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Music to Spin By: Mothers Day

Not writing about Mothers’ Day again; I did that already somewhere else. Nope. Instead, here are a couple of my favorites. Even though I’m an adoptive mom, I celebrate. 42 more words


rose clouds of the holocaust

I have been a fan of death in june for quite a while, but given my constant identity changes and phases I forget about the music that jolts some feeling back in me. 198 more words

Concert Review: Death In June, Runes + Men Festival

Death In June’s December foray into Chicago showcased the latest incarnation of progenitor Douglas Pearce’s neofolk vision.  This is a group that has courted controversy for decades now, largely due to their employment of fascist imagery for artistic purposes.  374 more words


The Magic Hand of Chance; an Interview with Miro Snejdr


An Interview with Miro Snejdr by Tenebrous Kate ___

While musician and composer Miro Snejdr might be best known for his work with Death in June, his elegant, emotionally evocative piano stylings have graced collaborations with a cross-genre cadre of artists. 2,673 more words


Death in June + Herr Lounge Corps in Vancouver BC 11/26/2015

It’s always strange to me when people tell me that they don’t really like music, don’t listen to it, that it isn’t a defining part of their lives. 2,253 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Nazi Goths Fuck Off: It Is Time to Shut Down Death in June, Again

So as followers of this blog will note, we have stayed closely to the more fringe elements of white nationalism and the far right.  This means looking towards various Third Positionist movements, National Anarchism, racial paganism, and, of course, neo-folk and related musical genres.  863 more words


Day 9: 'She Said Destroy' by Death in June

Death in June were a fairly controversial band during the early-to-mid 1980s. They were formed by Douglas Pearce, Tony Wakeford and Patrick Leagas after the dissolution of left-wing punk group Crisis. 147 more words

100 Songs In 100 Days