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High On Trees Presents "KILL TONY" LIVE in Toronto

So it seems that the homie’s over at HIgh On Trees have decided that to follow up their SOLD-OUT “YOUR MOM’S HOUSE” LIVE podcast from earlier this summer that they’re gonna bring in the crazy funny Deathsquad podcast “KILL TONY” LIVE to Toronto for One Night Only on November 7th to cap the year off with a bang. 150 more words


044. Do Psychedelics Have a Place in the Future of Medicine? With Brad Burge of MAPS, Army Ranger Tim Amoroso and Michael Phillip.

“There really has been an exponential increase of media interest in what’s happening. I think that’s the result of new research, (and) the result of some major international conferences that are really establishing the field of psychedelic science and medicine.” Brad Burge of MAPS. 303 more words

043. Jeffrey Tucker, Will Pangman, Michael Phillip. A Digitally Fueled Utopia, Bitcoin and a Little Bit of Gin.



People are evil, violent, greedy, hopeless bastards.  Even as a prepubescent flesh ball that would experience withdrawal symptoms if you took away his Super Nintendo controller for more than five seconds, I knew that.  403 more words

A Joe Rogan Dream Lesson

I’m not superstitious when it comes to dreams but I do believe we can grasp thoughts that are stirring within our subconscious, many ancients and tribes believed they carried and served as premonitions of future experiences. 516 more words

Episode 20: Asperger's, Bitch...!

Episode 20 is here! Dave and Steve discuss what it takes to be a better person, identity and the perception of identity, and Steve drops a silly theory that Asperger’s should be called “Being a Little Bitch”. 20 more words