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Be Kind, Not Right

We are in a new land this week; Mama has tumbled down the rabbit hole as unexpectedly as Alice did, and we are trekking through unknown territory on our way to Oz. 1,187 more words

Caring For A Parent

How to address your child's fear of death & dying

We promised some information on addressing death & dying with your children since we heard that Topsy & Tim were going to lose their beloved pet dog. 151 more words

East Surrey Twins Club

The Suni Mudra Food Chronicles

Mama plays a little game of asking me what is on her plate, often before my butt is in my chair. I tell her, identifying the location of each menu item by points on the clock. 1,103 more words

Caring For A Parent

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dreaming

Author: Rubin Naiman, PhD  ~ Source: Huffington

There’s a lot we still don’t understand when it comes to sleep. We know certain changes occur in the brain, and we have a few guesses as to why, but even the experts only have theories about many aspects of sleep in general and dreaming in particular.

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A Fine Fall

I had begun to wonder whether autumn’s colors
would ever come to Cowley County.
The hardwoods of Doniphan offered their full bounty
two hundred miles north of here at least two weeks ago: 224 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

by ALETHEIA LUNA | Expanded Consciousness  When we understand reincarnation as the maturation process, or evolution, of soulful energy, it follows that some of us have intuitively experienced different things in our lives that reflect on the age of the energy known as our souls. 28 more words

Dream Journal