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The D.A. Decided Not to Pursue as Cheng Who’d Killed a Police Officer Was Found Not Guilty

This case was from FIFTEEN years ago, imagine what the family of the deceased got DRAGGED through over all these years! From the Front Page Sections, … 489 more words

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After He Had an Affair

The trials of their shared lives, affecting all three individuals, including the woman her husband was having an affair with, translated…

Looking over at Yang’s final portrait, a mixture of emotions came up inside, being a nearly perfect man his life, in his midlife years, he’d fallen in love, which led to his life’s end. 781 more words

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Suspected that his Elderly Wife was Having an Affair, the Seventy-Year-Old Man Hammered Her to Death

See how a little jealousy goes a long, long, L-O-N-G way here??? The wife was murdered, because the husband got jealous, of absolutely NOTHING, it’d turned out! 510 more words

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His Cohabiting Partner Left Home, and He Took His Two Young Daughters to Commit Suicide by Burning Charcoal

A family tragedy here, a suicide that took the lives of THREE total, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An unemployed electrician, Lai was suspected of his cohabiting partner, Lin’s leaving home after they had a fight, five days ago, he took their two young daughters out, and sent the photos of “a small wash basin, charcoal” to Lin, Lin thought Lai was using that same old trick, so she’d, ignored him.   491 more words

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The Death of an Adolescent Male on Abandoned Grounds, She’d Gone on a Silent Protest on the Streets

The suicide of the teen got everybody’s attention, and he has a bright future ahead of him too!  From the Newspapers, translated…

Because two of the “adolescents on abandoned grounds” she’d helped committed suicide respectively, the female pastor, Hus yesterday went onto the streets to protest, with a surgical mask on her face, as her way of silently protesting, hoped that the government can pay more attention to the issues of children and teens’ suicides. 574 more words

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The Illegal Substances that Ruined Lives: the Couple Committed Suicide by Burning Charcoal, Thankfully, Their Infant Daughter Was in Foster Care

Tragedy struck again, seeung NO other ways out, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-year-old man, Lee was found two days ago, having committed suicide by burning charcoal with his 39-year-old wife in a cargo container of a farm, they’d been dead over a week; the police found out that they were both addicts, and suspected that it’s because of money that’s caused them to commit suicide. 380 more words

The Consequences Of Life

I don't like Christmas.

Call me cynical, call me cold, dark, any name in the book. But as I got older, I don’t feel any excitement over “Christmas” in fact, I dread it.  324 more words