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He did it. He said the dreaded phrase. “I hope we can still be friends. After all, I still love you.” Friends? If you wanted just friendship, you should have said so before your heart made promises to mine. 759 more words



*I have too long been away from my writing & this blog. And I apologize to my readers for that. But, life happens & my life got turned upside-down in the last few months. 1,903 more words


A letter to mom


I wanted to write you this letter to let you know how things are going with the biological side of my family.  I’m still communicating with P and his wife R via email.  393 more words



There is so little time
in the dark, my arm
draped round
your shoulders,
and yet so much,
throughout the passing
of one night, our bodies… 156 more words


It’s a sad day for me. My grandmother passed away this morning. She was 96, almost 97. I enjoyed sitting and talking to her, she was definitely the gossip of the family, always had to know what was going on, what was new, who was doing what, who was doing who, etc etc. 60 more words


death by delight (haiku in 3 parts)

death by delight (haiku in 3 parts)

burning seeds of love,

tear at selfish hearts giving

way to unused beats.

quick, cravings, quick. search

me for wrinkled fingers and… 27 more words


Celebrating Inevitable Human Decay in As I Lay Dying

What I love about literature are the little insights and mantras a reader can gain from a particularly striking piece.  You know: Love prevails, nice guys finish last (or, hopefully, first), everything turns out all right in the end, and then my personal, most recent favorite: don’t wait a minute to bury your dead, especially if you lack embalming fluid and a skilled undertaker.  983 more words