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There are times

When the span of the five years that it’s been feels like nothing. There are times when it hurts almost like it did during those first few weeks. 418 more words

Death and new life

Spring has always been my favorite season, and Easter my favorite holiday. At Easter we celebrate the incredible love God showed us in leaving heaven to enter this broken world and die on the cross, defeating sin and death. 901 more words

Evan; The Loss of My Eleven-Month-Old Son

The day was September 6, 2010, time approximately 9 am. I will never remember the
exact time, nor do I want to. One month and nine days short of his first birthday, this was the… 1,036 more words

Time Heals

Nope, it doesn’t!  

It may to some people.  It may in some circumstance.  Not me.  Not mine.  Time does not heal. Yes, things change, I have needed to reenter “life” but it will never be a carefree, life as I knew it before (everything now is time-lined to before, during or after) and there is always a shadow. 852 more words


Don't take today for granted

Spring break has arrived.

We still have areas of three feet of snow. So much for spring, eh?

So today we are inside. The house is hopping. 680 more words


A Bit More Time, Part 3

From entering the airport in Paris, to waiting to board the plane, less than an hour had passed. The Delta team was amazing. While sitting in the boarding area, away from the crowd, people came to us and gave us their condolences. 1,803 more words

Cleaning Closets

Over the last few months I have been going through the closets in the house.  I am trying my best to get rid of things.  You know, the things that pile up and do not have a reason to be kept.  1,497 more words