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Batman: A Death in the Family.

To celebrate Batman Day, I’ve decided to begin my Batman posts with a collaboration.  There’s a comic book creator whom I greatly admire, she’s forthright, uncompromising and opinionated.   1,547 more words


Watching Her Daughter Play the Bells, This Mother Got Her Dying Wish

Sometimes, a dying wish is just, too simple, like this mother’s, and the kids made the mother’s wish come true too!  From the Newspapers, translated… 439 more words

Experiences Of Life

A Woman Was Too Deep in Depth She’d Staged Her Own Death to Scam the Insurance Companies for a Huge Payoff

And guess what, they not only DIDN’T get the insurance PAY-OFFS, they’d also, LOST their lives too, wow, if that’s not losing it all, I don’t know WHAT is!!!   568 more words

Bad News

This May Be A Bit Heavy

Not too dance related either…

Today would have been my father’s 68th birthday, the first birthday since his passing.
I miss him terribly. His sense of humor, his intelligence, his laidback attitude… whenever I visited him I felt safe. 1,116 more words

Stuck on the Turn, of the Large S


After reading “The Steering Wheel of the Middle-Aged Woman”, it’d made me laugh, and took me back, to when I first learned to drive. 788 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Steps You Never Took Towards Me

There were, these steps you never took towards me, ‘cuz, let’s face it, DEAD people can’t walk on the land, can they?  Instead, they just, floated along, in the minds of those they loved and cared about, right??? 231 more words

Experiences Of Life

Racing on the Mountain Tracks, the Two-Year-Old Child Fell Out of the Jeep and Died

This, hopefully, will bring about more awareness to the workers in this industry, to make sure that ALL necessary security measures were taken (i.e. car seats, safety belts, etc., etc., etc.) will be enforced, in the vehicles that were used in these sorts of tours, from the… 664 more words

Experiences Of Life