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Poland's Premier: There Were Polish Perpetrators in the Holocaust Just as There Were Jewish Ones


Answering a question from an Israeli journalist regarding the controversial Holocaust bill, Mateusz Morawiecki reiterated that the Polish people aided their Jewish brothers and sisters… 511 more words

Polished History

Polished History
by Michael Romani

Good versus evil; we seek to clarify
As we look back and wonder why
Wishing for terms spoken definitively
As we reassign perceptions of history

The best of history provokes cognitive dissonance
Particularly when seeking truth beyond immanence
Is it just too much to hope for and expect
A truth of history spoken that isn't suspect? 159 more words
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Ed Gein and the Origin of 20th Century Horror

Many horror films of the ‘slasher’ variety, usually contain some nuggets reality pertaining to ‘true’ events, but what many do not know is that most (if not all) of these so-called ‘true’ events can be traced to the extraordinary behaviour of just one man. 642 more words

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The 'Polish death camps' controversy: Poland is not the only country that should confront its Holocaust history

By Daniel Tilles

Poland’s proposed law deserves to be criticised, but the country is not the only one that should be asking itself questions about its actions during the Holocaust. 1,730 more words

But disregard for justice and free speech hardly puts Poland on the moral high ground...MPs approve law to send people who say 'Polish death camps' to Polish prison camps

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Last week, Polish lawmakers granted initial approval to a law that aims to make it illegal to suggest that Poland bore any responsibility for atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.Under the new legislation, individuals could face fines and up to three years in jail for using phrases like Polish death camps (rather than Nazi death camps).

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Soviet Ukraine: Nazi Germans Murder the Last Slavic Jew in Vinnytsia (25.8.1942)

Many of you may have seen this photograph many times, but remain unaware of its exact meaning. The place is Vinnytsia in West-Central Ukraine. This is a Soviet Citizen being murdered by the occupying Nazi German ‘Einsatzgruppen’ or ‘Special Duty’ detachments. 129 more words

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Polish Parliament Approves Jail Time for Using Phrase 'Polish Death Camps'

Critics say enforcing such a law would be impossible outside Poland and that within the country it would have a chilling effect on debating history… 291 more words