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Chris' Picks (06/20/18 Comic Pull List)

Welcome back to Chris’ Picks!  A weekly article where I outline my personal comic pull list for the week.  Let me know in the comments what you are picking up this Wednesday! 1,005 more words


The Passing

If I have a deathbed, I invite you to come.  Not for me.  For the experience.  Each death is as unique as the individual dying.  I was privileged to be at the deathbed of my grandmother, mother-in-law, and mother.  933 more words


Chris' Picks (05/16/18 Pull List)

Welcome to Chris’ Picks!  This will be a weekly series where I (Beard Chris) outline my personal comic pull list for the week.  I’ll let you know the description of the issue as stated by the publisher and why it will be in my eco-friendly shopping bag.   945 more words


Deathbed #2 (May 2018)

Deathbed still has pacing issues. Williamson does a lot better without exposition on the girl. The first issue pretended she was the protagonist. This issue reveals she’s the sidekick. 189 more words


Deathbed #1 (April 2018)

I’ve been reading indie books so long I forgot what Vertigo pacing feels like. Besides the pacing, Deathbed actually doesn’t feel too much like a “Vertigo book.” Sure, the witty, buxom female protagonist feels like a Vertigo book–oh, no, am I going to regret saying it didn’t feel like a Vertigo book–but the subject of the book doesn’t feel like a Vertigo “hero.” 231 more words



It’s taken a whole lifetime

to become the ‘me’ I am,

the problem is, it isn’t me

it’s all just been a sham.

So when I’m on my deathbed… 20 more words


10 o'clock list: Things that are confusing my flu-ridden fever brain

Hello! I have a Big Flu. I thought I would make it out of this germy cesspool unscathed. Instead I am reconciling with the fact that the flu vaccine was only, like, thirty percent effective this year and that Knox County has transformed into a plague-ridden apocalyptic death zone. 172 more words