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Murdered, by Bullies

Technically, it’s, a SUICIDE, but, after you reviewed over the evidence left behind, you may think otherwise…

She’d been, taunted since she entered into high school, and, she had those braces on her teeth, and, you KNOW how those teens cared so much about the way they looked, right? 450 more words

Experiences Of Life

An Elderly Woman Sat Outside the Doors, Watched as the Pipes Were Being Installed Underground, Died from the Gas Explosions

Death, by an unexpected gas explosion, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tap Water Company of Yunlin County yesterday put the pipes in underground, causing a huge gas explosion, two huge holes were blown open on the roads, the explosion was powerful, Wu, the elderly woman who was sitting outside her doors, watching the constructions, was sitting no more than ten-centimeters away, she was blown up in the air, suffered severe head trauma, and died on her way to the hospitals, the families asked for the reason that caused her to die, the Fire Department investigated all through the night, and found, that there’s a concentration of carbon monoxide around the explosion site, but, if that’s what caused the explosion, there’s still more investigation need, in order to determine that. 379 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Mother of an Unemployed Man Wouldn’t Give Him Any Money for Living, He Got Angered and Stabbed His Own Mother to Death

With a history of mental illness, the man had, murdered his own mother so brutally, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chuang who’d been unemployed for years on end couldn’t get any more money for his living from his mother he’d used two fruit knives and stabbed his own mother to death; as his father and younger brother saw it, they’d attempted to disarm him, but were both cut too. 563 more words

The Consequences Of Life


I found out today that my stepdad died. He had terminal cancer and was in a good deal of pain. So I knew it would happen but it still comes as shock somehow.

The Tragedies from the Empty Promises of Long-Term Care 2.0

Tragedies that HIT the societies because of Long-Term Care 2.0, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The President Tsai’s Long-Term Care 2.0 Test Programs were implemented at NINE cities or counties this month, but, recently, the country was hit, by tragedy after tragedy in the long-term care realm, and, I can’t help but wonder: is there a way, to expedite the implementation of the programs, so those who are in need of the services can find practical assistance, to reduce the occurrences of the tragedies? 657 more words

Properties Of Life

As a Man Wakes Up from His Coma, His Mother Who Had Cancer Attempted Suicide, Wanting to Take Him with Her to Die

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Li Felt Desperations Toward Life for Being Ill for So Long, Decided to Take Her Third Son Who Was Paralyzed to Die with Her, Yesterday, She’d Stabbed Her Own Third Son with the Fruit Knife, Crying, “Let’s Go Together!”, After She’d Stabbed Her Own Son to Death, She’d Slit Her Own Wrist and Stabbed Herself in the Stomach, the Two of Them Were Lying in Blood at Home, as the Home Visit Personnel Came, She’d Immediately Called the Ambulance. 535 more words

Experiences Of Life

Died on This Rollercoaster Ride Called Life...

This, is all, in HINDSIGHT!!!

Gosh, I should’ve, buckled in, but I thought the personnel of my life was joking when she’d told me that there would be a ton of twists and turns on this ride called life… 230 more words

Experiences Of Life