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The Gift of Being A ‘Replacement’ Child

I grew up believing that I was a replacement child, for I was given life after another child lost his: a brother my family loved and missed, and whose absence cast an obvious shadow over my grieving mother’s heart. 1,062 more words

The Ugliness of a Grieving Mother's Jealousy

So many times I hear of “good news” about someone who has survived something due to a “miracle” or God being so “good” and I feel some very ugly thoughts.   298 more words

Do We Need Permission To Mourn Our Loved One?

Do we need permission to mourn our loved one?  Has those around us convinced us that it is time to move on?  I may not know the answers to most questions, but I know the answer to these two questions! 967 more words


Not bitter, not better, just broken         

Today is our son’s 14th birthday. Well, what would have been his 14th birthday. He’s forever 12 ½, but we can’t forget the day he was born. 968 more words

Death Of A Child

Moving right along

Almost six months ago I went to a drug symposium in Culpeper because my daughter had died four months earlier… she was nineteen years old.. I was starting a support group at that time and needed information and help,… oh my, so much help. 136 more words


I am going to lobby on Capitol Hill in two days time.  What a terribly American thing to do and one to cross off my ‘bucket list’ for sure!  237 more words