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? Why grievers stay busy !

How are you doing since your loved one died? I have been taking notice in talking with people who are in grief or in emotional trauma as to what their standard response is to this question. 643 more words



Burn victims, maimed accident victims and people with severe birth defects or obvious physical abnormality cause me to behave oddly. I am compelled to look and yet when confronted by a returned glance I quickly turn away. 738 more words


Living like a rock star

I walked on a nearby beach for the first time recently. It is a beautiful place near our home that has been enjoyed by others for years but for us it was the very first time. 955 more words


How my student loan debt was paid in full

There were strange and unwanted thoughts that arrived in my mind the day my son died. As much as I wanted to push it from my thinking they continued to arise and I gave my thoughts words with my friend Dave as we were mourned over Jake on that first day. 1,106 more words


Small town

Well I was born in a small town
And I live in a small town
Prob’ly die in a small town
Oh, those small communities… 562 more words


killing the envy in grief

There is the ugly side of me that awakened within my spirit when my son died. He is the true me, the dark side of me that was unearthed by four deaths in my family. 464 more words


Telling a Stranger

Shayna asked me to watch Lily this morning.  Justin and she had to go to Seattle so he could have a surgical process reversed.  So, I took Lily to breakfast with our friend John (asst. 1,235 more words