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Rhyolite (NV), Union Pacific Boxcar, Door, Ladder

This lone railroad car once traveled on one of three competing railroad lines that serviced the ghost town of Rhyolite, just outside the eastern boundary of Death Valley.   300 more words


Death Valley (CA), Reflecting Playa, Sun Rays

After spending the first hour on the playa (ancient lake bed) in the shade of the nearby ridges, the sun finally peeks over and the effect is, for a lack of a better word, magical.   172 more words


Pursuing Desert Love: Death Valley National Park

Here’s a sincere confession: “desert” meant sand dunes to me for the longest time of my life – vast lands of sand accumulated over hundreds of feet of more sand where the earth was virtually inaccessible, where scorpions and pit vipers roamed the underworld and humans on camelbacks scoured the surface for oasis in blistering heat. 586 more words


Death Valley and Zion

October 2016

How did this happen? How did it come to be?  I need to pinch myself to be sure.  It all started with being too late plan a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas vacation for which we wouldn’t have to sell our house. 417 more words

Been There Done That

Death Valley (CA), Converging Rocks, Rock Trails

Certain locations seem invoke a set of unwritten rules.  The Racetrack Playa feels like one of these locations.  No yelling, no running, no goofing off.  All three probably do happen there from time to time, but not likely when it is sunrise and I am sharing the playa with other photographers.   259 more words


Death Valley (CA), Panamint Range, Monochrome Shades, Backlight

There are far too many sites to see in Death Valley in a single weekend or even over the course of a month, especially if there is a camera in tow.   429 more words


Death Valley Road Trip - Day 3

It is Day 3.  Racetrack Playa.  On the face of it, there is a bit of insanity to drive to Death Valley, drive another 30 or so odd miles to the beginning of the Playa Road, and then drive another 27 miles on a washboard.   950 more words