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A confession (part 2), or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the reverb

In my previous post I talked about the various things that got me involved with Death in June (DI6) and the neofolk scene. Now I’m going to talk about the things that got me out. 1,439 more words


A confession (part 1), or, I was (almost) a teenage neoreactionary

Taking a break from book reviews for a moment for something completely different.

Here’s where I alienate all the people coming here looking for parental advisories. 883 more words


A Movement of Long Knives: Death in June, Alternative Nationalism, and Building a New Anti-Fa

As Death in June began making its rounds on the Death of the West tour (a line often used throughout White Nationalist literature, and the title of a book by it’s public face, Patrick Buchanan), an anti-fascist group began to rally to have the dates canceled and shows protested. 6,624 more words

Who’ll Stop the Rain?

Los Angeles is experiencing the worst draught in years, so everyone was very thankful when the rain came the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My mind started “flooding” with all songs about rain, starting with “Here Comes the Rain Again” by Eurythmics. 677 more words

Death in June - Nothing Changes 2014

New York City, Nothing Changes at Home Sweet Home 16 November 2014

Setlist ~ Nothing Changes > The Enemy Within > He’s Disabled > Leper Lord > Rose Clouds of Holocaust > Fall Apart > Come Before Christ and Murder Love > Ku Ku Ku > Accidental Protege > Hail! 150 more words

(((unartig))) Uncut

Noisey Article: Stray Observations from the Field at a Death in June Show

“Here I stand drinking a beer, watching some Nazi kook sing songs about goddamn roses and fucking Germany. His only accompaniment is an accordion player, which is convenient seeing as said kook needs his hands free to ring fucking bells and chimes and random bullshit like that.

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