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Tuesday is a pretty big day for Democrats in Pennsylvania: Hillary or Bernie? Sestak or McGinty or the very cool but lesser known John Fetterman? And, of course, that critical race for Attorney General. 597 more words

Death Penalty


I have been remiss in posting about the death penalty. It is part of my privilege that I can “become too busy” or “have other things to do.” The reality is that I can choose to engage this issue or not. 403 more words

Current Events

Knock Knock

“Knock Knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“The Police.”

“Police who?”

“The Police who’re gonna light your ass up if you don’t open this door right now!” 675 more words

Gun Control

Darryl Hunt's Final Trial

Darryl Hunt, the 51 year-old advocate for the wrongly convicted who spent nearly two decades behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, was found dead in the vehicle of a friend on March 13 in what police implied was  393 more words


This Week at the Virginia General Assembly-Week 9

As the Virginia General Assembly’s 2016 session draws to a close, legislators are holding final votes on key bills, including the budget.  On Wednesday, a joint House/Senate conference committee released its budget agreement. 560 more words

Catholic Social Teaching

Making a Murderer and Matsumoto Kenji: The truth can be stranger than fiction

Does this set of circumstances sound familiar?

·         A man from a poor background, with an IQ below 70; a score so low that he has difficulty comprehending what is happening to him. 402 more words