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Thank God For What Didn't Happen, Go Through What Did [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Guest-host Maurette Brown-Clark chats about God’s grace. She tells the story of her friend from church, whose daughter got hit by a car and had to recover in crutches. 177 more words

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Faith Walking: How Faith Played A Role In Maurette Brown-Clark's First Pregnancy [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Faith Walking, our fabulous guest-host Maurette Brown-Clark talks about trusting in God so much that “you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” She talks about her experience having her first child. 152 more words

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Jonathan Nelson On Why "Fearless" Is His Greatest Work Yet [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Jonathan Nelson talked to guest-host Maurette Brown-Clark about who he is and his amazing latest project, ” “. He talks about being a preacher’s kid and a worship leader. 179 more words


Police Identify Joyrider Who Defaced Death Valley With Tire Tracks

DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (CBS/AP) — Federal investigators have identified a motorist suspected of taking an illegal joyride on a dry lake bed in Death Valley National Park, leaving 10 miles of swerving… 113 more words


Federal Officials Hope to Charge Person They Believe Drove Across Death Valley's Fragile 'Racetrack Playa'

Federal investigators have identified a suspect believed responsible for a frenzy of high-speed driving across “Racetrack Playa,” a remote dry lake in Death Valley National Park, officials said Tuesday. 131 more words

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Faith Walking: Maurette Brown-Clark Explains How Her Faith Kept Her Going [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Faith Walking, guest host Maurette Brown-Clark shares her testimony of how she ended up in the music ministry with no obvious evidence that making such a career choice would work. 151 more words

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Maurette Brown-Clark Explains How God's Love & Dad's Love Are The Same [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Maurette Brown-Clark reminisces about growing up being close to her dad. She talks about how he ceaselessly worked hard to provide for her and her family. 149 more words

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