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Wuthering Weiners

Wuthering Weiners

    Since when has an actual roasting of a weiner become political fodder for the royalist of conspiracy spin political potters to use for molding a political sculpture at the expense again of someone regarding and involving the security of the country?!? 322 more words

The Rambler vs The Vulgarian

September 26th, we have the first debate between Clinton and Trump (and if by some sort of magic, perhaps Gary Johnson) and a lot of social media has been buzzing about what that might look like. 378 more words

Election 2016

Hillary Clinton uncertain 'which Donald Trump' she will have to debate

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. — Hillary Clinton is telling supporters that she doesn’t know “which Donald Trump” will show up at the presidential debates.

At a private fundraiser in East Hampton Monday, Clinton told supporters that she is “running against someone who will say or do anything.” The Democratic presidential candidate said her Republican opponent may try and convey “gravity” or he could seek to “score points.” 284 more words


Motivational Mondays with Honest Jon the Con the Motivational Man


There has been much uprise since my last posting.  Many Maniacs were upset, disappointed and felt betrayed.  However, there are many factors that these maniacs didn’t realize.   191 more words


The Science Debate

It’s getting to be election time again! Exciting right? Not really. For one I am dreading the words that will be tweeted over and over once the Presidential debates between hillary and trump are put into gear: 514 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Interlocutor's welcome their new Grand Master

Crowds gather together to welcome their new GRAND MASTER DEBATER JIMBOSTANK. The Grand Master was unavailable for comment. The new order is as follows

Grand Master Debater: Jimbostank… 137 more words


A secularism of despondency or a secularism of hope? Vikas Bajpai

Guest post by VIKAS BAJPAI

Mera abai watan, my ancestral home, the place to which I belong, is Lucknow.  Lucknow is ‘my city of joy’; and for me Lucknow’s identity derives from ‘old Lucknow.’ The newer part of the city is a creation of barely thirty to thirty-five years and bears little reflection of what Lucknow otherwise stands for. 2,742 more words