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A Rash Man Detonated the Gas, His Girlfriend Became a Charcoaled Corpse

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in the city of Taipei, Lin, suspected of having financial discord, early yesterday morning, he’d, detonated the gas, causing one dead six wounded, the woman inside the house, Wang, was thrust into the fires, died instantly. 515 more words

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You, Who Left, Gently


The period of time when your memories are, collected by others, this usually happens, after you’re already gone, I suppose…

When she was still alive, I’d always talked trash to her, and after she was, gone, regrets were, all that remained. 761 more words

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Missing you

It has been six months and ten days since you’ve been gone. Our mother’s birthday has just come to pass and you were not here to give her a ring or send funny pictures to her just to let her know that you were thinking of her. 427 more words


Murder by Suicide

The cops came into the neighborhood, sealed up the entire cul-de-sac, and after the investigations, they’d ruled the death as a suicide by murder, but H-O-W? 342 more words

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Mommy. A short story.

I woke up with a start. Mark says, “What’s wrong?” “I had a bad dream”, I said. “I dreamt I was in Paris on a tour and Mommy was with me. 6,978 more words

Battle With Cancer

The Grandmother Stood Up for Her Granddaughter Against Her Son’s Discipline, Her Son Pushed Her and She Died

Family tragedy here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chang, had verbal altercations often with his own mother on the matter of discipline of his own daughter, in April of this year, he’d gotten angry at how his daughter returned home late, “grandma” came out, to protect the granddaughter, the mother and son got into a physical altercation; Chang was angry and pushed his mother, causing her to fall backwards, hit the back of her head, and died, the Taichung D.A.’s Office yesterday prosecuted Chang on murdering of his own kin. 245 more words

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New DC Animated Films in The Works?


I follow a few pages on Facebook that are comic book related.  On most of them I’ve started seeing rumors pop up about Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their iconic roles in the DC animated universe for a “Hush” and “A Death in the Family” animated films.  1,133 more words

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