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Are we debating or......?

Debate as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary means “serious discussion of a subject in which many people take part” or “to discuss a subject in a formal way… 916 more words

False Premises

Okay yeah, so the world is pretty messed up right now. Not that that’s a NEW thing, but we do seem to be in a rather turbulent tailspin. 719 more words

Expressing Opinions

The End

Wellllll the results came in late on Friday night. I didn’t make the team…. at all.

I knew that I messed up badly on one of the cheers. 378 more words


VIDEO: Woolpack Debating Society Competition final at Cartwright Hall for schoolchildren in Bradford

The Woolpack Debating Society Competition is a competition allowing schoolchildren in Bradford to demonstrate their ability to debate a particular topic.

It comprises Key Stage 2 pupils from 13 different primary schools across the Bradford area, working in teams. 48 more words

On The Daily #98

I hope everyone’s weekend was filled with fun and happiness! Now let’s jump right into this :)

The first topic I’ll be discussing isn’t too much of a big deal, but it can be to so some individuals. 192 more words


Talent is overrated 

I’m pretty sure there’s book dedicated to this topic and if that’s the case it must be true.

Ok this is in no way bashing those incredibly gifted individuals but I just don’t think talent is necessary. 470 more words


Debating in the Senior Classes

Hi everyone,

I hope you are surviving the first week back!

Today’s blog post is for the Senior Classes, ideal for someone on Teaching Practice either. 338 more words