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Ripping Off the Label, to Allen on World A.I.D.S. Awareness Day

The love of a man for his partner in life, shedding light on the understanding of people with A.I.D.S., translated…

We’d Played a Game of Labeling… 259 more words

The Consequences Of Life

The Memories of a Little Girl

The memories, of a little girl, that angel, carved from, concrete, standing, erect, in a cemetery, to remind us, that a little girl, who was, once here, but isn’t, anymore… 198 more words

The Consequences Of Life

So Many Memories, We Will, NEVER, Get to Share Now...

So many memories, we will, NEVER, get to share now, because, you’d been, nonexistent (for me), for over six years in counting……

So many memories, we will, NEVER, get to share now, all those moments I’d imagined myself with you, singing you those lullabies that my own mother NEVER sang to me, ‘cuz she’d NEVER given a FUCK ‘bout me, now, all of that, became, nothing more, than a delusional dream. 176 more words

Experiences Of Life

Hallucination Caused by His Stroke? Two Hours After His Release from the Hospital, He’d Murdered His Wife, Then, Leapt Off of the Building

This, is the progressions of the deterioration of the mind, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifty-seven year-old man, Cheng was hospitalized because of a stroke, and was having delusions, suspected to have been caused by his stroke, he imagined that his wife wanted to abandon him, and leave home, yesterday around noon, no more than two hours after his wife took him home from the hospital, Cheng killed his own wife with a knife, then, leapt off of his building, both of them died. 559 more words

Experiences Of Life

After Losing You...

They’d told me, that you’d, died, and, I flew into, a FRENZY!!!  After losing you, I couldn’t deal, and I’d, withdrawn, into my own miseries, feeling, insurmountable loss, and, just, allowed the miseries, to take me under. 187 more words

Experiences Of Life

Tragic! Starved to Death for Two Months, Nobody Knew, the Mother and Son’s Corpses Became Rotten

From the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the Houli District of Taichung, the woman, Lee is blind, hard of hearing, and mute, her son has signs of autism and bipolar, the two of them lived together, they were having a difficult life.   583 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Spiritual Shower

The night sky was bright with a large spring-planting-time moon. No lights were on in my house. As I drove into our small detached garage, I pictured Arnie, Niki and Tammie sound asleep in their beds. 596 more words