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#672: 'Brothers On A Hotel Bed' - Death Cab For Cutie

When I first began listening to Death Cab For Cutie following numerous recommendations, I was told that I would be hearing some rather decent indie-rock. In no way was I advised that I would be feeling things that most songs wouldn’t allow you to feel, nor would I experience emotions that any normal person would choose to feel. 215 more words

1000 Songs

Five From: Death Cab For Cutie

An attempt at a new feature wherein – in an effort to shake off the ‘lapsed’ status of postings – I proffer up five songs from an artist / band. 435 more words


Currently Spinning...

Ok, in an effort to return to semi-normal service here I thought I’d have a run down of what, Buffalo Tom’s latest aside, has been playing on my turntable, car stereo and iPod of late. 413 more words


Friday List #31

  • Another helpful AskReddit thread I’ll bookmark and never look too closely at, don’t be like me. Here are some of the most helpful software available online for the low, low price of no money.
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Friday List

Songs that Make Me (Happy & Sad) Cry

I don’t know what it is about these songs. Some of them are obviously “sad” without much thought, like “I Will Follow You into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. 702 more words

Lana Del Rey

Death Cab for Cutie - Kintsugi ★ $

I love all the little things that Death Cab puts into the background of their music. The extra electronic stuff in the background, making like a sort of soundscape. 8 more words

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Death Cab for Cutie - Codes & Keys ★ $

This is like, the middle ground between the Death Cab for Cutie sound and the Give Up (Postal Service). At least, to my untrained ear that’s how I would describe it. 14 more words

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