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Super Mega Important Debate – Japanese TV: is it just plain awful? 【Poll】

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Super Mega Important Debate is back! This weekend, we’re putting Japanese TV under the spotlight and asking you, our good-looking and never-shy-to-venture-an-opinion readers, whether you think the TV shows broadcast in Japan are wonderfully entertaining or a big bag of steaming horse poop. 157 more words


Tell me your name.

Let’s debate on whether to reveal or not to reveal our names on our blog. Should we disclose or hide our name from our followers or readers? 115 more words

The Great Cuticle Debate to Cut it or Not - Diet FB

Cuticles function as the protective layer or barrier for the nail matrix. But many feel that it spoils the beauty of their manicured fingers. Find out the solution of the great cuticle debate to cut or not to cut.


"They're people too."

During one of my reading weeks in undergrad, I visited a friend who was going to school in Vancouver. I expected to come back and tell everyone I wanted to move to the West coast, since it seems like a widely accepted fact that once you go to B.C., you never want to leave. 746 more words



La vida es un viaje con cierto recorrido y duración que esta llena de obstáculos, alegrías y experiencias que te hacen crecer como persona o te hunden como un animal.

310 more words

Thank You!

The winners of the PSN Resonance 2015 was Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj who bagged the final trophy! We congratulate you and all the other winners; it was a great success only because of your skills and time. 96 more words


The Heat

Debate Competition

I may be wrong and you may be right and, by an effort, we may get nearer the truth.”

Karl Popper

A debate is a formal discussion where participants state their opinion on the given topic. 202 more words