my experience from convenience store chocolates to gourmet chocolates, I would have developed a completely new appreciation for chocolate. 543 more words


From Disappointment to Desire: Five Common Attitudes toward the Bible

Let’s start by being honest about our attitudes about the Bible. Parts of the Bible seem like ancient history and it may be difficult to see the relevance for our lives. 828 more words

Death By Chocolate