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Death Bed Agony - It may not be what it seems

We have all witnessed, in movies at least, the scenes of an agonizing death, one that we wished could be cut short for the poor person experiencing horrible last minutes on earth. 497 more words


Anna von Hausswolff - Deathbed

I really do think music and art is a way for like minds to connect with one another over oceans, over time, reach out, and find each other, share condolence, and admire. 134 more words


Words Of 'Alee On His Deathbed

When death was imminent, he gave the following advice:

“…I advise you, O Hasan and all my children and family, to fear Allaah your Lord, and never die except in a state of slam, and hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah (this Qur’an), and be not divided among yourselves . 383 more words

Inspirational Stories

'Amr Ibn Al-'Aas On His Deathbed

When ‘Amr Ibn Al-‘Aas was on his deathbed, his son said to him, “O my father, you used to say, would that I could meet a wise, intelligent man when he is dying, so that he might describe what he sees. 62 more words

Dunya | Aakhirah

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

This is such a random prompt suggestion that I just had to try it…turn to page 82 in the book nearest you, take the third full sentence, and work it into a post somehow.

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Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

The Man is Dying, But I Know He Will Never Die

My Father-in-law and I visited a man on his death bed recently, and this was my experience.

It was not my first time, but still…this reality gripped me once again. 622 more words


Vayekhi (Genesis 47:28 - 50:26)

Earlier this week, I saw the movie version Stephen Sondheim’s musical collection of fractured fairy tales, “Into the Woods.”  I hadn’t seen the stage version, but I’d read enough about it to know that, once everything seems as if we’re arriving at “happily ever after,” we’re suddenly not.  1,017 more words