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Ive fallen

The essence of my being is shattered like a million tiny pieces from a broken mirror

Ill never be the same, even if i put the pieces back together… 325 more words


The classroom has another life at night.
Fire and dreams
hope, a clandestinely ignored lover by day
takes an unselfconscious seat.

Writing as with cooking… 76 more words


Dedication Page

Last week marked ten years since my father died. I’ve decided to dedicate my book to him.

I finally settled on a title. The Intimacy of Communication: A Spiritual Encounter… 183 more words


This thing called 'family'

There are connections that occur when family spends time together. This was reaffirmed to me during the tender time of my uncle Charles’ passing.   I visited his beautiful widow and children at their home.  402 more words

More bad news

The bad news just keeps on coming.

Last night, one of my cousins on my Dad’s side sent out a text message to our family group chat requesting our email addresses as she had “important” family business to tell. 160 more words


New music - Jonah

Another one I play almost every day at the cancer center…

  1. ** Jonah

Written in memory of Dr. Jonah Kule, who lost his life serving others in the Bundibugyo Ebola outbreak, November 2007. 291 more words

Piano Music

Dear Life, Please Slow Down

You consume, you create, then you die
On the drop of a dime
That’s why I fill out each line at that end of each rhyme… 115 more words