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Human Color Perception and that Damn Dress

As an enthusiast of human vision and owner of two textbooks on perception, this white/gold or blue/black controversy is fascinating! If you don’t mind, I’ll gasbag about colour perception and adaptation for a bit. 1,599 more words


Post Debate Thoughts

Pastor Hall reached out and asked that I thank everyone that prayed for the debate and prayed that we might obtain the audio of said debate released in full.   924 more words

The Pen

Gaming - Do We Really Pay For What We Get?

Hello everyone,

I am the Viper and today I’m going to be discussing a topic which may sound a bit crazy but I think that once you read this blog post, you’ll understand the deeper meaning of what I am trying to say. 909 more words


Late night library conversations

A few days ago, I was sitting in the library at UTAS in Launceston and luck would have it that I had the pleasure of overhearing to 2 students I had recognised from the year level below mine of the… 399 more words


The neuroscience behind the dress color debate

Source: Buzzfeed

A debate about the color of a dress photographed in a store has taken the internet by storm — much more so than talk of any oscar winner’s dress ever could (sorry… 947 more words

Black And Blue Dress

Half a year in and pondering the 'is-university-all-it's-cracked-up-to-be' debate!

Since starting at the most fantastic University – yes, it’s very probable that I’m slightly biased – in September 2014, it’s safe to say that 6 months in, university life hasn’t held back in terms of its promise of a whirlwind of emotional experiences. 708 more words


How NOT to Debate- A list of logical fallicies

Logical fallacies are used by

  • People who don’t know how to have a reasonable/rational debate
  • People who’s opinions are based upon feeling instead of facts…
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