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By Lynelle Clark:  Columnist


With our current situation within South Africa the question is, “Do monuments define us as a nation?”

Monuments, statues, and memorials: there are so many titles for these structures. 552 more words


Election Year Budgets

It’s that time again – budget time, when governments come up with a slew of mundane policy shifts, and a few handouts to their base. This year in Canada is a federal election year, and unsurprisingly, it’s time for a spending spree as the government of the day scrambles to appease its base and try to buy a few more votes for the coming election (which should be in October some time). 667 more words

Big blog debate! // OhKay-DohKay

Earlier in the week I started my Political Education series (if you haven’t seen it yet take a peek here) and I’m excited to announce that there will be a corresponding blog posts. 79 more words

Petition for new Bollards in Hedon Market Place

FOLLOWING the accident in Hedon Market Place on 24th March 2015 when a pedestrian was struck by a car which apparently lurched forward crashing into Cooplands Bakery rather than reversing from its parking spot, a petition has been started seeking new bollards to installed to prevent such an accident happening again. 65 more words


LIVE Mayoral Candidate Debate May 5th!

For our final show (Tuesday, May 5th at 4pm) we will be hosting a live debate between mayoral candidates! This is important for Milledgeville locals who will be particularly affected by who is elected. 24 more words

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Prophecies: evidence for the Bible?

One of the arguments used by religious people to support the Bible is that the Old Testament makes many, many prophecies, most of which come true. 307 more words