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Setting a Animated Gif file as a desktop background in ubuntu

We are now going set a animated gif or playing movie files as desktop background wallpapers.

So we now going to use Shantz modified (i.e. fixed) version of xwinwrap. 341 more words


A hack to temporary fix Zend Server on Ubuntu 12.04

User brinleyang on Zend forums has posted a temporary fix for the bug Zend introduced in their server on Ubuntu 12.04.

What he did is he created a quick hack and removed the dependency on libkrb in libpq and php-5.3-imap-zend-server deb packages and manually installed the packages after which installing zend server ce should work. 54 more words

Oracle, Django, Virtualenv and Ubuntu. Not as impossible as it sounds.

Let’s face it, Django is big, and it’s gathering steam and a lot of traction in the Enterprise, especially since multiple database support was added.  That said, most organizations are likely using it with Postgres or MySQL as its data store.   388 more words

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Check if a script is running chrooted

This script uses the filename and the extension of a file using shell scripts. This is useful when you have to rename a file or its extension. 60 more words

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Ubuntu Libreoffice than installing the deb-packages

“& Gt; 30. September 2010 · ” General · Send this message can subscribe to these new ShareIf my RSS feed and if you post questions in our forums Ubuntu system question. 589 more words

How to find the packages from unstable in a mixed (testing/unstable) Debian environemnt

If you want to find deb-packages that you installed from unstable on your Debian testing machine you can use something like this:

aptitude search '~S!~Atesting~S~i~Aunstable'

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Command line deb package management

Overview of commands to manage deb packages from the commandline:


  • Online install from a repository:
    apt-get install mypackage
  • Offline install with downloaded package
    dpkg -i…
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