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Terminal Shortcuts

5 years have passed since I started to use Linux as my main operating system. During my last days at college I realized how powerful the CLI is, which I never touched when I was using Windows, and nowadays I cannot work without it. 226 more words


Laravel Dev Environment in Ubuntu 18.04

It’s not often I have to set up a dev enviroment but when I do, I tend to blog about it so I can refer to it again if I need to. 621 more words


Debian based distros beware of apt clearing your cache

These past few days when apt and its coworkers were updated, apt by default deletes cached packages after the installation.  So if you were used to keep the cached pkgs so you can reinstall without redownloading, or sharing your cache with other installations, or using a common cache in a network to save bandwidth, DO NOT USE APT, USE APT-GET.  329 more words


New laptop woes and thrills!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought a brand new laptop.  No it wasn’t from a pawn shop as with the Dell Inspiron N5010.  Actually I bought two per say.  1,344 more words

Creating an unpriviledged lxc container on Debian Stretch

After a few earlier failed attempts, today I was successfully able to create an unprivileged LXC container on Debian Stretch for the first time. I had experience of using LXC’s more user friendly cousin LXD before I moved to Debian but unfortunately LXD is not available on Debian yet. 769 more words


Iso Image adalah disk image dari Optical Disc. Dengan kata lain, ini adalah file arsip yang berisi semua yang akan ditulis ke Optical Disk…

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Secure Shell (SSH) adalah sebuah protokol jaringan kriptografi untuk komunikasi data yang aman, login antarmuka baris perintah, perintah eksekusi jarak jauh, dan layanan jaringan lainnya antara dua jaringan komputer.

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