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The F Word

There is a word that has developed a bit of a bad reputation. Yes, I’m talking about feminism.

I don’t call myself a feminist (even though I am), because there are people out there who misunderstand what that word means. 1,402 more words


It might seem like there’s a theme here, but we need to talk.

More specifically, we need to talk about the way we talk. It seems that the conversation, particularly in politics, is more and more radicalized.

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Mock Draft Monday: Candy

It seemed inevitable. Of all the things that people argue and debate, candy has been a hot topic since forever. The NFL, MLB and NBA draft’s are in the books for this year, but we knew we couldn’t leave you without stirring this pot. 1,540 more words


The Great GMO Debate

Before reading: I have done a debate on this topic before (in my science class). Although my group won, it was just a debate to see who provided more support for your side. 692 more words

Religious Exposition

People evolve over the years, so do their thoughts, beliefs and dispositions. How have my thoughts on religion shaped and broadened?

The earliest recollection I have is seeing my parents offer prayers to a set of figurines twice a day everyday – morning and evening. 788 more words

All voices welcome

I am looking to bridge barriers and bring about conversations between people who think they sit on opposite sides of the social, political, regional, ethnic, religious and gender barriers. 46 more words