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Deep Inside, I am Full of Wishes

Today was an okay day. I kept it together. I organized a corner of a room. I got the girls to laugh over something silly. I had several hours all unto myself. 203 more words

Adventures Of A Mom On Welfare

Reflections of blue sky

On a gray day when I saw no blue in the sky, I saw this reflection of pieces of blue sky in water that shimmered on a beach. 205 more words


Today is not that day though.

Day 38 without Ambrose.

Today, I am okay.Today I am in good spirits. I woke up to a bit of a plot twist, but I say, “Hey, challenge accepted, Lord.” I’ll be at Whitmore Lanes today from noon until seven or so. 239 more words

Adventures Of A Mom On Welfare

7 Weeks today!

How did that happen? 7 weeks have passed since the accident and I am not sure how we have survived. Pretty much all of the last weeks have passed me by in a blur. 533 more words

Child Loss

Learning a New Dance

The longer I travel this byway, that is traveled by many, I’m learning that the road controls me more than I would like for it to. 932 more words

Answering Questions?

Questions are conversation starters.  Questions are how we get to know people.  We ask and answer questions every day, some days all day long.  Questions are just a normal part of life. 876 more words

Frame of Perspective...Meet Us Where We Are

It seems like the last few weeks that my social media page has been inundated with memories of Aaron. It’s like I wake up every day with a new memory blindsiding my heart and my mind with emotional turmoil….And when I say blindsiding….I truly mean that it feels like an assault on my heart and mind. 1,545 more words