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Lively debate at youth model conference

By Duncan Gordon

On the morning of Saturday December 2, Peking University’s School of International Studies building was abuzz with activity.  Young delegates all dressed smartly in suits were filing into the teaching rooms which for today were to be transformed into debate chambers. 1,048 more words


Rational Discourse: Resolving Fallacious Argumentation

Philosophy has been mankind’s indispensable tool in gaining, understanding and utilizing knowledge. Since the first humans evolved to make use of their cognitive abilities, there has been a constant flow of information from nature to Homo sapiens. 2,093 more words


Digging in the archives

On Friday,  a friend and I spent a couple of hours going through our school archives. We were looking for images of the original house coat of arms but what we found were early editions of our newsletter. 176 more words


How often to people do something just to elicit a response? Some people do it and get paid for it — like journalists, comedians, politicians, teachers, ministers/preachers, parents… It can be a useful tool if the goal is to elicit a positive response, encourage reflection, supply a reality check. 373 more words


Donald Dewar Debating Competition

Huge congratulations to our debaters Grant Mackin and Christopher Wilson on another outstanding display in this prestigious competition, held in Kilsyth Academy.

The boys were drawn against the first of Kilsyth Academy’s two teams, arguing against the motion: “This House would ban Referendums.” Kilsyth’s second team then debated with St Maurice’s Academy on the same motion.  56 more words



Hello everyone.

A wiseman said, winning is no more valuable than learning. However, to know how far you have learned, you need to go in to a test. 291 more words

Trump has won. Here's what you need to do now.

A polite reminder: sharing memes doesn’t stop the rise of hatred.

Facebook posts don’t stop the rise of hatred.

Twitter retweets don’t stop the rise of hatred. 1,000 more words