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Masticating razors

Fill in the margins of intentions
With bilirubinous sunsets
That look awe-inspiring from distances
But the closer you get
Barbs materialize within your being
The more you move… 31 more words


Uncomplicated thoughts: 4 D's

Discourse, Debate, Dialogue, Discussion…with patience…tolerance…understanding…an open mind

Cluttered Closet

Questions/Guests Required - Podcast

Those of you out there that have been fortunate enough to speak with me will probably be aware of my desire to get a podcast of some form up and running sooner rather later. 223 more words


Candidate For GOP Nom. Avoids Only GOP Debate, Because Obviously It's Not Important...

I’ve been around the block for several years in the world of campaigns, from policy analysis, campaign managing, commercial development, grassroots activism, you name it I’ve done it. 256 more words


Let's Talk Offensiveness in the Dictionary

Where does vulgarity┬ábecome inappropriate for the public eye? Is the standard different if it’s been an element ingrained into our history for centuries?

Scene: this afternoon. 1,235 more words


An American Capitalist Embarrasses a Progressive Politician

My co-host on the Turning Tables podcast and often co-debater Brian trashes a Progressive politician. Here is the link to listen to it.


Debate on the Creature's Humanity

In the novel, Frankenstein’s creature is not considered as a human being at all. However, I hope that you see its “human” characteristics by the way it acts and through the feelings that it expresses throughout the story. 176 more words