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The Thing About Debating


So I’m going to write about one of the stranger things people do in university, and what it’s like to do that thing.

University life is weird. 19,094 more words


Won the last battle: Debate Champion! No regret!!!

May30, 2015 Saturday

“Let me do my utmost without any regrets, and win the last battle beautifully!!!” -that’s what I wrote in Facebook the day before the competition- 772 more words

University Awards: Semester One 2015

Somehow I’m already half way through my first year of university. How did that happen?!

At the end of each school term, we would have sports assemblies where sports awards would be presented. 702 more words


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: “the movie’s never as good as the book!” A film adaptation of a novel is announced, and friends, acquaintances and the internet at large begin to murmur. 3,202 more words



Easier to understand The movies bring the book to life and it sets the scene on what the movie and the book is about. Movies go into more depth than the books do. 1,801 more words


Left Speechless

My only experience with debate is a vague memory of my mother’s angry face in our kitchen telling me, “You should be a lawyer!” As any teenager must, I battled with my mother over cleaning my room or the empty coffee mugs from the living room with annoying ease. 1,010 more words