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Wisconsin to host Democratic presidential primary debate February 11th; site not yet named

MADISON — Wisconsin will host a Democratic presidential primary debate on Feb. 11.

The Democratic National Committee announced the date on Thursday. No site within the state was named. 342 more words


Mental Vs. Physical 

I saw some photos on Twitter this evening, it was one of those things that you see and just nod going “yes, oh my god YES” but unfortunately I wasn’t nodding in agreement for good reasons. 442 more words

Weighing in on the fat debate

Its in the news. Its always in the news, but recently, it went viral. That video. Nicole Arbour making a meal out of fat people, and more so, a mockery. 441 more words


LMA LVA War journalists & soldiers : Let's debate!

Video study – Journalists killed in the line of duty


Journalists killed > David Bloom & Daniel Pearl

46 other journalists killed & 6 will be mentioned / interviewed…

255 more words

#IDontStandwithAhmed: A Lesson in Poor Argumentation

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who built a clock and was arrested because it was mistaken for a bomb. 964 more words


When it Comes to Happiness

So what would you give?
Would you trade your happiness?
What price will you pay?