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Error after Nvidia driver installation (Debian)

After some attempts trying to install nvidia driver on Debian i found out a solution. 87 more words


ChaletOS - eingedeutscht & auf russisch

ChaletOS erklärt, von einem Pharmer deutscher Provenienz (daher wie “Schh’aaledOS” gesprochen) und der Empfehlung, den “Steiltscheenscher” etwas zu verbessern, da er noch etwas “ 30 more words


Saving battery in Linux: TLP & SSD issues

Battery life has always been a worry for Linux users when coming to laptops. Due to the lack of optimization of distributions, designed to work on the highest number of device as possible, battery life is much lower than in Windows (ehm, … 479 more words


Quick vsftp install and configuration

This is the simple method for install and have a basic configuration for log into the ftp server with the local users of the system: 27 more words


Piuparts integration in britney

As of today, britney now fetches reports from piuparts.debian.org and uses it as a part of her evaluation for package migration.  As with her RC bug check, we are only preventing (known) … 73 more words


"ksuperkey"- Launch the apps menu using the super key

As a KDE user migrated from M$ Windows, Gnome, and Gnome-based Desktop Environment, I used to use the Super key (The key which Windows logo drawn on) to launch the applications menu. 298 more words