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I finally finished it! This is the sequel to my series, Escape. Hope you enjoy it!


What could he do? What could he say? 1,073 more words

Short Story

Colonial animals.

When it comes to defending their territories humans are just like ants, bees etc. but, unlike ants, bees etc. we commemorate, celebrate even, the murderous events for decades after whilst learning nothing about changing our animalistic ways.


To Be Human

It is truly amazing how every time someone feels emotional pain, it doesn’t hurt as a cut or a bruise would. It’s just this heavy feeling. 121 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: lookbeyondyourfear

#lookbeyondyourfear uses #stickerartwarfare and #streetart to propose questions about the icons society associates with fear. Natural disasters, money problems, failure, drowning, police, same-sex marriage, death, and black bodies are either accepted or controversial fears of society. 53 more words

Social Justice

"Darkness Named." First Draft - Current work in progress!

“Just who do you think you are?” The cold voice cried out in agony. The mass smiled, the black mass welling up with hatred as it bowed backwards in satisfaction. 1,748 more words


Giving Back

Our family has been involved with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation (WCHF) now since 2012. After our daughter Tayla’s diagnosis that year, we decided it was well overdue that we fundraise and support the Paediatric Palliative Care Service, due to the death’s of our sons you can find out more about that here  248 more words

The Prayer that God must Hear

Nobody likes a quitter. That’s an attitude that most of us probably share. Nothing like stopping when a job is only half-way done, or only playing half of a season. 2,722 more words