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Conservatives …………..always so humble and classy

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There remains another controversy regarding the circumstances of Kayla Mueller’s death.  For what it’s worth, Islamic State claim she died in a Jordanian airstrike.   57 more words


Victim Blaming At Its Worse

In my last blog, I talked about Pope Francis and his response to the Charlie Hebdo attack. The man, more or less, insinuated that the victims of that brutal crime brought their deaths on themselves by drawing pictures of Mohammad, which is a crime in Islam. 883 more words

Political Commentary

Dave Blount Cheers the Murder of ISIS Victim Kayla Mueller

Earlier today I had been thinking about the similarities between Islamic radicals and our own homegrown Christian fundamentalists — a point made by President Obama himself… 819 more words

Christian Right

The Smearing of Dead ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller by a Right-Wing Hatemonger

By Elaine Magliaro

Evan McMurry (Mediaite) said yesterday that there seems to be a new trend among right-wing bloggers–“smearing dead people in the news.” 686 more words

United States

American ISIS hostage 'deserved' to die, according to local fuckstick

An incredibly eloquent, thoughtful, and compassionate post has been making the rounds amongst right-wing websites today, demonstrating the awesome insight and logical thinking that goes into reactionary hate speech. 511 more words

Debbie Schlussel - The Hitler for Modern Israel!

“Kapo was a term used for certain prisoners who worked inside Nazi concentration camps during World War II in various lower administrative positions. The term is sometimes used to describe self-hating Jews and Jewish anti-Semites[1]. 1,693 more words

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Debbie, Stick to Doing Dallas-Your Ignorance Sucks Hard!-Conservative Disrespect Of An American Icon


Normal people would respect the legacy and the loss of this brilliant woman. Regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, and a host of other differences, the words of Maya Angelou managed to link our hearts&minds together in a way that showed her love for ALL of humanity. 177 more words