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The People Of Palestine Have Come Together To Cover The Cost of Lenda Asbury's Funeral

It was a rough weekend for our neighbors about 100 miles to the south of Dallas, where weekend flooding hit the town of Palestine.

People there say it was the worst most folks can remember, and six people lost their lives – including a woman and four of her great-grandchildren. 45 more words


In Harry Potter’s fifth book, we were introduced to a creature known as a “Thestral”. A winged horse with a grotesque view of its skeleton poking out of its flesh was not the only thing which made it appear so morbid. 334 more words


I try to break the spell
Of once your magic
and now my curse

Promises should have taken
Their first breath
Only to fade before they bloomed… 20 more words

Dressing our own bandages

Grab the plaster, feel the wound. Lick out the salt that rubbed in over the years.
We live our love on antibiotics.
I wash my hands before surgery. 151 more words


Meditation on Life and Mom #MondayBlogs #MothersDay

My mother is one of 12 children.  She is 92 now.  In all likelihood, she’ll see her 93rd birthday in late October.  She was a middle child, but now she’s the oldest, having survived six of her siblings.  483 more words


Death by Fire

I am the fury that burns through your veins,
I am the shadows that chases you,
the smog shielding your eyes
cannot protect you from the truth. 72 more words


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I love the strong, dominating voice of the poet in this poem.