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Up for debate: There are safer ways to give

Christmastime is the season for giving.

While we so easily get caught up in what we want from our loved ones, or what to get for them for Christmas, there is a population of people living in Los Angeles whose only wish is to know that they’re going to get their next meal. 300 more words

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Taxing immigrants is likely to deter them: some data

In Switzerland, there’s currently a discussion on taxing immigrants (well make them pay a fee, not really a tax: “Zuwandererabgabe”) as a means to reduce… 1,105 more words

Didier Ruedin


Introduction to Debate (COM267L) was all sorts of interesting for my first semester of college. I certainly had a love/hate relationship with the class, part of it was because the class was at 9:30 in the morning and I think everyone knows I’m not a morning person. 284 more words


Your Opponent Might Know Your Position Better than You

Anyone who cares about truth and consequences ends up in debate. We must, by necessity, hammer out our beliefs and ideas through argument with people who disagree with us. 358 more words


The Scale Debate

I have always, always, always been told not to weigh myself everyday.

“It’s not healthy to weigh yourself so often”

“Your body weight fluctuates a lot so it’s inaccurate” 312 more words


संदेहित तलाक़नामा !

लेखनी:- कृति कुलश्रेष्ठ

NSoJ ब्यूरो

बार-बार उठते सवालों को जवाब की दरकार है, पर मस्ला ये है कि कैसे..? काफी लम्बे अरसे से ये सवाल अदालत के सामने खड़ा हुआ है कि अखिर तीन तलाक की प्रथा को खत्म किया जाए या नहीं । जो इसके साथ में हैं और जो विरुद्ध सबके पास अपने-अपने तर्क हैं 11 more words


Honest Discussion...

Read Acts 17

Focus on verse 11

Honest discussion is fast becoming a lost art. Honest discussion and disagreement is how we learn from one another. 475 more words

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