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Characters Do What They Want

I think, on numerous occasions, many of us authors have asked this of some greater force than ourselves. Whether that force is the combined power of our readers’ imaginations, the muse which thrives and writhes within our minds, or the whim of a god with a questionable sense of humor, we are a foolish lot. 164 more words

Casey Fry

DeathSpeaker: Free Kindle Download

In preparation for the winter holiday, whichever you celebrate, I am preparing to offer the first edition of Hunt free for Kindle download. This will be the first edition’s last hurrah before it goes dark with the release of the second edition of the book on Kindle. 61 more words

Casey Fry


It is disgustingly cold outside.

Mind you, I don’t usually care about the cold. I tend to prefer it over the heat, but the kind of cold we have tonight is a bitter, damp cold that seeps into your bones and settles there, sure that it plans to stay awhile. 69 more words