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Deathwatch Premiere Music Video For "Lowlife"

Columbus, Ohio metal band Deathwatch has premiered their new music video recently. You can check out the video clip for “Lowlife” below.

Deploy the Deathwatch: Part 2

Alright! I have more eye candy today, because I’m either incredibly productive or not productive at all.

Part 1: Facelifts

As a few readers commented previously, my first couple Deathwatch models were rather dark. 1,894 more words

Deploy the Deathwatch: Part 1

So, this is incredibly exciting for me – for the first time in almost a year (and certainly the first time since I started this blog), I have some brand new, converted and painted plastic crack to donate to the Internet’s vast repertoire of Warhammer 40k models. 1,360 more words


Hey everybody!
It’s another game day here at spalanz.com, and for today’s blog I’m doing something a little different, looking at a game that I’ve never actually played, and don’t think I ever will! 700 more words

Board Games

Nestorian Infestation #23

With the first part of actual gaming looming close(ish) here’s the final cut of my Ordo Xenos band. 75 more words


Deathwatch Captain

The ship needs a crew, after all. This is my true-scale Black Templar Deathwatch captain. Just beginning to shape out his sword. He’s the secondĀ of the motley crew; I’m going to use a mix of canon and invented chapters to fill out the roster (especially excited about the Librarian idea I have). 11 more words