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19. Death Race 2000 (1975) / Death Race (2008)

Gratuitous boobs or gratuitous explosions?

More than nudity was lost when Death Race 2000 was remade as Death Race in 2008. The latter is nudity-free but… 334 more words

Pure Action

Death Race (2008)

An ex-racing car driver is framed for the murder of his wife in a plot to force him to impersonate the recently deceased star of a gladiatorial game show of the near future. 269 more words


Death Race 2050; Corman Classic Getting Sequel in 2016

Frankenstein! Frankenstein the legend, Frankenstein the indestructible! Sole survivor of the titanic pile-up of ’95, only two-time winner of the Transcontinental Road Race… Frankenstein!

Now if that does not get you revved up for some late night cheesy science fiction action, then I don’t know what will!

709 more words
B Movies

Amelia Boone on Beating 99% of Men and Suffering for High Performance

“I’m not the strongest. I’m not the fastest. But I’m really good at suffering.” – Amelia Boone

Amelia Boone (@ameliaboone) has been called the Michael Jordan of obstacle course racing (OCR). 912 more words

The Tim Ferriss Show

Family Values by Jennifer Kalison

Jessie clips the runner, sees him fall, stops to watch the stain spread from beneath his skull.

“They should only give 100 points for an ex,”  Dolan teases.   76 more words

Flash Fiction

Great Pie by Jennifer Kalison

“Navigator!  Wake the fuck up!”

“Huh? Oh.  Turn left at the Piggly Wiggly; there’s a diner two block down that makes great pie.”

Poor Ivan. He got my depressed migraine-addled ass as a navigator.   74 more words

Flash Fiction

In this episode of Retro Wednesdays we take a look at the rare NES title Death Race. Maybe for once an expensive game will be expensive because it is really good and not just because it’s rare.  555 more words