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Vayikra Twenty-Four: An Eye For An Eye

This chapter opens with the Israelites being commanded to use olive oil to continuously keep the lamps inside the Tent of Meeting lit at all times. 534 more words


Chasing all our life..

The chase is on

Was or is it ever off??

Before birth the chase starts

And it don’t end

Till after our death also

But the sad part is… 144 more words

Better You

House Maid Bites Madam's Breasts Till She Dies in Ibadan

The police in Oyo State are investigating how an alleged bite by a housemaid, Elizabeth Fatoki, led to the death of her employer’s neighbour. 157 more words


My dads father passed away part 2

After a good nights rest, I have figured I would jar loose more memories I personally had with my grandfather and they have to do with the last two or three times I met with him at our favorite italian restaurant.   2,017 more words


Bonus Mother

The wishes were

You’d never get sick

You’d get rid of cancer

because your personality alone

would kick it’s ass with

your no bullshit attitude. 77 more words

In The Moment

Saying goodbye

Sitting down to write this is difficult, but I don’t know what else to do. Grief doesn’t leave a person alone. It crawls up upon their back and weighs them down with it’s dreadful burden until it decides to leave. 740 more words


I’m standing in the middle of a tunnel. There’s a bright light on both ends. What do I do?

*Wakes Up*

Am I contimplating…

Thoughts Aloud