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Fifth Anniversary of the Accident

Five years ago was our last day with Alex before the accident. It was also a Sunday, which was a quiet lazy day. Alex played on the computer, while I took a nap, which is one of many regrets I carry with me. 537 more words


Happy birthday, Ambrose

Dear Ambrose,

Happy 20th Birthday, son. I have a whole head full of things we were supposed to do today.  We would go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. 1,336 more words

Adventures Of A Mom On Welfare

Deep Inside, I am Full of Wishes

Today was an okay day. I kept it together. I organized a corner of a room. I got the girls to laugh over something silly. I had several hours all unto myself. 203 more words

Adventures Of A Mom On Welfare

Reflections of blue sky

On a gray day when I saw no blue in the sky, I saw this reflection of pieces of blue sky in water that shimmered on a beach. 205 more words


Today is not that day though.

Day 38 without Ambrose.

Today, I am okay.Today I am in good spirits. I woke up to a bit of a plot twist, but I say, “Hey, challenge accepted, Lord.” I’ll be at Whitmore Lanes today from noon until seven or so. 239 more words

Adventures Of A Mom On Welfare

7 Weeks today!

How did that happen? 7 weeks have passed since the accident and I am not sure how we have survived. Pretty much all of the last weeks have passed me by in a blur. 533 more words

Child Loss

Learning a New Dance

The longer I travel this byway, that is traveled by many, I’m learning that the road controls me more than I would like for it to. 932 more words