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The Husband & Son Were Charged in the Case of Claiming Insurance of the Woman Who’d Died

So, this accident, was not, an accident at all, instead, it looked like, a suicide, with the motive being???  Oh yeah, M-O-N-E-Y, from the Front Page Sections, … 870 more words

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An Adolescent Rode His Scooter, Skidded, Fell, and a Truck Ran Him Over…

Another motorist accident that resulted in death, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventeen-year-old young man early yesterday morning, rode his motorcycle without a license, he was suspected of skidding while making a turn, fell off his motorcycle, and went into the lane of the oncoming traffic, and a truck couldn’t stop on time, ran him over, he was rushed to the hospitals, and still died; his girlfriend rushed to the hospitals, and stated, “I told you not to rush!”, his family was in distress over his death. 995 more words

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Blackie Chen Sponsored the Son of an Officer Who’d Died in the Line of Duty, from His Middle School Year to Him Getting Married

The act of kindness of this actor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I can’t believe a simple thought of kindness from way back had help encouraged a young man for his future!”, the actor, Blackie Chen thirteen years ago saw how helpless the wife and child of the captain of the police in Taichung, Lee had, died in the line of fire, he’d written a letter to encourage Lee’s son.   498 more words


The Second-Year Master Student Borrowed His Friend’s Place to Commit Suicide, His Last Note Said “I Can’t Find a Job at TSMC, or Take My Mother on a Trip to Europe”

Suicide of this young man, another life, gone, too soon!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The second-year master student at NCTU, two days ago, was found to have committed suicide by charcoal at his friend’s rental place; he’d left a note, mentioning, “I can’t find work at TSMC, nor can I afford to take my mother to Europe”, stated how sorry he was to his mother, the police officers suspected he was too overwhelmed by academic pressures, worrying he may not graduate on time, that, was what caused him to kill himself. 366 more words

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The Surviving Father and Daughter from the Five Suicides in Penghu Left a Note on Her Text, “Time to Go”, Committed Suicide with Her Father by Burning Charcoal

The case of deaths in the family, of two household in Penghu, five people committed suicide, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In January of this year, there was a case of collective suicide by charcoal of the relatives, with four deaths one seriously wounded in the process; the woman who’d survived, Chen, yesterday, was found with her father, having locked themselves in the storage where just six months ago, the family members had, died in, attempted suicide by burning charcoal.   600 more words

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My Father-in-Law Who Refused to Have a Liver Transplant

The terminal stations of L-I-F-E!  Translated…

My father-in-law had always been able-bodied, loved planting his fields, he’d tilled up the land with the hoe, to plant the seeds, while my mother-in-law watered the plants, and killed off the insects, in his eighties he was also, the role model volunteer of his community, but recently, he was diagnosed with acute hepatitis, his GOT/GPT rose up, he’d still driven himself leisurely off of the mountains, then, we’d, taken him into the hospital to treat.   512 more words

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Why An On Screen Joker Will Never Be Perfect

Unless you are completely devoid of any sort of film and pop culture media attention, pretty much everyone is familiar with Batman and his nemesis, The Joker. 1,795 more words