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Rattling the bag - Language Knowledge and the transformation of the university in South Africa and India: Dilip Menon

Guest post by Dilip Menon


Susa lo-mtunzi gawena. Hayikona shukumisa lo saka
Move your shadow. Don’t rattle the bag

JD Bold, Fanagalo Phrase Book, Grammar and Dictionary, 2,616 more words


Election 2015 - communication coaching & the prime ministerial debates

Again, late to the party – another blog post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while but have only now found a moment to pen the words that have been turning over in my mind the past few weeks. 623 more words


Fast And The Furious...... The Greatest Movie Franchise Ever?

The past week, myself and Sebastian have been debating some very serious topics relating to movies. Mostly centered around The Fast and the Furious movies. So not too long ago, I witnessed in my opinion, one of the greatest and meaningful films ever created. 679 more words


Plato, Huck, and Jim

Mark Twain has a humorous portion in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that illustrates a problem one frequently runs into in Plato’s dialogues. I’m not sure whether Twain is intentionally aping the sort of argument or not. 460 more words


Eavesdropping Behind Bars

Hey nosies!

I want you to close your eyes for a second and imagine that your friend or lover was just sent to jail to do some time.   441 more words


Novas janelas para perceber o planeta

Marina Vieira Souza

Durante o mês de março, São Paulo viveu uma utopia. Na terra da garoa onde há falta d’água e os rios estão poluídos, na selva de concreto, cinza e carros, por dez dias seguidos ambientalistas, ativistas, cineastas e curiosos se juntaram em salas de cinema para prestar atenção no planeta. 1,489 more words

4ª Mostra Ecofalante De Cinema Ambiental

Rebuttal and Road Rage

Tonight is R, and of course I am typing this post at the very last minute (should have done P-Procrastination, that’s my middle name).

I was roped into helping my oldest with a debate that is due tomorrow.   506 more words

A To Z Challenge