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It has been a little over 3 weeks since my father passed. In some ways it feels like years. So much has happened and so many emotions have coursed through me in this last while. 262 more words

When Their Daughter, Somehow, Ended up, in the Neighbor’s Pool…

And we all wondered, H-O-W, this could’ve, happened!

When their daughter, somehow, ended up, in the neighbor’s pool, well, someone WAS to blame, first, whoever that was last in the house, should’ve, CLOSED up that backdoor to their own yards, and, before that, the person needed to make sure, that the doors to the neighbor’s wasn’t easily accessed by a young child, and none of that happened. 189 more words

Untimely Deaths

The unthinkable...

The last few weeks have been tough. The unthinkable happened. My father passed away unexpectedly in the night. Our family is heartbroken, shocked, and will be picking up the pieces for a long time. 382 more words

The Tragedies that Struck This Family that’s on Edge…the Husband Lost His Job Due to Illness, Killed His Own Wife Then Committed Suicide, the Middle School Age Daughter Arrived Home to Find Her Parents Lying in Blood

Another murder-suicide, this one happened, also, after an argument! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the township of Dalin, there was a murder that occurred after a couple had an altercation, the middle school age daughter came home from school to find her parents lying in blood. 484 more words

Law & Dis-Order/Civil Disobedience

Goodbye, My Dearly Beloved Mom

The process of life and death, as a man, accompanied his own mother, stayed by her side, to the very end, translated…

Mom, you’re discharged, you’re, coming home now. 2,728 more words

Experiences Of Life


We are back home on the Island.  We’ve been here since the first week of March.  The cooler weather was a definite shock to our system… yuck.. 327 more words


The Man Lost Control, Started Swinging a Knife Around, Killing His Own Aunt, Injuring His Own Mother

Another one, of a man, losing control!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

In Guanying District in Taoyuan, a man, Fang was at home last night, and suspected of feeling displeased at how his family nagged him, lost control, and hacked his own mother, and two of his aunts, and, his mother’s sister sustained a fatal injury on her back, died, after Fang committed the murder, he escaped, the police already tracked him down, and are trying to get to why this happened. 243 more words