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When Charlatans Become Ideologues - The Real 'Prisoners of the Binary'

Present day Hindus are probably the strongest opponents of Marxism. They are horrified at its doctrine of class-struggle. But they forget that India has been not merely the land of class struggle but she has been the land of class wars.

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MDI Public Debate: The Quran or the Bible: Which is the word of God? Zakir Hussain vs Samuel Green

The video of the debate between MDI’s Zakir Hussain and the international Australian Christian speaker and debater, Samuel Green on the topic ‘the Quran or the Bible: Which is the word of God?’ is online to watch.


As U.S. debates policy, Afghan pilots fear for families' lives

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Reuters) – As the Trump administration debates war strategy in Afghanistan, this Afghan pilot in the U.S.-backed Afghan Air Force has more pressing concerns: He’s worried the Taliban may kidnap or kill his family.

Today's Thought: Why do we still judge mental illness?

Following the video released by Sinead O’Connor in which she raises awareness of her own battle with mental illness, I have found myself baffled by societies response to people being mentally ill and contemplating suicide. 920 more words


Riverside Panel Debate about the Historical Reliability of the Bible

Alright, the recording of my panel debate in Riverside last month is now available online. Since there were some issues that arose with the video recording, I’ve decided to only upload the audio recording onto the blog. 952 more words


First blog post: Why am I blogging?

It's a Sunday night and once again I find myself feeling a lot of things about issues in the news and in life in general. I am very often awake at ridiculous times in the morning, unable to get things off my mind, in the past I have written my thoughts in a notebook but I figured I might as well talk about things in a blog in case there is anybody in this big wide world that wants to hear what I have to say. 83 more words