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MEMORIAL ( 2016 )

I’d like to think where e’er you are, ¬†you hear the bugle’s call

And know we’re missing you from mid-November through next fall

I see you in the twilight just before the even’s pall… 12 more words


Have a $12,000 Day

As some of you may already know, on top of my “day job” doing freelance writing (not this blog, I do this for free) I operate a small-scale farm-based business on the side, now in year five of operation. 397 more words

Red Pill

Kids and death

As soon as our kids are born, we want them to have the perfect life that we imagine for past selves.

I carried my son Indigo¬†around in a carrier and was hardly separated from him for the first nine months, because I imagine that’s what I’d like if I were a baby. 467 more words


Failure to Thrive

Sometimes there is no answer. Sometimes that little one in the litter just doesn’t grow. Why are all it’s littermates twice the size? Why is it so weak, so docile? 379 more words

New Zealand Red Rabbit

Skier Dies After Falling Down Couloir On Denali

A Czech ski mountaineer is dead following a fall off North America’s highest peak reports youralaskalink.com.

45 year-old Pavel Michut was skiing down the 5,000′ Messner Couloir on Denali this past Saturday when he hit windblown, crusty snow at approximately 17,000′. 101 more words


Death is Inevitable :(

My friend died yesterday in a car accident. I was very shocked and sad after listening the news :( . RIP

Here’s the rest of news..

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Day 139

My grandmother passed away in this hospital some years ago. It was my mother who picked up the phone, and when she began to cry, we knew. 476 more words