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What Is Inductive Reasoning?

If you’ve ever watched any media that has depicted Arthur Conan Doyle’s ever-popular detective, Sherlock Holmes, you’ve probably heard the term ‘deductive reasoning’ mentioned at least once. 1,250 more words


Friction builds fires, moves mountains, and makes babies—and may be the key to social progress

Most people hope for an easy ride through life. We feel like we’re making progress when we quickly move forward through routines, traffic, work, and relationships, unhindered by unnecessary obstructions or difficulties that slow us down. 925 more words

The Native American Ploy

Whites as Amerindians.

A comment often made – frequently observed for example on Yahoo comments threads – by leftists in response to complaints about White American dispossession is to raise the issue of Amerindians – “You guys invaded the lands of the Native Americans and pushed them out and now you are being invaded and pushed out, ha ha, too bad” is a typical example of this genre of comment. 210 more words


Care: Right or Privilege?

In all the discussion, debate and hyperbole surrounding the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and its efforts by reactionary forces in the US Congress to dismantle and/or replace it, there seems to be one issue left out that, I believe, is the core issue in the entire conversation over healthcare in America: is healthcare a right or a privilege? 935 more words


Of Mu'tazilah and Itizaal-part 2

Wasil and Obaid were the shining beacons of Itizaal ideology. Wasil Ibn Ata is considered one of the most eloquent orators of Arabic to this date. 1,345 more words


What, Actually, Is Pie??

The Oxford English Dictionary classifies ‘pie’,the food, as ‘A baked dish of fruits, meat, fish, or vegetables, covered with pastry (or a similar substance)’.

But what about fish pie or cottage pie where there is no pastry, instead, there is a lovely layer of mashed potato. 159 more words


I Actually Feel For Tomi Lahren

In case you haven’t heard, Tomi Lahren, the outspoken voice of conservative millenials and host of “Tomi” on The Blaze network, has been suspended by The Blaze for her comments on The View about her being pro-choice. 722 more words