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The libguestfs project has a number of other useful tools, including:


Install VirtualBox 5.2.30 on Debian 9 Stretch

VirtualBox is an Hypervisor which allows you to run virtual operating systems as ‘guests’ within your ‘host’ operating system. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install VirtualBox on a Debian 9 Stretch Linux system. 171 more words


Raspberry Pi - How to clone your boot chip and backup your system

Basically, I came to the conclusion that I needed to use my Linux Desktop to do a clone of my Raspberry Pi.  Windows has different tools, Mac has some of the same tools and I believe dd is available under terminal. 844 more words

MX Linux part 4 – Seven Desktop Environments

First: I have created a ‘Page’ for MX Linux – small updates and MX posts will go there. Here is the link to the new… 583 more words


Bionic Beaver paplay BEEP

$ BEEP='/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/Celestial.ogg'

$ alias beep='paplay ${BEEP}'

$ command; sleep 12 ; beep


Feren OS | Review from an openSUSE User

I haven’t been able to do one of these in a while but it is always fun to try out other distributions and experience another example of how to answer that user experience question. 1,119 more words


MX Linux part 2 - *AMAZING* OS!

I think Renard Moreau (of Renard’s World) might have said it best, i.e. MX Linux must be giving – “a lot of the developers of Linux envy! 483 more words