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The executioner who escaped execution.

The name Johann Reichhart might not be one synonymous with Nazi Germany but his ruthless killing streak made him one of the most feared members of the regime. 617 more words


Punishment for Cybercrime

Many people are caught committing cybercrimes every year. Since this is a global issue, each country deals their own punishments in accordance with their own laws. 572 more words


Death Row Convict and successive mercy petitions

Judicial Review of rejection of mercy petition.

Can an accused keep on filing successive mercy petitions and claim right to challenge it’s rejection in court with a hiatus on death warrant for 14 days in between? 473 more words
Criminal Law

Do You Know How to Fly? 8.30.17


Birth of an Evil Seed

Delmer Smith III was born July 19, 1971 in Detroit, Michigan to a couple who are now both deceased. 315 more words


I sentence you to death by Elephant

Execution by elephant was a common method of capital punishment in South and Southeast Asia, particularly in India, where Asian elephants were used to crush, dismember, or torture captives in public executions. 769 more words