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1086 Gossip

More than two persons
get together Gossip for
time pass and enjoy.
Gossip is useless,
meaningless talk of
others & criticize.
Gossip for more time is… 86 more words


Flash Post 033: 50-Day Free Trial

Me: So today marks the end of my 50-day trial of the year 2018.

Life: There’s no free trial. You were given 365 days this year and you’ve managed to live through 50 days already.  483 more words

Flash Post

Bangin' On Lunch Tables: It's Mic Jonez Birthday! [Yea Hoe]

It’s Mic Jonez Birthday today so it’s only right we kick it off with his personal B-Day playlist and his song of the day. We also talk Drake’s new video God’s Plan and how it made Cam cry a little bit. 52 more words


Don't Agree to Disagree - Poetry

They are the words I hate to hear, Agree to Disagree,
used so commonly when someone is losing a debate and can’t allow that to be, 370 more words

Everyday Life

Suppress the Truth at Your Own Peril

Check out this debate between Dr. Shermer and Dr. Hernandez

I’ve listened to Shermer debate several different Christians, and his debate style has grown tiresome. 248 more words

Are the '#metoo' and 'Time's Up' movements beneficial?

I found myself having a detailed conversation with my sister tonight, about the Hollywood sex scandal, sexual assault in the industries and movements such as #metoo and Time’s Up. 1,828 more words

America is Broken

On the subject of guns, America is broken. Our national gun debate is in shambles.

There is no debate on the subject of guns; just two sides screaming at each other—one sharply angry and the other aggressively resolute. 822 more words

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