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A Poem by Betty Glaz

Deja Vue

She saw him from the kitchen window

before he saw her. He was driving

a strange car and a dog was on the passenger seat. 314 more words

Life Has to End, Love Doesn't

My uncle died suddenly on Saturday. He was not just any uncle; he was my last uncle. When my mother died a little over two years ago, Uncle Eddie was the last living of her family, the last of the Martha Boulos (my sitty, my grandmother) family of St. 496 more words

A Year Of Joyfulness

Sometimes the Wrong Train Takes You to the Right Station

All Aboard

I’m back, after being away almost a year and a half. My last post was on July 18, 2015, “Celebrating Kiwi’s Life”.

So what have I been doing all that time, you ask? 2,101 more words

Baby Boomer

He’d Shoved His Own Father in a Physical Altercation, Ended Up Killing Him

like this,  but REAL!!!  Not my photo…

Another death here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man living in Danshui, Chen had a physical altercation with his own father on New Year’s Eve, and the father who was a house painter used a toxic solvent and poured it all over him, he’d felt enormous pain in his eyes, and he’d, shoved his own father in the chaos; his father was taken to the hospital on the third of the Chinese New Year, and died on the seventh, the autopsy showed that the father suffered subdural hematoma, the police suspected that it was from Chen’s shoving his father hard, they’d changed him with manslaughter. 296 more words

The Consequences Of Life

Update (long)

It has been a while since I have last updated you guys. I have also been incredibly inconsistent about writing/posting poetry. I don’t have any excuses so I am just going to jump in with the update. 1,324 more words

He’d Not Wanted to be Placed, the Elderly Attempted to Escape, But Fell to His Death

Because he’d wanted to roam freely, and, they’d, placed him in a nursing home, restricted his moving around and about, from the Front Page Sections, … 342 more words

The Consequences Of Life

A Mother Took Care of Her Severely Handicapped Daughter, Found to Have Died in a Fire from Charcoal Burning Suicide

At the end of their ropes here! A tragedy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In a residential apartment in Shihlin yesterday, there was, a double homicide, the woman Chen, was suspected of being overwhelmed with the pressures from caring for her severely mentally retarded daughter she’d burned charcoal inside the residence, as the police were called, they’d broken into their apartment, and found that the mother-daughter pair had been dead for at least two days, the police are currently, investigating what exactly had happened. 344 more words

The Consequences Of Life