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Marriage Is...

 ******** I worked for days on this post, including losing it completely because I didn’t think to save the draft. I know this is a sensitive subject. 374 more words

What A World!

Please Don't Debate Like This...

Something I often think when reading the Sunday paper’s editorials: One of the hallmarks of an intellectually honest person is that in a debate, he or she can frame the opponent’s position in such a way that the opponent could say, “Yeah, that’s a fair restatement of what I believe.” 166 more words

Freedom of Speech - #lovewins

Dear Reader,

There are things that I would like to see updated regarding hate crimes via social media. Why we are seeing so much hateful and an offensive style of debate within our various social media platforms, and why we must counter these with a balanced discussion. 457 more words

Social, Media And Political Debate

Fine Lines - Religious Freedom

Recently the US Supreme Court changed the law in al states allowing same-sex marriage. Although this is a fantastic change for the better it also left the American conservative Christian community a bit battered and beaten. 616 more words



At the moment I am currently reading Christopher Hitchens’s autobiography, Hitch-22. Hitchens is my favourite orator of all time; his command of the English language was incredible. 424 more words

On Starting a Blog.

My mom asked me a few days ago when I was going to write a book. My response? No idea. I have so many thoughts and ideas that are just waiting to be spilled out onto a page…but a book? 866 more words

About Me

Proof Professed

If I am to fear nothing,

Must I then, love nothing?

I fear sleep but hold no,

Affection for it, I dislike,

The loss of time immensely, 103 more words