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Knowing Your Limits....

Whether they deserve the criticism or not, funeral directors and funeral homes sometimes get some very bad press or we read some devastating review of a funeral service written by persons who expected, needed more than what they got on the price list. 1,505 more words


The Time is at Hand

In loving memory of Sandy Godsey.

“I don’t have time to sit down and read.” Those are the words I grew up hearing. Okay, maybe “grew up hearing” is an exaggeration, but I do remember them. 983 more words

Caring For A Parent

How To Grow A Great Relationship

She is writing about relationships with children, her children, our children. She is author, blogger, mom and philosopher, Katrina Kenison.

She is talking about parenting, one of our toughest jobs, a job where there are no guarantees. 413 more words

Life & Death

Tuesday, March 21st Support Group Canceled

The Tuesday night support group will not meet again this week.  The facilitator is still ill with pneumonia.  It’s our hope that we’ll be back up and running on Saturday evening for that group. 299 more words

Warrior Project

Is the Soul Obsolete? Larry Dossey

Published on Mar 16, 2017


Ian Stevenson
, the consciousness researcher who reported thousands of cases of children who claimed to remember previous lives, observed, “It has been wisely said that the question of a life after death is the most important question that a scientist – or anyone – can ask.” He further stated, “I believe it is better to learn what is probable about important matters than to be certain about trivial ones.” 311 more words


What Happens to Awareness after Death?

A discussion exploring Awareness after death and the notion of Karma.


Dream: Bloody Injury, 911, Ex-Roommate

Dreamed and published on 07 March 2017

My work and writing challenges what people think about roommates, life partners, and spousal relationships.

One way to think of it is this – Imagine I had a roommate for 10 years who wanted to have sex with me whenever he wanted and it didn’t seem to really matter to him if I wanted to or not. 1,133 more words

Negative Figure