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Outrage at China's 'racist' whitewashing advert

It’s 2016 and society is furious about a Chinese advert for laundry detergent, accusing the company of being extremely racist. But the reaction was predictable, so why did the company still decide to publish it? 228 more words


Food For Thought Friday: The Death Penalty

First off I want to thank everyone for taking the time to even read what I write. Secondly, this is just what has been on my mind and bugging me. 400 more words

Death Penalty

La plateforme à rabais. (Pourquoi j'ai arrêté d'écrire)

Qu’est-ce qu’on ferait sans Les Internets? Publier moins de photos de langues sorties et ignorer l’existance du trendy #BasicWhiteGirl, certainement. Mais au-delà de cela, sait-on vraiment à quoi on ressemblerait sans la vaste toile dans laquelle on est tous entassés comme des moustiques? 681 more words


Donald Trump Says No, He Won’t Debate Bernie Sanders

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will not debate Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, he announced Friday, as he decided it would be “inappropriate” to debate the Democratic insurgent, who is far behind Hillary Clinton in their nominating contest. 340 more words


Time for Sanders to stop helping Trump

All progressives must unite around stopping Trump from becoming President.

Bernie Sanders has brought important things to the Democratic nomination battle. He has focused on wealth and income inequality, pushed the idea of healthcare and education as rights rather than entitlements further into the American consciousness, and challenged the orthodoxy on trade deals.

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Trump says he’ll debate Sanders for $10m donation for “women’s health issues”

Hillary Clinton may have declined to debate Bernie Sanders ahead of California’s primary on June 7, but it appears Sanders might have found a new debate partner — Donald Trump. 260 more words