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Auschwitz was completely different from what I thought it would be like. I don’t have words to express what I could not grasp!

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Netanyahu: Allies could have saved 4 million Jews if they’d bombed death camps in 1942 (LOL.....)


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday launched a blistering assault on Allied policy during World War II, saying world powers’ failure to bomb the Nazi concentration camps from 1942 cost the lives of four million Jews and millions of others. 411 more words

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death camp showers in ww2

just see witch direction the SS points to one is death camp showers.  u strip naked the SS watches you go to showers gas you good. 6 more words

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Haiku Duet, History Repeats


“Allies had photos – of routes to the death camps yet – refused to bomb them”

“Allies saved artworks – and dancing horses but not – Jewish refugees”

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I have spent the major part of my life in schools: eight years in “grammar school,” four years in high school, and eight years in college and graduate school. 954 more words

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Himmler diaries found in Russia reveal daily Nazi horrors - BBC News

Chilling details emerge about the daily life of Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi SS chief who sent millions of Jews to their deaths in the Holocaust. 12 more words

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