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Iraq hangs 36 militants -- All sentenced to death over the mass killing of hundreds of mainly Shi'ite soldiers

Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:55am EDT


Iraq said on Sunday it had hanged 36 militants sentenced to death over the mass killing of hundreds of mainly Shi’ite soldiers at a camp north of Baghdad two years ago. 448 more words

Texas Set to Execute a Man Who Didn't Kill Anyone

(CNN) — Jeffrey Wood didn’t kill anyone. Everybody, including the prosecuting attorney, agrees.

But unless a last-minute commutation is granted by Texas’ governor, Wood will be executed by lethal injection on Wednesday night for his role in a deadly robbery 20 years ago. 1,013 more words


33 Women Still Unidentified After 'Grim Sleeper' Serial Killer Sentenced To Death

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The death sentence of the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer last week put to rest a case that spanned more than three decades, but it left another mystery wide open. 759 more words


Blinded Justice (6)(A)

The courtroom grew silent. The jury was unshaken. The defense attorney stared somberly down at his desk. The defendant drew heavier and heavier breaths.

The foreperson rose among his fellow jurors and spoke, “We, the jury of the above-entitled action, find Jeremy Lamb guilty of multiple counts of first-degree murder.” 3,329 more words

Short Story

Have you been affected by the death penalty?

A central goal of the Caribbean Death Penalty Research project is to learn more about public opinion and to promote engagement on some of the main issues surrounding the death penalty. 441 more words


Springtime at the Gallows

Justice in the Old West was quick, decisive, and occasionally poetic. Witness this colorful death sentence issued in United States v Gonzales (1881), U.S. District Court, New Mexico Territory. 283 more words


Denali bear death sentence

A young Denali Park grizzly bear that decided people are to play with has been handed a death sentence.

Officials at the 6-million-acre wilderness park in the heart of the 49th state announced Saturday the bear will be executed at the first safe opportunity. 662 more words