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Response #2 - Heraa Hashmi: Changing the World One Link at a Time

When a 19-year-old University student encountered a person of ignorance who claimed that “Muslims don’t condemn things”, she did what no other person has done before: she made a 712-page long list of Muslims around the world condemning acts of hate, violence, and racism, among others. 383 more words


Full Persian Translation of the Big Atheism-Theism Debate: Dr Arif Ahmed Vs Abdullah al Andalusi, on Existence of God & Morality Without God [Nottingham University]

ایا خدا وجود دارد؟ یا میتوان بدون خدا اخلاقیات پایدار را توجیه کرد؟

مناظره عبدالله اندلسی با عارف احمد

MDI is pleased to announce a… 104 more words


Children, Logic and Ropes

While waiting in line behind a mother and a young child, I was privy to an interesting conversation.  The young child, about five at the most, wanted to know she couldn’t just have chocolate now.   599 more words

Whims And Wonders

Dialogue Today: Dr. Shabir Ally and Mr. Abdu Murray

This event begins at 7 PM EST (Toronto, NY, Atlanta), which will be at 12 AM GMT tonight for those in the UK.

The live-streaming link can be found below: 33 more words


What Better Explains Reality: Naturalism or Theism?

In this sometimes far too fast moving debate, the contrasting debating styles of Jeffery J Lowder and Frank Turek are demonstrated. It is the difference in style, as well as the different approaches to engaging with the listener that reveal more than the facts and figures presented.

Which Is More Important? National Security or Privacy?

There has been a debate that has been going on for years. That debate has been what’s more important? National security or privacy? I´m here to help you decide. 1,409 more words