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I don't like being vulnerable

You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down

Katy Perry sums it up well.

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A flicker of hope???? Part II

The burial was a quiet one. Friends, family and neighbours were present and their church pastor. Ladi only stared into space throughout the ceremony. Her grief could be felt strongly. 1,236 more words

Once Upon A Time!!!

Who dies and who is born ????

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My first short story that got me an A+ | A gruesome and comedic fiction


A small, square, metallic chamber with three seats and a toilet, hidden deep beneath the graveyard of Bugis square, holds captive three men who are found guilty of the worst possible crime known to man. 1,124 more words


NYPD Thinks Chinx's Death Is Connected To The 2007 Murder Of Stack Bundles [VIDEO] #PhatGyrlSnoop®

photo via Chinx Instagram


NYPD Thinks Chinx’s Death Is Connected To The 2007 Murder Of Stack Bundles

Details surrounding Chinx’s death is looking more and more fishy by the minute! 251 more words

Current Status of McKenna In-Custody Death Investigation

The Fairfax County Police Department’s in-custody death investigation of Natasha McKenna remains ongoing. We want to inform you of updated information as early as possible and reassure you that the investigation of McKenna’s death will be detailed and thorough. 128 more words


Fear is a choice

 This is a Quote from a movie called After Earth. People didn’t like the movie  but I gotta say there was a underlining story that I loved.  470 more words