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Consciousness and body: Thoughts and memories

What is this life anyway? Suddenly out of nowhere, as young children, we become cognizant that that we exist. Is there one moment that this happens, like a bolt of lightning, or is it a gradual process? 630 more words


Getting off the round about

4 years have passed since 4 family deaths started my wife and I on an unexpected journey with grief. I wish this journey had a final destination where I could get off this damn bus and let out a sigh of relief from the exhausting trip. 580 more words


The Rear View Mirror

I sat down two nights ago, feeling the need to write, but not knowing where to start. Nothing came to me..no epiphany of words came…only an emptiness of thought and being. 1,260 more words

Mother's Day after a Child Dies

Amanda and I used do a skit on Mother’s Day in our church.  The skit was more of a reading.  We did it several times over the years.  1,257 more words

Troubling Triggers

Without question my grief trigger over the last three years has been music. From day one music has triggered for me sadness and pain. I can honestly say that I hated music, I hated everything about it and I found it nearly inescapable no matter how fast I tried to run from it. 508 more words


The Worst Pain

Recently, some grieving people were discussing their losses. They talked about the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one. The also discussed the comfort they had found through their faith. 476 more words


It is well with my soul

It has been a while since I wrote something here on my Jesse blog. I am pretty sure I have been going through the depression stage of grief and for me this means that when I sit down to write the spirit to do it is absent. 889 more words

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