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With the Bullets Flying in War, They’d Survived…in One Day, Two Members of the National Army Committed Suicide

We will never know, precisely, what had, caused these two men in the army to kill themselves, we can only gather up the clues that they’d left behind, from the… 633 more words

Experiences Of Life

Allowing Myself to Grieve for the Loss of You

It’s not healthy, to keep all the sorrows you feel over the loss of someone you loved bottled in, or at least, that, is what they all tell me… 258 more words

Experiences Of Life

Seeing someone that you know you'll never see alive again...

Yesterday was a tough day.

I worked til almost 8pm last night.

I got home and took a shower. Ate dinner. And started watching netflix. 705 more words

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Saw the Look of Pain on Your Face

Saw the look of pain on your face, and I thought to myself: finally, you KNOW how I felt!!!  Saw the look of pain on your faces, and, although I’m wearing my expressionless face on the outside, but, I’m, laughing, really HARD, on the inside, seeing how you got EXACTLY what you deserved, but, this is a funeral that I was called to, and so, naturally, I’d, behaved, according to what was expected of me, in mourning… 165 more words

Experiences Of Life

Introduction to my blog... My Life

Hello, my name is Cheryl and welcome to my blog. I lost my mother to cancer at a young age- some people see this as a natural progression in life however,  to me it was like losing a part of myself. 34 more words

Death In The Family

.oo3. Good To Know

So this is my aunt’s obituary. She passed away August 8th. I found out via a well intentioned stranger via Ancestry.com, who thought the obit sounded wrong. 360 more words

Family Drama

Days Since You'd Been Gone

How many days, had it been, let me count………somewhere ‘round 3,287, -ish???

You’d died, or rather, you were, MURDERED, by that LOSER, DEADBEAT who’d abused me since I was in the third, or was it the fourth (still can’t really remember!!!) grade year, back in 2008, when HIS ex-wife, and no, she will NEVER be your grandmother!, had, DRAGGED my F***ED up ASS all over CHINA, against MY strong will, which would be considered as???   255 more words

The Trials Of Life