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Death and the Dysfunctional Family...

Ordinarilly, I would joke about how we put the “fun” in dysfunction. Not so much today, however.

A month or so ago my father-in-law had a fatal heart attack behind the wheel of his car, crashed through a couple of fences and died on the spot. 657 more words

Random Thoughts

The Result of a Break-In of a Couple’s Home Resulted in One Severely Injured, and One Death

The reasons for this man committing murder is still, unknown, but, he does, have a history of mental illness, from the Front Page Sections, translated… 434 more words

Experiences Of Life

Film Review: Manchester By The Sea (2016)

Manchester By The Sea is a mosaic, a poetry, a philosophy of emotions blended with a series of tragic and distress events. To be very honest, the story is ordinary but the screenplay is a luminary. 424 more words

Film Reviews

A Man Was Going Off After He Was Drunk, and His Father Nagged Him, He’d Killed His Own Father, Then, Went to Bed

The son murdered the father, because he was, nagged! ?People kill one another, for so little reasons these days! ?From the Front Page Sections, translated??o:p> 441 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Leaving His Newborn Son Asleep on a Bed All Alone, the Infant Died

A death, caused by neglect, and the inexperience of first-time father, who’d taken the advice of the “experts”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-time father, Tsai followed advice in the parenting book, “The 100-Year-Old Doctor’s Way of Childrearing”, which mentioned how parents should train infants to be independent from infancy, just leaving them to cry on their own, that after infants got used to crying, they’ll adjust to it, and calm themselves down and become independent from then on out, and that, was why he and his wife left their son, all alone, asleep in the nursery.   385 more words


The Couple, Along with Their Beloved Pet, All Found Dead, Inside the Bedrooms, with a Pot of Burned Charcoal to the Side

Suicides, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple, the Wei’s were found as corpses inside their own residence yesterday in Tainan, their beloved dog too, died next to them as well, and because they’d died several days ago, there was the smell of the rotten corpse at the scene.   442 more words

Experiences Of Life