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Lessons from Death

1 Sep 2015

Everyday, we live as if our lives will go on forever. Death seems misleadingly remote. Clearly, death can affect anyone, anytime. We are constantly reminded of this reality through news about natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents, etc. 350 more words

Simple Living

When Your Time Comes

Yesterday, a student died. From what I’ve gathered through social media, he was a well-liked, kind, and friendly human being. He belonged to a fraternity on campus, and had a fairly large group of friends. 613 more words

And So It Begins, or Not: Hospice

She’s one of the lucky ones, my mother, which means so are my sisters and I. She is healthy. Her blood pressure is outrageously perfect, her lungs are clear, she is mobile, her heart is ticking on. 1,042 more words

Caring For A Parent

Saying the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time

Has it happened to you? A well-meaning friend or even a stranger has offered advice that you did not ask for and ended up totally baffling you or leaving you feeling worse than before. 1,169 more words

Faith Journey


Last week I heard about seven deaths. None of them were my inner circle but they were the inner circles of my circles. Four were unexpected; one was a battle with cancer and a life ended too early and two were octogenarians with lives well lived. 464 more words

Brook Stephenson

Following the Setting Sun to Home

Ten years ago I flew from east to west, coast to coast, to say goodbye to my Aunt Helen. She died a few weeks later. I was grateful I had said “yes” to a long quick trip. 1,136 more words

Aging In Place

That was then. This is now.

Why we must accept change in our lives.

My mother was a remarkable woman. Her mother died of cancer when my mom was six and her only sister, Ruth, was three. 1,377 more words

Faith Journey