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my road to healing

I have not written about While We’re Waiting in a while. Here are some excerpts taken from Shame on the Road to a Place Called Healing… 513 more words

Helping The Grieving

Every Secret Thing (2014)

Hey, at least they got a child actress who looks a little like a young Dakota Fanning. That’s something, I guess. :/

Ronnie Fuller (Dakota Fanning) and Alice Manning (Danielle MacDonald) are out of juvie, incarcerated for an unthinkable crime they committed as little girls (where they are played by Eva Grace Kellner and Brynne Norquist.) It is a truth universally acknowledged that baby-killers never catch a break (poor homicidal dears,) so when another child goes missing, Detective Nancy Porter (Elizabeth Banks) is on the case, sorting the ugly lies from the even uglier truth. 445 more words

A mother's grief as seen through a father's eyes

One year ago today our mother, Linda Philo, left her earthly home and family to join her family in her heavenly home, she was 66 when she died. 1,072 more words


A time to mourn and a time to dance

I will be giving my only daughter (Jordan) away in marriage in a few weeks. We are so happy for them and it does my heart good to see her beautiful smile of anticipation for the wedding. 1,115 more words


another treasure

I found this note folded and tucked into the small yellowing envelope containing Ryan’s teeth that had been collected by the tooth fairy.  It made me laugh… and cry… 88 more words


Hearing the voice of love

There are innumerable voices in the world. Voices that come into our ears that effect our thinking to direct our lives into the paths we find ourselves on. 1,579 more words