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3 Days of Worries

I wish I could melt the phone with my mind

You’ve been gone for hours, and not a word

You do this to me every time… 102 more words


ghost, witch, or demon...it's up to you

Black, acidic water soaks my clothes. Old blood mixes with new with each twist of cut flesh. It’s not pleasant, this stage of death, but the damp air and wet earth that greets me as I rise to my feet soothes the burn. 246 more words



All dressed in black…

heavy bangs hung low to hide my eyes

from those soul-less zombies of society

who thrive on peering…

…and prying inside. 84 more words


A Tale of Designed Fate

He stands, at the muted green door at the end of a long

Flickering hallway, as the pulsation grows louder,

Stretching the corridor out from the diseased shadow… 1,213 more words


The Revolution will not be Televised

“And today is the day that the so called revolution will end, and tonight we will wash our hands of the blood of their failures for the last time!” the White man said from standing behind the podium in his bright ass full red suit. 334 more words

Officer Down

Tonight I feel very angry. Well, truth be told I’m not sure anger is exactly what I feel. I know I’m angry, but I also feel nauseous, a little bit numb, and sad. 603 more words

Law Enforcement