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When my father used to see egregiously unqualified or morally disqualified candidates running for office, he liked to say that he wouldn’t vote for that person for dogcatcher. 520 more words

Death Penalty

Karma Strikes Donald Trump for What He Did to the Central Park 5

Donald Trump is currently lashing out and crying victim to anyone who will listen to him, claiming he is the victim of a joint media-Clinton campaign conspiracy to tear him down after a… 655 more words


Death Penalty Under Scrutiny: Is State-Sanctioned Murder Constitutional?

On Monday, October 10, the 14th World Day Against the Death Penalty will raise awareness of the application of the death penalty for terrorism-related offenses with the goal of reducing the use of the death penalty. 961 more words

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It's Always Christmas in the DA's Office

We’ve been feeling a little slighted at ACCR these past few days. It being summer and vacation time, we took a few days off – but for some reason we can’t fathom, none of our friends stepped forward to pay for our flights. 547 more words

Death Penalty

State to Seek Death in Sievers Murder

Yesterday the State Attorney’s office filed a notice that they intend to seek the death penalty against Jimmy “The Hammer” Rodgers and Mark Sievers for the death of Sievers’ wife Theresa. 215 more words

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