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Faith That Yields a Bountiful Harvest

As a former seminary student, I’m embarrassed by the amount of over analysis which can take place from time to time.  In an attempt to study the Bible through the eyes of a specific theologian, the simplicity of Jesus’ words can be lost.  252 more words


Thropy 2015

This post comes to you loosely in the format of a debate. Read with a healthy dose of irony and pinch of sarcasm.

MOOT: This house believes Thropy was awesome! 714 more words


The Bachelors Club, Tarbolton

Once I started working at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum I realised that this is only one small part of the wider Burns landscape. Part of this landscape, which I had not visited until working here at the museum, was the Bachelors Club in Tarbolton. 644 more words

Robert Burns

A Rap for Debating

Dear Debating

I know MY life in debating is still a nothing, but I stay around

Because I can…Because I want to win.

Not to get a Dick at some tournament… 187 more words

GOP hopefuls debate: Was Iraq a mistake?

Just a decade ago, people were using the turn if you break it it’s yours and you own it regarding iraq. Why is anyone debating whether or not getting to an unnecessary war was a good idea? 69 more words

When Loosing an Argument, Change the Subject

I am a passionate person with strong beliefs and I’m a little ornery too.  Occasionally, this combination gets me into some heated discussions.  I fight fair.  363 more words


Why You Should Send Your Kindergartner to Summer Camp

It’s almost summer and you may be debating whether or not your kindergartner is ready to head off to summer day camp with the “big kids”. 6 more words