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Nestorian Infestation #18

Here’s the third and last installment for my Ordo Xenos / Deathwatch part for the Nestorian Infestation setting. 408 more words


Dore vs Deathwatch

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Deathwatch is one of Ghost Rider’s lesser known villains, but that doesn’t mean that he’s one of the weaker ones. He’s a good hand to hand fighter and he has enhanced speed and strength. 49 more words


Deathwatch: Inner Circle

The Genestealer force from Deathwatch: Overkill is almost complete.

The Magus is the powerful 4th Generation psyker who speaks for the Patriarch. I love the sculpt, with his billowing robe and commanding posture. 140 more words


Review - Deathwatch - Print Room

It’s a damned good time to get caught up with you queer culture – Jean Genet has two plays on right now, and Deathwatch, which is getting its first major revival in thirty years, is a far better insight into Genet’s mind than the blowsy… 437 more words

Augustine's Station Narrative 40K Campaign Part 1

Miniwargaming kicks off one of their best story driven, or narrative, campaigns yet with Augustine’s Station! Steve, Quirk AND Dave all put together a Deathwatch team of 5 to carry out a dangerous mission on the criminal haven known as Augustine’s Station. 26 more words

Sci Fi

Keeper - my Warhammer 40K fanfic piece - is complete!

My Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine fanfic piece ‘Keeper’ is now complete and available to read for FREE here: My Works – Wattpad

Hobby Progress, week 16

Well folks, it was bound to happen at some point, I know, though part of me was hoping it wouldn’t come to pass – last week, I didn’t paint a single model. 865 more words