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In which I let you decide

So, am I liveblogging the debate tomorrow night?  Am I even going to watch the debate tomorrow night?  Trump turns my stomach in a way no political candidate ever has (and I remember the Bush years  95 more words


Week 4: Susie Patrick

The 1st debate: The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

For many Americans, especially political junkies, tomorrow night at 9pm is a very exciting time. It’s the first presidential debate with not just any match-up of candidates, but with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 471 more words

On Providing Discerning Opinions: A Vlog

Following the Olympics this past summer, the utilization of interventions (see cupping) that possess paltry or inconclusive scientific support became rather prevalent. This discussion highlights a larger issue within rehabilitation and medicine over all; which is offering a discerning opinion to our patients and subsequently the tacit approval of interventions lacking sufficient scientific support from not offering said discernment. 58 more words


I Won't Be Watching The Debates

The news media is predicting a very large segment of America will be watching the Presidential debate on Monday between Trump and Clinton,

Well, this is one who won’t be watching. 278 more words


Inside the Finals Hours of Debate Prep for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

After more than a year of wall-to-wall campaigning, the outcome of the 2016 election could hinge on 90 unpredictable minutes Monday night in Hempstead, N.Y. 1,112 more words

The Ultimate Debate Fantasy -- Read "The Last Debate" by Jim Lehrer, Yes That Jim Lehrer

I know we are supposed not to build up expectations for Trump’s failure in the debate, but this is irresistible.

For some reason utterly beyond me, the world has forgotten that Jim Lehrer, deeply respected former co-presenter of the PBS… 382 more words