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The Hardest Part of Motherhood

Grief is such a small word to hold the power that it holds. The control that this word has exercised over my life in the last 5 months is mind-boggling. 1,345 more words

Blame Game

For a long time, I blamed myself for Amanda’s death.  I was supposed to be there with her walking the race.  In my mind, if I would have been there she would not have been running, she would have been walking with me therefore she would have been okay.  1,418 more words

Moms Protect

One thing a Mom does is try to keep her children safe and protected. When they are small children we teach safety rules – “don’t run with that stick”, “don’t talk to strangers”, “look both ways before you cross the street”, “stop that, you’re gonna fall” “don’t touch it, it’s hot”– all the don’ts and get offs– don’t climb on it, don’t jump from it, get off of it, get down from it, don’t touch it, don’t run with it. 1,013 more words

A Season of Winter

Cousins and siblings share a unique bond, and when I look back at photos of Aaron’s “growing up” years, I see 4 cousins that were inseparable. 1,431 more words

"for Christ's sake"

This afternoon I sat on the beach and asked the Lord to forgive me.  Forgive me for my anger, bitterness, rage, and resentment.  I have been struggling.  981 more words

Death Of Child

Children and heartbreak 

11 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, I have never wanted anything as much as I’ve wanted children, especially a daughter. … 494 more words


Lessons Learned from Mashed Potatoes and Milk

Most 12 year olds want the typical sugary, sweet birthday cake to commemorate their day of birth. Not my son…Aaron never really liked sweets, but the one thing he did love more than anything was mashed potatoes. 1,225 more words