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A year in the life 2016 #128: year 6 debating debut

I went to see my godson Conrad at his debating debut. Given that it was debating that really brought his mother and I together, I thought it was important to go along. 107 more words

The Deal on Debates

Most students get excited when they see “work period” or “movie” written on the board upon entering class. I get excited when I see the word “debate”. 898 more words

My Thoughts

Nazi Tactics for the Greater Good

I have become something of a controversy over the last week or so. Well, at least on Facebook I have. With two simple opinions, I have opened myself up to attacks, bullying, and a non-stop verbal ass-kicking from complete strangers. 855 more words

Shit Happens

The 2nd Macau APDO 2016

Organized By:

University of Macau’s English Debating Society

Adj Core Members: 

Ms Sharmila Parmanand — The Philippines
Mr “TJ” Thepparith Senamengern — Thailand
Mr Samuel Chan — Hong Kong… 410 more words


“I had nothing to say, and I got lost in the nothingness inside of me”: A brief guide to extensions

When you start out debating, speaking in extension can be terrifying. It feels like in every single round, your opening team takes all the good arguments and you’re left to stand up and give your best impression of somebody who has no idea what the shit they’re talking about. 4,546 more words


"I still don't understand what the bloody hell framing is": an introduction to framing

Framing is probably my favourite part of debating. It’s notoriously hard to define, because when people talk about framing, they’re actually talking about a large number of different things. 3,408 more words


Oh the Debate... XboxOne

We have done this MANY times. We talk about it. We think about it. We GET ONE. And then we play it (mostly my husband). And we decide “Huh, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting/wanting” and debate if we should sell it because it wasn’t being played as much as the PS4. 196 more words