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On Disagreeing Well

Being friends with people who have very different political opinions is hard, and that is partly because ideas are personal.

Ideas are connected with our understanding, experience and framing of the world; a disagreement can feel like a disagreement or rejection of who we are, of the way we have understood or located ourselves. 112 more words

IS it wise to hide marijuana when a cop about to bust you or own up to it

many people would just say hide it, but the thing is that you can get in even more trouble for hiding it or destroying it because you’re tampering with evidence

The Debate - Terror Attack in Iran

Iran is the country which has been one of the biggest victims of terrorism since the 1979 Islamic revolution in the country.

And today, it witnessed another terrorist attack by another terrorist group which wants to destabilize the country. 16 more words

Politics And Society

How Does Corbyn Want to Be Remembered?

What’s perhaps most notable in a brief look over Corbynism is the strong belief in hero leader figure. Of course, while no one is challenging the notion that leadership is primordial in politics. 2,292 more words

Facing the Christian Heat

Brought to my knees by the mercy of God,
I gave my life to Christ.
His followers praised His name
And welcomed me into the family. 203 more words