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Test: Pi Hole DNS ad-blocker

These last 2 nights, I spent a couple of hours to test Pi Hole, an interesting project of DNS-based ad blocker to install on a Debian distribution in a Raspberry Pi. 552 more words

Linux Troubleshooting – semanage command not found in CentOS 7/RHEL 7

Lately, I have been trying to make Apache server to listen to a different port other than it’s default port i.e 80. Once I made the necessary configurations and allowed the custom port via firewall, the apache server still refused to listen on the custom port. 797 more words


Xuxodrome: My infrastructure (Part 1)

After almost a year with Puppet, I finally get to diagram and document how the infrastructure that I use for virtually everything looks like. Since I am a big fan of the movie… 316 more words


Tutorial: install Debian Linux

In this first tutorial I will explain how to install Debian, an open source GNU/Linux distribution. Debian is by far my favorite GNU/Linux distribution to use and in my opinion, is the easiest to install, configure and use. 3,143 more words


Welcome to my blog!

So this is my blog. The things I want to post here are:

  • Attempts at running something *old* on a *new* device/software. e.g. Debian Squeeze with touch.
  • 50 more words

Sparky SBC Blink LED

Hi tech freaks, hobbyists, and professionals,

Getting your Hands Dirty with the Sparky SBC. This tutorial is indented to familiarize GPIOs of Sparky SBC .  370 more words

Embedded System

Rankings, Condorcet and free software: Calculating the results for the Stretch Artwork Survey

We had 12 candidates for the Debian Stretch Artwork and a survey was set up for allowing people to vote which one they prefer.

The survey was run in my LimeSurvey instance, … 965 more words