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How to install Netbeans IDE in Kali Linux or any Debian

This is for 64-bit.
Just Download and make the file executable and run.
It will work like a charm.
root@kali:/home/sanjib# cd Downloads/Netbeans/
root@kali:/home/sanjib/Downloads/Netbeans# ls
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Kali Linux

Lotsa Work

Some things on my computer were not working right; I decided to test some alternatives. None of them worked, of course. But instead of running Debian 64-bit, I decided to test the idea of running 32-bit. 172 more words


Performance tuning of lintian, take 3

About 7 months ago, I wrote about we had improved Lintian’s performance. In 2.5.41, we are doing another memory reduction, where we primarily reduce the memory consumption of data about ELF binaries.  319 more words


My Favorite Linux OS

One advantage or disadvantage of Linux is that there are tons of different distributions available. To the newcomer, it can be a daunting task to find the right one for them. 769 more words


Useful Linux Terminal Programs

bchunk – bin to iso converter

bchunk example // bchunk IMAGE.bin IMAGE.cue IMAGE.iso

apt-get install bchunk

ecm – uncompress ecm archived images

ecm example // ecm-uncompress foo.ecm foo.bin… 42 more words


Debian 8.1 HDA-Intel Azalia, ALC662 Glitch Fix

After installation of debian os 8.1 jessie i experienced some sound problems like laging, glitching  and couldn’t get audio volume increased above 70%.

I have azalia hd audio card and foxcon motherboard. 414 more words


Debian 8 Full Installation

Linux distro which i use is Debian 8. With the latest version, which is very close to Windows 7, you get stable and free environment to accomplish every computer task you want, even some gaming. 826 more words