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January - March 2015, Linda Anna Dāldere

I was determined to write about all of my activities in this one post, but I only just realised, that I cannot remember what I did… Oh-oh. 2,047 more words

CAS Reports

Standing Still

Coming to college made me nervous about a lot of things; would I make lasting friendships, would there be people to push my in my faith, would I feel safe, secure, wanted? 438 more words

Bible Talk

The Meaning of Life

One thing that religion gives you is an ‘ultimate purpose’. But I, and many other Atheists (I assume), are not content with the idea of being put here on Earth for some ultimate reason. 384 more words


Problems in Genesis

Let’s examine the Genesis creation story and see why it is not trustworthy and reliable. Besides contradicting almost all of Science the story itself is full of errors. 237 more words


Edvards Francis Kuks, February & March

Happy Easter, first of all!

So, though I didn’t blog in February, I’ve been CASing quite busily for the past 2 months.


I’ve become  511 more words

CAS Reports

How to Start Debating on a particular topic.

Hey Guys and welcome back to the DebateGuru! First off I would like to start with wishing everyone a Happy Easter! So the topic this week is: … 820 more words


Creationists - denying only some of science

A thing that I find annoying is that Creationists are so hostile towards biology, cosmology, archaeology, geology and all the other fields that make a say about the age of the earth, and yet they fully accept an spherical earth, disease being caused by bacteria, physics and every other scientific field.   163 more words