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'Joe’ Action Figure

Setelah beberapa minggu terakhir gw baca dan nonton berbagai hal tentang Joker, gw jadi makin terobsesi sama Joker dan akhirnya gw ngebeli salah satu Action Figure-nya yang terinspirasi dari The Joker di arc Death of the Family. 211 more words


Batman (New 52 Vol 1-5)

While the New 52 has faced much criticism since its release, Batman has still shined bright as ever.  The series began with the Court of Owls arc filling up the pages of first two volumes.   271 more words

Brad Lee

Batman a' la YouTube

The 2012 followup story “Death of the Family” alludes to the 1988  story “A Death in the Family”; this time, the Joker plans to ratchet up the mayhem and eliminate absolutely everyone associated with the Batman. 14 more words

Radio Dramas

Analysis of Scott Snyder's Batman After 45 Issues (Part 1)

Part 1: Batman #1 – 20 (Spoilers Ahead)

In the Beginning…

Writer Scott Snyder and Artist Greg Capullo will be taking Batman in a new direction come June in Batman #41 after the game-changing events in the finale of Endgame in Batman #40. 3,520 more words


Batman Death of the Family Reading Order

After Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s groundbreaking re-start of Batman with Court of Owls/Night of Owls, they brought back Batman’s classic adversary: The Joker!  This manifestations of The Joker is one of the most horrifying, were he is holding on his painted face as a mask and going after the entire “bat family.”  This story arc again acts as a major crossover, this time being important to the universe because of its specific effect on Damien Wayne, the current Robin.  242 more words

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On Harley Quinn: Why She Should Drop The Paint & Become A "real" Woman.

You know who I don’t care for in comics but 100% used to love?

Harley Quinn.

As I grew out of my lonely, angst-y desire to meet girls to finally meeting a girl who I really love, I learned that I do not like her character anymore. 574 more words

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The Comic Spot – Batman Volume 3: Death of the Family

Synopsis: After a long absence, the Joker returns to Gotham to terrorize Batman once more. This time, the Joker sets his sights on the Batman family of superheroes and has plans to tear the team apart. 580 more words