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Author Profile - Ian St. Martin

One of the newest authors in the Black Library stable, Ian St. Martin’s debut novel Legends of the Dark Millennium: Deathwatch has just been released, with the hardback edition due to hit shelves this weekend. 3,055 more words

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By the Inquisiton's decree!

Apart from my main projects, the Mechanicum and Mordheim (and the Renegades now…^^), some new stuff from the Inq28 front has dwelt on my desk without the chance to show off – until now. 194 more words


QUICK REVIEW - Deathwatch: Swordwind - Ian St. Martin

Day three of Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading sees Ian St. Martin tackle the Deathwatch again after City of Ruin with Deathwatch: Swordwind. Adoni of the Mortifactors returns to his Chapter’s fortress monastery at the conclusion of his secondment to the Deathwatch, oathbound to not speak of his experiences but bearing with him a chapter relic. 134 more words


Hobby Progress, week 33

Here we are again, folks! Week 33 of my hobby progress blog, well and truly on the slide down to Christmas! I’m actually really surprised I’ve managed to keep this up all year – not that I really expected to abandon it, of course, but more because I hadn’t thought I would actually be doing something hobby-related for all 33 weeks of the year so far! 2,350 more words



It’s Deathwatch time at Games Workshop, with a third week of releases for the elite xenos-hunting Space Marines – and what a week it is, too! 673 more words

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Death Masque................

I’ve been out of action for the past week and a bit, after having a small operation. Meaning I missed most of the rumors behind a new 40k starter set, however by the time I had recovered I missed the opportunity to pre-order from my usual online store. 725 more words

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Hobby Progress, week 32

Hey everybody!
It’s week 32 of tracking my hobby progress, and this week is rather special for me, not because of any significant amount of progress being made on, well, anything, but because it marks two years since I started down this Warhammer road! 1,666 more words

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