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Pearls of wisdom - The daily significance of surrendering

I just completed a new book for review reflecting upon the things I wish I could do in my life and have no regrets before I die. 168 more words


Family Prayer

I get the room number from the very patient woman at the desk near the east entrance of the hospital. She makes sure I know how to get to the correct elevator and I head up to the second floor. 256 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

Luke 7:1-17 Jesus: Master Restorer

Recently we’ve had three wasps nests at our house. I don’t normally face much physical danger in my job, so wasps nests are an opportunity for me to get out there and face the great danger of these terrifying creatures and protect my family. 3,228 more words


When I die.....

I’m in my prayer closet….well just coming out of it and most of my prayer time has been just telling God how incredible He is and how much I want to be with Him. 564 more words


Colossians 3:16: People of the Word

I have been reading Marilynne Robinson’s novel Lila 859 more words

A Short Play

This is a short play (9 pages) that I wrote for a playwriting class back in 2009. You can read it by clicking here: A Short Play by Danny Herrera