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Death. Bag. Bubble.

No one likes to die, but we’ll all die. The fact remains with us always but just as a horror movie poster, the first time you notice it, it’s terror; the 100th time, it’s just paper picture and digital crayon, maybe even artistry. 1,326 more words


Prolific, versatile actor Bill Paxton dies at age 61

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bill Paxton, a prolific and charismatic actor who had memorable roles in such blockbusters as “Apollo 13” and “Titanic” while also cherishing his work in “One False Move” and other low-budget movies and in the HBO series “Big Love,” has died from complications due to surgery. 688 more words


You are dust

I try to read Lent books every year and spent the afternoon browsing my local Waterstones for this year’s selection. En route to religion section, I chanced upon a table full of books about death:  death from the perspective of a surgeon; the memoirs of an undertaker; collections of writing about death etc. 279 more words

'After great pain, a formal feeling comes'- A poem by Emily Dickinson

Context: A poem written by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) from Amherst, Mass. This poem is about the experience related to bodily pain and it’s presented to the reader in various conflicting images and words. 225 more words



“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” – Jim Morrison

Stunning ruby,

Blushed under sunlight:

Bestowed upon by stars.


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Leaf Falling

I sit and read in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, my dog sleeping at my feet. The two of us are alone. When I stand to get something from the kitchen or to use the bathroom, he slowly gets up to follow me, only to return to his original curled up spot here when I return. 274 more words


What Death Teaches Us

Unless someone we know/know of passes away (interesting euphemism), we don’t think about the fact that one day, we’ll cease to exist on Earth anymore. We all continue to live our lives, run errands, go to work, do the chores, and relax and have fun when we can. 489 more words