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Linux desktop - #SlimJet browser

Mac and Windows don’t do 300-odd versions aka distro’s of their operating systems. With Linux, ever geek has his (sometimes fiercely defended) distro.

It isn’t about you, or even a out the distro. 84 more words

Community Restoration

IPSEC/L2TP VPN setup on Debian using CLI tools.

How to get IPSEC/L2TP VPN working on Ubuntu with network manager GUI:

This is already documented, you can follow the following post:

Just a note on the above post, I did not install custom xl2tpd version like mentioned in the above post on my Lubuntu 16.04 box and I went with the stock xl2tpd provided in the repos and it worked fine. 1,715 more words

Plasma on ARM: State of the Union

For the past year at Blue Systems my colleagues and I have been working on getting Plasma 5 ready for ARMv8 systems such as the Pinebook. 445 more words


Check SLA uptime in a linux server

When a new server is up, usually from a remote provider, their reliability is covered under a Service License Agreement. In that document is reflected the garanteed uptime of the machine, a percentage value close to 100% which assure the time that the server have to be up. 435 more words


Why Such Silence?

Who Reads My Blog?

Vivaldi Team – which knows and nobody else?
Vivaldians – toiling with zillion bugs and regressions?
Forumians – from Vivaldi Friends of Great Hollow Circle… 121 more words


Apa itu Linux?

Sejarah Singkat Linux

Pada tahun 1969, Ken Thompson dan Dennis Ritchie (juga adalah developer bahasa C), para peneliti di AT&T Bell Laboratorium Amerika, membuat sistem operasi UNIX, cikal bakal dari Linux.Beberapa tahun kemudian munculah berbagai jenis UNIX, salah satunya MINIX yang dibuat A. 730 more words


Debianiana – MPV, part II

Without YouTube (directly) and Web Browser (any). You need 4 basic applications, or they will be useful.

(Click to enlarge)    Links2youtube-dl    (Click to enlarge) 297 more words