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Great Moments in International Taxation

Back in 2013, I wrote about a gay guy adopting his long-time lover in order to escape the evil and pernicious death tax. I speculated that this would cause confusion and angst in some circles. 647 more words


Trump just gave a shoutout to people who "are obviously very rich and love their children"

Most analysts agree that the biggest beneficiaries of the GOP’s tax reform bill would be very rich people. Nevertheless, Donald Trump has often insisted on the importance of the bill for the working and middle class, as he did today during a speech in St. 139 more words

Kill the Death Tax

Since Republicans screwed up Obamacare repeal and haven’t even tried to impose spending restraint, I was rather pessimistic about tax reform earlier this year.

Given my… 1,246 more words


Who might actually be affected by repealing the estate tax, charted

When a person dies in the US, all of their wealth exceeding $5.49 million is taxed. The Republicans want to change this.

As part of their effort to overhaul US taxes, the House Republicans’ plan repeals the estate tax entirely six years from now; in the meantime, it doubles the amount of wealth exempted, to $11 million. 624 more words

Tokyo Pushes Back on 'Bizarre' Death Tax that Deters Expats

Gareth Allan and Yuki Hagiwara report: Considering a work stint in Japan? You’d better make it short, and you’d better stay alive.

That’s because the government subjects long-term foreign residents to inheritance tax of up to 55 percent on their worldwide assets — meaning heirs could be forced to give up their family homes or businesses even if they’ve never set foot in Japan. 330 more words


The RepubliCON Tax Plan

From Money magazine:

“According to a 2015 report from Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, 4,700 estate tax returns reporting tax liability were filed in 2013, out of 2.6 million total deaths in the United States.

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Money Matters

West Wing Wednesday: Ways and Means

With Monday bringing forth the revelations of Robert S. Mueller, special counsel for the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, I figured this week was a good week to look into an interesting episode of  526 more words