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Deathwatch: The Beast

The Genestealer Hive members from Deathwatch: Overkill are all done!

The last members of the hive are the Patriarch and the Primus. The Patriarch is the spiritual and genetic center of the hive, the originator of the infection that the Hybrids spread. 218 more words


Nestorian Infestation #21

Killigrew is weary of the antics of the Old One..and having no other company than him and the droid.. 58 more words


Nestorian Infestation #20

Formally a tech-priest..in reality an Old Man..a Grumpy One..Tech-priest Gruhm has landed on firm soil for the first time in decades.. 76 more words


Nestorian Infestation #19

Service droid VB-09 noisily emerges from the shuttle.. 79 more words


Hobby Progress, week 18

Hey everybody!
Welcome to another week of hobby progress! This is a week that, despite my thoughts to the contrary, has actually seen some real progress made, so I’m quite chuffed! 499 more words


Nestorian Infestation #18

Here’s the third and last installment for my Ordo Xenos / Deathwatch part for the Nestorian Infestation setting. 408 more words