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I'm Gonna Dress Like a Charlie Brown Ghost Next Time I Go Swimming

For nine years I went to a Catholic school with of course a strict dress code. Kids would see what they could get away with, but I was not one of them. 680 more words


That One Small Step

For years I’ve debated whether or not I should start a blog. I should have done it sooner rather than later, but alas life happened. I also procrastinated. 254 more words


Exploring ideas

​Sometimes we explore all realms of being

All topics open its totally freeing

Trust that binds us allows for sharing

All ideas pondered our ideas not sparing… 16 more words


Oh Y'all Just Wanna Argue, Huh?

I was on social media the other day (notice the negative connotation? Already you know it’s not going to be a feel-good story!) and commented on a post with which I disagreed. 743 more words

Potentially/Probably Controversial

Rwanda Week Three: DM International

(On our way to a Rwandan wedding!) 

After a beautiful weekend in the ‘Auberge de Gisenyi’, by Lake Kivu, we endured a surreal three hour bus journey to arrive at the homely “Red Rocks” Amaraho Guesthouse in Musanze to begin our final week. 999 more words

Week Two in Rwanda: DM International

As the sun dawned on the first day of our second week, all the mentors were excited to meet their next team of students. This week we were teaching only at government funded schools around Kigali, and this inevitably posed a new set of challenges. 624 more words

Don't let the experts dictate to you!

Magnetic bracelets, like most alternative medicine, are a contentious issue. Mainstream medicine hates anything that sounds like it’s remotely connected to anything “alternative”.  They say that they are the experts and it is their carefully stage-managed, double-blind, controlled studies published in peer-reviewed journals (owned by an oligopoly of publishers who prevent scientists from republishing their own work) that should call the shots. 581 more words