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Mistaking Spoiling as Love, the Case of the Mother Murdered by the Son Signified the Failures of Education

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

When the teen, Hsiang was asked why he’d murdered his own mother, he’d spoken very honestly, “I don’t know”. But, actually, I don’t know meant I DO know. 454 more words


Stabbed to Death, in the Broad Daylight, as He Walked from Home to School...

This, has NOTHING, to do with the neighborhood!!!

Stabbed to death, in the broad daylight, as he walked from home to school, it was, an ordinary day, he woke up, got dressed, had his breakfast, took his lunch money from his mama, and, set out… 230 more words

The Consequences Of Life

The Rebellious Teen Who Was Desperate for Paternal Love

And here, the report on what might have caused this young man to murder his own mother so brutally, call it a follow-up if you wish, from the… 561 more words

The Trials Of Life

For $60,000N.T.s, the Sixteen-Year-Old Son Murdered His Own Mother by Slashing Her Throat

The murder of HIS own mother, by a teenager, and for what??? M-O-N-E-Y!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixteen-year-old, Xiang who’d just wished his own mother, Happy Newly Wed!”, two days ago, had his friend Lee came along, beaten his own mother unconscious, then moved her into the newly remodeled home in the next building of the community, took her into the bathroom, slit her throat, and left her bleeding to death; and after he was caught, he’d told the officers that it was because his mother wouldn’t give him the $60,000N.T. 835 more words

Bad News

At the Time When He’d Murdered the Young Girl, “Little Lightbulb”, He Was of Sane Mind, But He Has a History of Mental Illness, the D.A. Asked the Judge for the Death Penalty

After the PSYCH EVALUATION, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news that shocked the society of the young girl, Liu “Little Lightbulb” being murdered at random, the suspect, Wang hacked and stabbed the child twenty-three times, he’d claimed that the reason why he’d killed the child was to resolve the troubles he had of procreating; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office ended the investigations, the Veteran Memorial Hospital found, that while Wang was committing the crimes, he was of sound mind, and was planning on turning himself in, to get his jail sentence reduced too, they’d prosecuted him on murder, and asked for the death penalty. 628 more words

Bad News

Cancer in the family

Michael had his conformation Sunday.  Time marches on.

Dodging the bullet of Cancer

Cancer and the Miracle of Life

The purpose of this particular blog is give a boost to all those out there who are facing the dilemma of illness.  948 more words

A Boy Was Overwhelmed by the Burdens of His School Work, He’d Leapt Off of the Building at His School, Fractured His Arm

Can you imagine how much pressure this young kid must be under, for him to, attempt suicide??? Unimaginable!!! From the Newspapers, translated…

Chang, an elementary school boy from a certain elementary school in Sanxia, as he’d made it to school early yesterday morn, before he’d arrived to his homeroom class, he’d climbed over the third-floor railings, and took the leap downward, thankfully, he’d, landed on the grass patches down below and not the hard concrete, and he’d only walked away with minor injuries of his left elbow being fractured. 538 more words

Experiences Of Life