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Powerful Antinatalist Blog Entry

I stumbled across this today. I feel like this guy could have taken the words right out of my mouth: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Wish-I-Was-Never-Born/393907.

This is the kind of thing I wish people would take into account before engaging in the act of reproduction. 17 more words


The Battle of Saint Almos

Hey everyone sorry for not blogging much this moth things have just been hectic. But don’t worry because it time for story time!

The Battle of Saint Almos… 280 more words

Ten Lessons My Dad Taught Me

For all of us who have lost a loved one, you have to think how lucky you are to have the type of people in your life that you sincerely miss when they are no longer around.  220 more words

Meditation And Spirit

My Dad's Cancer Story

Everything was okay and somewhat normal up until the end of fifth grade (10 years old). My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He had a tumor in his brain and a smaller one developing in his lung. 961 more words

It comes anytime

I just read that Rowdy Roddy Piper died today. As a big wresting fan, I’ve watched a lot of my childhood heroes die over the past fifteen years. 309 more words


Nary a Moment's Health

212. Nakulapita said to the Lord: “Lord, I am a broken down old man, aged; I have reached the end of my years. Rarely am I able to see the Lord and the monks so worthy of respect. 84 more words