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A Letter to the Mother of my Nephew

I only saw you twice in my whole life. The first was long ago when I lived deep and isolated in the mountains of North Carolina. 468 more words


This fateful day..

I have technically been preparing for this day since I was in 7th grade. As a family we have known that my father was going to pass sooner rather than later but I never knew how hard this day was actually going to be. 283 more words

Does God kill? What is the difference between killing and murdering?

From God’s perspective, death is when He separates our souls from their physical earthsuits and transfers our souls on to a different dimension (either Heaven or Hell).  857 more words


Dry Eyes

Everybody cried. They stared at the casket and the picture on top. I didn’t know who he was. It was a funeral for a stranger that all of my family knew except me. 7 more words


Time to talk about death

Two Camino de Santiago poems

Discussing the best way to die, we decided that suddenly without warning but not right now, would suit most of us. 468 more words


Alberto Burri

Thin lines of graphite gather in the sky
Angels pull open two halves of the curtain
Or the surgeon scalpels abdominal flesh
“A whole chain of pulls and tensions”

A Dream within a Dream

Nearly twelve years ago, I fell asleep in my own bed beside my husband.  As I slept, I dreamed and it is a dream I have remembered all these years… 1,834 more words