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No Mention of Her Other Son

There was, no mention, of her other son, it’s, as if, he’d never even, existed! No mention of her other son, as he was, the prodigal son, who’d, never made his return. 157 more words

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YonderStarDesigns make Pandora Style Bead from your Flowers

Cork is everywhere you look these days, why not repurpose it and make it memorable?
Did you know the champagne cork from your wedding day toast can be made into memory bead jewelry? 345 more words

Cork Jewelry

Batman Endgame and why I don't like it.

Okay I’ll admit this right off the bat. I’m not a huge Scott Snyder fan. I respect him and I do think he is a very talented man and writer but I’m not really a fan of his style of writing. 675 more words

Picking Up the Pieces, After His Father Died...

He’d started, picking up the pieces, after his father died, that was, the very first time, in, a VERY long time that he’d, come back home too… 158 more words

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Death in the Family: Lack of Campus Policy

Posted by The Critograph on Mar 31, 2016
Katherine Graves, Staff Writer-

Lynchburg College does not have a formal attendance policy for students who experience a death in their family, and encourages students who experience loss to contact the… 496 more words

The Infant Male Ran a Fever of 104°F, the Nanny Decided to Administer OTC Meds and Bathed Him to Cool Him Down, Delaying the Time to Take the Infant to the E.R., Causing the Infant’s Death, Nanny Made to Pay 7.1 Million Dollars N.T. to the Parents

A case of negligence homicide, from the Newspapers, translated…

Three years ago, a nanny in Hsinbei City, Chou was looking after an infant of a little over fifth months of age with bronchitis, Lin, the infant had a fever of 104, she’d just fed him over-the-counter medications, and bathed him, to try to reduce his fever, delaying the treatment time, causing the infant to die. 596 more words


A Father Who's Absent in His Son's Life

By a show of hands, class, the observations of a classroom instructor, a trend, translated…

My coworker’s youngest brother teaches at an elementary school, as a homeroom teacher; one day, in order to understand the family situations of his students, he’d conducted an oral survey of the class. 300 more words

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