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Cobain Would Slap You in the Face

Yesterday I heard a song on the radio. I immediately recognised it as yet another generic pop song that managed to saturate the music industry. Immediately I moved to change the radio station, until I heard the lyrics: “Grunge was everything, at least it was to me.” 483 more words

Sidewalk Thoughts

Ricky Ross and the murder of Lorde

By Drew Hartman

Have you been a Lorde fan for a solid five months? Or just discovered her today playing on your favorite top 40s radio station? 477 more words

Boston Music Blog

The Literary Musician, Episode 2 (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Peter Yurkovich, a talented writer, horn player, and philosopher. In addition to having shared the back row of the orchestra with yours truly on many an occasion, Peter also happens one of my closest friends and concert buddies. 850 more words


Can I Get This To-Go?

So sorry! I collected one really amazing moment of life in Austria this morning. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday, though. (There will be jumping jacks involved.) In the meantime, enjoy this Nobel Prize Winning Austrian novelist’s line and tourist strip in southern Turkey. 28 more words


Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered.

Recently Emily White, an intern at NPR All Songs Considered and GM of what appears to be her college radio station, wrote a post on the NPR blog… 4,355 more words

Artist Rights

Matthew R. Ireland reblogged this on Matt Ireland's Blog and commented:

I thought this was an absolutely brilliant, thorough & well-versed analysis of individuals who think it's okay to steal music from artists they apparently "like". Call me crazy but I want to actually HELP the artists I like by paying for their music, going to their shows, buying their merchandise. I actually want them to stick around and keep creating music and art I love, hopefully for decades to come. If you're an artist/band, you want me as a fan because I'll shovel the money out for the previously said items and I usually try to get bands/artists I like over with anyone that will listen. This goes out to all of the music "lovers" who find it too inconvenient to pay for music. Especially to the one shitty hipster who sneered at me a couple years back, "Who pays for music anymore?" I do. Enjoy.

The Cult of the Amateur

…or how to pretend that the Internet is the evil in our lives.

Andrew Keen is a critic of the Internet. He has a very elitist way of viewing what role the Internet is playing in our lives and the one it SHOULD play. 718 more words

Andrew Keen

The Death of the Music Industry

The Death of the Music Industry

Through this rather long, but hopefully rewarding, critique/rant/blog I will be assessing The Review Show the BBC had on ‘the death of the music industry’ ( 3,240 more words