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It's 1:30am

I woke up again, wide awake, at 1:30am. I’ve done that fairly regularly every since 2007.

That’s the time when I got the call from my brother, that our sister Anita had died. 308 more words

Sisterly Love

Mourning My Sister Through Writing

I’ve stated many times that the words I choose matter. I believe that I write because my spirit craves to do so. Sometimes the words flow effortlessly and other times it’s not just the pen that runs dry. 471 more words


The Two Sons Deserted Their Elderly Mother to the Police Station, Both Sons Were Indicted

You abandon your elderly parents, you get F-I-N-E-D, that, is the LESSON here!!!  But, the kids DO have valid reasons for NOT caring for their elderly, ailing mother here, from the… 688 more words

Experiences Of Life

Three Children Still Hadn’t Been Discovered Late in the Nights Since Earlier in the Day, They’d Gone Down into the Streams to Swim

Another accident, because it’s hot, and it’s the summertime, and we all want to, get cool, to go for a swim, and, I’m more than certain, that this still won’t be the LAST of its “kind”, from the… 673 more words

Experiences Of Life

Creating My Red Summer

The first plot piece of my novel in progress (current title: Out of the Red Summer) was set when I was in grade school. 409 more words

New Novel

You Died, and I'm Still Here...

And no, still NOT in “TEARS”, as this one is being written either, believe it or don’t, see if I CARE!!!

not my photo…

You died, and I’m still here, how’s that even FAIR???   252 more words

Experiences Of Life

Long After the Loss, the Healing Had, Slowly Begun...

Thursday 30th June I must try, I must learn, Not to live without you, But to live with The love, The memories, The precious moments, You left behind.

46 more words
Experiences Of Life