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Warhammer 40k - White Scars Jetbike

I’m now onto my next commission which will be the Sameal on jetbike model converted up to be a counts as White Scars Captain.

I began work today on taking away any Dark Angels symbols and replacing them with White Scars lighting bolts. 121 more words

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Dystopian Wars - Painting has begun!

Began painting the first of my Dystopian Wars fleet this afternoon, and thought I’d start of small with the few Galen class escorts I have. I knew straight off the bat that I wanted to stick to fairly cold colours across the models (they do hail from Antarctica after all), and that I wanted the main hull to be dark blue with a whity/creamy camo stripe effect. 165 more words

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Dreadball Progress!

Today I started work on the first batch of Robots, starting off with just a basic basecoat…

To be honest this gives a clear indication of what the team will look like in the end, as the next stages for the main colour is just highlighting up to white. 106 more words


New Toys! Part 3 - Dreadball

Now this one isnt exactly a new game, as I have been getting on with this for a few weeks ago. I have however got some new goodies for it, and also managed to get 4 games in over the last couple of days, so I thought I’d show you where I’m going with it next and how the games have been. 330 more words

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New Toys! Part 2 - Dystopian Wars

Next up in the way of new toy’s is naval battles in Spartans Dystopian Wars.

I’ve had my eye on this one for a wee while now, as it steadily grew in popularity. 329 more words


New Toys! Part 1 - Infinity

As I mentioned yesterday I’m looking to get into a few new games systems, with a primary aim of painting something other than 40k models :), the first of which is Infinity. 241 more words


Dreadball team finished!

Been distracted from my painting this week by a combination of new toys, no deadlines, and more gaming than usual. Managed to get one game of reffing which helped me nail down the rules to a good degree, and played a game against a mate, his first game. 240 more words

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