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Decent people

You don’t reject the death penalty because the criminals are decent people. You reject the death penalty because you are decent people.

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Death Penalty

The illogic of the death penalty

Bill Tammeus has a great reflection on the death penalty: Killing people to stop people from killing people: 5-18-15. He writes in the aftermath of the  Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receiving a death penalty sentence. 109 more words

Current Events

Amnesty International USA Responds to Death Penalty in Boston Bombing Case

Thanks to Steven W. Hawkins, executive director of Amnesty International USA for this statement about the death penalty verdict in the Boston bombing case. 103 more words

Current Events

Bishops call for changing the death penalty debate

In a recent letter to the president of the International Commission against the Death Penalty, Pope Francis wrote, “Today capital punishment is unacceptable, however serious the condemned’s crime may have been. 543 more words

Catholic Social Teaching

Death of Two Australians

I feel very sad that the two Australians who were part of the Bali Nine were executed. They had shown huge change, and I didn’t agree that they should die. 891 more words

Stuart Wilde

In purely precautionary form Utah, Oklahoma and Tennessee legalize death by firing squad, nitrogen gas and the electric chair

The following is my analysis of the below mentioned article which appeared on The Intercept’s website in April of 2015.



Wrestling Dzhokhar, Struggling With the Death Penalty

Guest contributor, Aliza Ansell—teacher, mentor, poet, and runner—has spent much of her life working with people pushed to the margins of society. She has seen firsthand how conditions such as poverty, discrimination, violence, substance abuse, and social isolation can misshape people’s lives. 1,031 more words

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