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Death Throes Of The Bull

From the Daily Reckoning


The fast money and robo-machines keep trying to ignite stock rallies, but they all fizzle because bad karma is beginning to infect the casino. 1,296 more words


The King Says Suck On My Nipples, The King Says Submit to Me

When an Authority has to slaughter unarmed Black folk in its own streets, start foreign wars to secure its oil supply, can’t keep its promises even to deliver water, and must keep those it rules over living in constant terror, exhaustion, or distraction, we should not see it as unassailable in its power. 150 more words


Don't Mess With Southern Front

Honestly, who really takes tourism slogans seriously? City of lights? I’ve got lights at home, and they come with a switch for when I need to get some shut-eye. 360 more words