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8 Tips on how to have a Facebook War.

I am highly conflicted about social media. I think it feeds into a lot of unhealthy habits and perpetuates some damaging ideals around beauty standards and the like. 1,145 more words

Creating Our Future: Olympic Legacy Debate

On Friday I had the honour of being part of a panel discussing the impact of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on communities across Britain. 467 more words


Hang up those Question Marks

If Charles Darwin had chosen not to bother questioning the origins of life on Earth, the assumption may have remained that a supernatural-being, “God”, shaped each individual living organism. 531 more words

Skeptics Corner

The conflict between authenticity and preparation

Problem statement: In the recent political discourse strong contrasts between authenticity and preparation are drawn with two ends of the spectrum currently dominating the centre stage seemingly arguing that the two are conflicting one another.

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LSEAD: Intra-Debates 2016

As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved talking. Expressing your thoughts aloud through a combination of words that could be interpreted in a different way by an individual has always fascinated me. 729 more words


A lot of hot air?

I once had a cleaner who, although a lovely person, was not the most intelligent of individuals (but, wow! could she clean!). One day she asked me if my husband and I ever had rows. 124 more words


Scullion Law Debating Competition

Grant Mackin and Christopher Wilson will be again representing the school in their first competitive debate of the year in the Scullion Law Schools Cup. 30 more words

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