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MTT 62

Doctors say food should be grinded in mouth But In birth bed and deathbed we swallow as carnivores and only in between we chew as herbivores

MTT 48

From birth be to deathbed one has to cross a bridge called life. One day not only the timid but the valiant too have to fall into the gorge.

Death Bed

Deathbed can be a lonely place
Even with your family around you
Tearing one by one, while silent prayers
Levitate through little chimneys of the heart. 146 more words

(wo)man cold.

Call me the Grinch. Call me Ebenezer Scrooge. Call me Tiny Tim, dying on the floor from rickets and tuberculosis. Yes, I looked it up. 921 more words


The Internet on Its Deathbed

Here they go again. The Democrats are on about “fake news” following the 2016 Presidential Election, which did not exactly go in their favor. There’s a formula for the Left’s game, and it goes something like this: find a group of people who are suffering, absolve them of all responsibility, and use said suffering as an excuse to impose government force on another group of people. 472 more words


New Release by #suspense author @JasonCMcintyre ~ DEATHBED

Recently, I had the pleasure of video-chatting with fellow Canadian, suspense author, and all-around great guy, Jason McIntyre.

Even though I’ve known Jason since 2011, this was the first time we spoke to one another. 380 more words

Eden Baylee


Grandma was slipping downward, her body compacting into itself, inching slowly across the bed. Her pajamas became bunched up at the crotch, cutting into her legs. 1,044 more words