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Traps for the unwary

I am allergic to cats. I get a Seven Dwarfs set of symptoms – Itchy, Sneezy, Teary, Wheezy, Scratchy and the even more unpleasant Snotty and Swell-y. 234 more words


Knitting swing for real

Last March I carried out some experiments in the style of short-row knitting that is variously called tapestry knitting or swing knitting. I modelled a lot of swatches on spreadsheets and then knitted a few of them to prove to myself I understood what I was doing, but I didn’t actually knit anything for real.  792 more words


FO Saturday 

Not even going to pretend that I got this one out on time, my daughter decided to have a party between 9pm and midnight last night… Toddlers. 58 more words


LED light strips

I love LED lighting. It’s energy efficient, comes in various shades of white or a red-green-blue version that can give you any colour you choose, reaches full brightness immediately, lasts for years, copes with a wide range of temperatures and, unlike fluorescents, doesn’t contain mercury and can be switched on and off repeatedly without shortening its life. 1,186 more words


[Day Late] FO Friday 22/12/17

So I’ve been a bit busy, not with Christmas though. I applied to become a childminder way back in August, there were some issues with my application due to my medical records being “in transit” between GP practices (I moved practice in July/August 2016, my records are clearly lost but obviously they won’t admit that!) but it finally got sorted to an extent that Ofsted accepted my application finally in early December. 372 more words


FO Friday 08/12/17

I had hoped to be posting a hat and cowl pair today but unfortunately my daughter hasn’t been feeling the greatest and so I’ve had significantly less time to craft than I would have liked! 310 more words


Book: Contemporary Cables by Jody Long

It’s a week for cables! This time they are knitted.

Contemporary Cables” by Jody Long is a new book of 21 knitting patterns that all feature cables. 221 more words