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My 2000 point TAC list Analysis

So, here is my current Take All Comers (TAC) list at 2000 points, which is the level I usually play at. It draws from three different formations/detachments (White Scar CAD, Skyhammer Annihilation Force formation, and Aquila Kill Team formation) and is designed to provide flexible deployment options and the ability to deal with some of the most common, dangerous opponents out there, like Gargantuan Monstrous Creature, Psychic Deathstars, multiple Imperial Knights, close combat heavy Space Wolves, and all varieties of Tau/Eldar/SM Battle Companies: 910 more words


Hobby Progress, week 38

Hey everybody!
I had the week off work this week, and it has been awesome for my hobby-time! Prepare for one of the most exciting and prolific painting progress blogs since I began this series back in January! 1,947 more words


The Watch Has Just Begun: Deathwatch Codex Review

Greetings all,

Well, it’s been a while. You can thank life for that. I still have that short story to share with you all, however I have done almost nought in the way of hobbying since my last post, so no story until it has some pictures to go with it (for those that have no interest in amateur fiction). 2,319 more words


Secutarii Peltast: "Hidden Gem" Tactica

With all the focus Codex: Deathwatch, the Traitor’s Hate supplement for CSM, and the Angel’s Blade supplement for Blood Angels lately (plus the incoming Genestealer Cult codex) recently, I think one very interesting and competitive new unit has been lost in the shuffle: Forgeworld recently released models and rules for Secutarii Hoplites and Peltasts, both of which can be taken as Elite choices in a Skitarii Maniple: 1,718 more words


Deathwatch: From the Skies

I’ve been working on a selection of Deathwatch Marines for a client. The full squad will have 10 men, all from different chapters. These 3 Assault Marines are the first grouping. 258 more words


Storm of Damocles - Justin D. Hill

After a handful of excellent short stories, Justin D. Hill gets his first Black Library novel with Storm of Damocles, in the Space Marine Battles… 502 more words