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Thought Experiment #1: Green Lenses

Here’s a thought experiment for you.  It’s based off a twitter debate I’m having at the moment, but I liked the concept enough to go into it long form.   531 more words


Let's Talk Toilet Paper

I’ve written about this before, but as I visit people’s homes I am often dismayed that they STILL HAVE NOT LEARNED. So I’m going to write about it again. 601 more words

David Crowley Debate Results: Greg Fernandez Jr. vs. Judy Prochnow

March 25th, 2017

Here is the preview video I made before the March 24th, 2017 David Crowley Debate…

Here is the live audio debate between Judy Prochnow and myself… 11 more words

Greg Fernandez Jr

Dead in the water

Every argument chips a little at me every time. When he yells or swears it’s a new memory stored to remember for the next argument so I can bring up the list of all the wrong things he does. 773 more words


Cracker Barrel Outrage: Is Brad's Wife Pregnant?

Brad demanded answers from Cracker Barrel as to why his wife was fired after 11 years of service and the internet was set on fire. Now some are saying not only did she get fired on Brad’s birthday but she’s also pregnant! 210 more words


Intellectual debate won't make you wiser. Love will.

Most of my life I was known as an intellectual. I still am an intellectual. But intellect never brought me balance. No amount of knowledge ever made me peaceful. 400 more words