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We were entering Missoula, less than an hour to go, when my phone rang again. It was my step-dad. Why was he calling? Was my mom too upset to call? 1,841 more words


– i’m home

as she falls down to her knees, she forgets what everyone said, as she hangs from a tree, she’s reached her home… 12 more words


Staring Death in the Face | 11/12/16

My mom hung up the phone, slowly placing the cordless receiver back on its stand. She turned to me and said two simple words, “Grandpa’s dead.” My heart stopped beating, and I stared blankly back at her. 1,600 more words

The Duke's Private Bell: 1804


All who were acquainted with that accomplished nobleman, John, Duke of Roxburghe, must remember that he was not more remarkable for creating and possessing a most curious and splendid library, than for his acquaintance with the literary treasures it contained. 646 more words

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Happy Thoughts

Millie is right we should spend our days embracing happiness.

My health often gives me an audience with death and when faced with it I do concern myself with the affairs of the world. 859 more words

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There's Still Time

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. – William Shakespeare

An illusion that we keep on telling ourselves is also the most fatal of all.

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Daisy Dryden – Death Bed Revelations from a Child

A normal ten-year-old girl, never exhibiting a predilection for spiritual thought or actions, communicated with the dead, with the spirit world, in the last three days of her life. 45 more words