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Warhammer 40k - Basilisk Finished!

Finished up on the Bassy today, and here she is:

Couldn’t come up with a good design for either side of the gun, so decided it was best to leave it blank. 41 more words

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Warhammer 40K - Basilisk Progress

Added a few more touches to the Basilisk today:

Still think the armour needs a little bit more work, and would like to add a decal to either side of the gun as with the previous one, but am unsure as to what to do. 46 more words

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Warhammer 40K - New Basilisk Commission

Over the last few days, as well as painting more Dreadball than you can shake a stick at, I’ve began prepping the next Basilisk for the Death Korp army. 18 more words

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Hydra Multiview!

Had time today to get some additional shots of the Hydras from all angles, so here you go:

And the second one:

Hope you like :D 13 more words

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Hydra's Finished!

This afternoon has been spent getting the last bits and bobs on the Hydra’s done, which means they are now done and dusted :D

Will be getting a few more detailed images of them over the next few days, individual shots from all sides and such :) Then it’s on to the next project (still making up my mind as to what that will be :-/) 6 more words

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Hydra Progress Update 2!

More work has been done on the Hydra’s this week, with the main hull and metals done, and the red started.

Once the red is complete it’s only the details and adding some dirt to the tracks to do, so should be complete fairly soon. 25 more words

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Hydra Progress Update!

I now have a good start on the hydra’s, the main hull colour and the battle damage are just about done:

I’ve used a common method of salting for the battle damaged, and found it a lot easier the more tanks I’ve done. 153 more words

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