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New Hampshire Predictions: In the Wake of Rubiobot

Marco Rubio emerged from Iowa as the momentum candidate in the GOP. His strong third place finish put him close to Trump and decisively ahead of his “establishment” rivals: Bush, Kasich, and Christie. 261 more words

Christie, Fiorina Might Not Make Next Debate After New Hampshire Results

Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina have something more to lose in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary: their slot in the next GOP debate.

According to criteria that CBS News announced… 283 more words

Speech and Debate Tournament - Acton

Hello Fellow Republicans,

You are invited to attend this exciting event and help teens sharpen their speaking skills as you judge them in debate and speech events. 174 more words

Notes from the Locked Ward, by James Howard Kunstler

From James Howard Kuntsler at kunstler.com:

The remaining Americans sound-of-mind must view the primary election spectacle with mounting sensations of wonder, nausea, and panic. It’s one thing for the financial system to crack up, and another thing for social norms to disintegrate, and still another for the political system to become a locked ward of obvious psychopathology. 367 more words


How Bush Finally Landed a Punch on Trump

After failing for months to land a punch against Donald Trump, former Florida governor Jeb Bush appears at last to have discovered the real estate mogul’s kryptonite: a weedy, constitutional power called eminent domain, which allows for the seizure of private property for public use. 1,009 more words

If You Can't Beat Them, Join 'em - Or, Ente Dinkeswara!

A new wave, nay, tsunami, of (THE) Faith has risen in Kerala. Soon, it will sweep the Nation.  This is the mighty thrust of Lord Dinkan, now known all over Kerala as Dinkamatam – or Dingoism. 1,371 more words

Bad Ideas

10 Things You Shouldn't Do At Law School 

Author : Garima Thukral

Let’s take you on a roller coaster ride to a law school.
Though, hey? I’d be taking you on the downs and the lows of this ride. 570 more words