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The hairy Egg of an Idea

Sometimes there comes a point when you hold it in your hand

an egg of an idea fit to fit in the can,

its all a bit rough though, still a bit hairy… 74 more words


Webinar Wednesday - Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

In May of this year, Microsoft’s PowerPoint program celebrated its 25th anniversary since its release as part of Microsoft Office.  In one scary way to think about it, we have people entering the workforce who have never known life before PowerPoint, which makes me sad.   934 more words


Spare Me Your Bad PowerPoints

I thought the days of bad PowerPoint presentations were over.  I thought the 100’s (1,000’s?) of articles and posts about avoiding Death by PowerPoint were enough to stop the madness.  485 more words


Don't be a PowerPoint Putz! 5 Principles to help create Slide Presentations your audience will love.

You walk into the meeting room and beaming middle manager Johny has the screen all set up with clicker in hand and it suddenly dawns on you. 1,248 more words

Business Presentation

Three Golden Principles for Presentations

I’ve been looking at presentations for many years and I have concluded that nearly all presentations suck.

I am astonished that all those hard working professional people out there whose livelihood may depend on delivering an engaging, convincing presentation apparently have no clue about how to do it. 646 more words


Death by .... Google Slide? (Part 1 of 2 on visual presentations)

The SMART board is indifferent to your woes. It cares not for your opinion on the matter, nor does it hold any concern for the analysis you just made. 873 more words


Enhanced PowerPoint with concept maps

The problems associated with the poor use of PowerPoint in lectures have been well documented – in particular, the over-reliance of bullet points which misrepresent the content being delivered and often result in tedious lectures in which the lecturer just reads the slides to the audience. 349 more words