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Motherhood- Something Painfully Beautiful

I was so bored! So freaking bored! I jumped out of the bed, took a bath, and hopped on the available bus at the station. I wasn’t familiar with the route of Bus XX but I decided to take it. 2,415 more words


Resting in peace and resting in grace

I began this blog at the encouragement of a good friend. I recently passed the one year mark of blogging my experience through the eyes of faith. 1,198 more words


The day the music died

Those closest to me know that I never listen to music, at least not deliberately anyway. It has became particularity difficult for me after Jacob died to listen to songs about lost love and the disappointments of life . 731 more words


crooked river

Valerie Geary’s crooked river is a different novel than I was expecting. Its told from two sisters perspective, one of which doesn’t talk but who sees ghosts attached to different people. 150 more words


Traces of a Life

The first to go are the shoes.  You cling to everything else for a long time.  But as the years go by, and the moves are made and space becomes smaller, you let go of small things like clothes.  465 more words

Journey Of The Mind

The truth about being truly happy

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, happy birthday, happy holidays, happy this happy that. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Life doesn’t miraculously become happy by simply attaching the word happy to every occasion or holiday. 1,211 more words


The good, the bad and the beautiful

The difficulty with change

I am a creature of habit and the few constant things that I control in life seem to bring me a sense of comfort. 1,242 more words